Are you one of those people who walk past by a bottle of baby powder in the store because you are no longer a baby? If the answer is YES then you certainly want to hear this. Having a bottle of baby powder among your gardening tools will work magic for you in more than just one way.


Baby powder is widely popular for its use on babies. As years go by both male and female adults have taken a liking to its fragrance and ability to soothe and protect the skin.


The latest news is that baby powder uses have moved up to home- cleaning and even garden duties which is unbelievable. You may be thinking something is wrong with your eyes but you are seeing just fine.

This soft diversified powder can do a lot of amazing gardening tricks. Some of which, you can never begin to imagine was even possible. It is mild and non-toxic so you can rest assured your plants will be loving it.


Get prepared to be blown away by these amazing tips that you can start with today. Here are 13 fascinating ways to use baby powder in your garden.





I have always imagined having a  country home with rabbits running around, just like a little haven with plants covering their soft fluffy bodies. OK, so maybe I’m a little over my head here, as that is most certainly not going to work!


Factually speaking, rabbits can chew down a garden in less than a week. You really don’t want to harm them for their cuteness, and you still don’t want them running around your garden either.


Here is how to discourage rabbits from your garden. Sprinkle baby powder on your plants. Rabbits hate the scent and taste. This will keep them away.





Make your garden ant-free. Most gardeners have this situation. Ant colonies keep popping up everywhere. These little vicious rascals can make your gardening day a living nightmare.


Not only do they bite like a thorn sticking through your flesh their presence can also prevent beneficial insects such as aphids from visiting your garden. To get rid of those pesky ants do a regular sprinkle of baby powder in your garden weekly.





This works well, especially with new garden boots. To prevent your garden boots from becoming smelly it needs something that will prevent mold formation, absorbs sweat, and create a pleasant odor.


Before you slide those boots on make sure to sprinkle the inside with baby powder to keep it fresh and safe for your feet. Give it a try on your old boots too.





Constant usage of a handheld garden tool can leave the palm of your hands sore, rough, and contaminated.


Wearing gloves helps in most cases, but you can also coat your hands with baby powder to enhance your grip and prevent blisters.





The protection of young flower bulbs from rain and wind is vital to their health. Not only do they need protection from mother nature but unwelcome invaders.


To get your flower bulbs ready for what’s to come you may want to try this gardening trick. Before planting, add a handful of six bulbs at a time to a ziplock bag. Pour in three tablespoons of baby powder and give it a gentle shake.


Ensure the ends of the bulbs are coated. This will keep the root from rotting whenever they are transferred to the soil. Good news! doing this will also keep away plant-eating dirt-digging rodents.





No one wants a patchy lawn however, this can be the situation if your lawn is not treated. Lawn grubs are insects that feed on the roots of grasses causing them to withered and turn brown.


To avoid mayhem such as this, sprinkle your lawn with baby powder once per month to keep your lawn looking green and radiant.





Most pesky critters frequent your garden at nights. These are nocturnal creatures that only feed at nights and sleep most of the day. The raccoon falls right into that description.


To keep them away cover the path they follow to get to the plants with baby powder. Raccoons are not fans of the scent of baby powder and will keep away from your plants.





Have you ever worn a glove for a few hours but find it very difficult to remove? Sweat can cause this to happen. Before sliding your hands in your garden gloves try doing this simple trick.


Sprinkle the interior of the glove with baby powder then slips your hands in. This will make it easy to remove. Do the same with other types of gloves it will save you the trouble.





Most dogs love to follow its owner to the garden. Helping is not what your dog is there to do. This is their favorite time to run and roll in the dirt and grass.


Let your dog have all the fun they need. You will just need to rub baby powder through their fur. This will clean away the dirt and reduce sweating leaving your dog smelling awesome.





Covering your palms with baby powder is just one way to protect your hands and have a good grip. Another way is to coat your garden tools with baby powder.


Doing this will protect your hands from blisters and also give you a firm grip. Simply dust it on and spread it on the handle of the tool.




As you know, there are seasons for beetles. When these destructive creatures are out they can create an evoked in your garden by feasting on the leaves of your plants. To stop them from doing this sprinkle the leaves with baby powder to prevent them from feasting.


 EXTRA TIP: Beetles come out in late June through to August. During this time they feed, lay eggs, and mate on your lawn to meet the next season.




These creepy creatures can be very destructive to your garden. Coat your plants with baby powder to keep caterpillars a mile away from your garden.




To keep your fido fresh and from leaving a bad odor indoor. Simply cover him with baby powder. The powder will reduce the excess oils on its skin that causes it to release a stench.


After learning about these amazing garden tricks you will never want to be out of a bottle of baby powder. It is safe smells amazing, and will protect your garden, now that’s a good deal.


We hope these tips were helpful, hope to see you soon!





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