10 Fun Things to Do When You are Bored

I was inspired by my boredom to get up and write this article, but only because I have found a way to deal with the whole issue of not having to be able to go about my usual daily duties.


Being stuck at home has its negatives and its positives. The negative is for those who are Closter phobic, meaning, unable to be in an enclosed place or small place for a long period.


This can lead to a panic attack where you feel as if you are about to stop breathing, depression can kick in. Even though you had no symptoms before.


In a locked-up situation, this can become a condition to deal with, and as you know depression comes with a lot of other friends, like excessive smoking and alcohol consumption which lead to other conditions.


Now, the good thing about being at home, is family time, time to think about yourself, creating great relationships, and bonding with your pets.


Taking care of the plants and simply fixing what was wrong. Finding everyday activities to do will remove all the bad things I mentioned earlier.


Out with the NEGATIVES and in with the POSITIVES. Listed below are some great ways you can have fun while at home. Ideas that are sure to make it pleasurable. REMEMBER TO HAVE PLANS FOR THE PETS TOO.




PLAN YOUR DAY…Make a daily schedule. Make a list of things you will get done, make sure to write it on a note paper, and stick it to the fridge. That way everyone can see it. You can even add a list of chores for each family member right there on the list.




Every morning everyone should check the list to see what their day should be looking like. Make it fun, have the kids help with household duties, and outdoor duties, and have them decorate their room. this way you will get them to clean the mess out of their room.



I am a lover of dominoes and card games. This is a perfect activity to plan for the family GAMES NIGHT. How about a MOVIE NIGHT? this is when you all get together to watch a movie.


Have everyone write the name of their favorite movie on a small piece of paper. Toss them in a bag and give it a good shake. Have someone close their eyes and pick one from the bag.


Whatever movie pops up that’s the one. Just pray it is a good one, Have some POPCORN AND SNACKS READY. Movie night is just one great idea but you can create your own with your family. Remember to ask everyone for a suggestion this way no one is left out. HAVE FUN!!



Being bored means having good food around. This food can be healthy home-cooked meals. Create meal ideas, and check out recipes on social media.

There are some good ones, especially on Pinterest. Have a  meal plan for the whole week. Have the kids give meal ideas too.

Ask for volunteers to help with dinner. Finally, EAT TOGETHER. Eating together can be around the dinner table, sitting on the floor, taking dinner outside, you can even make dinner on the grill in the back yard hmmm sounds delicious and a lot of fun.



Some foods help the brain relax. This food, I call ” HYGGE FOODS” this word is a Danish word meaning creating comfort no matter where you are or your situation. I have benefited a lot from learning about this.


Create sweet treats like cookies, cupcakes, muffins, and pies. Bake one of these for the week or maybe do two. Learn to make homemade chocolates they are quite easy to make and just as tasty. Sit in a quiet place that’s your favorite area and munch. This will help you to relax.



Music can control your mood. Fast beats make you go fast while slow music slows you down and helps with focus and meditation. Being at home means more cleaning duties.

This can be fun. Put on your favorite music if it is fast then you can go ahead and shake what your mother gave to you while cleaning.


If you like it slow, then put on your earphones and wipe and dust to the slow motion of the rhythm.  I can assure you, you will be done in no time and you won’t break a sweat.



Make your home brand new without spending a dime. Changing your surroundings is a great way to refresh your mind.

Seeing the same familiar things every day in the same spot for the past year can make you feel like ‘whatever’ shift them around, create a place at the window just for you.


Move the tv to a different angle, move the bed, how about the dining set, the bedroom is a must, make your bed just like they do at a hotel, place magazines in your bathroom, and on side tables.

Make your air fresheners with scented oils. These are cheap and can be purchased online.



This may sound like breaking your pocket trying to find activities to do. Factually speaking, shopping is a great way to relieve stress. It all boils down to how much of it you do, and how much you spend.

Buying the simplest of things such as a PJ or a doormat can put a smile on your face and give you a sense of newness. Creating something to use in the home works wonders just as well.

Try a pen holder, use ice trays to make or create something, and learn how to crochet a table mat. I  crochet a covering for my computer chair and believe me I am no artist. I know you can think of something you too can create.



Being in a situation where there is no fresh air, no sound from nature’s voice, can cause serious psychological problems. Our body was made to socialize with nature. Having some form of God’s natural gifts around us can take away the sense of living.


Air-conditioners are great, but fresh air refreshes your thoughts. The whistling of the trees, the sound of water drops, the melodious singing of the birds, Just take a moment to sit outside, no phone, tablet, or computer.

Take an hour at the earliest of the morning when everyone is still in dreamland. Have a talk with the flowers, the birds, and the trees.



Exercise as we all know is good for you. When you are at home you can lose focus on your health. Remember exercise activates the mind, de-stress your entire body, this helps with blood flow, and most of all, weight loss or just simply maintaining your weight. Whatever the reason is, it is good for you.


There are many ways for you to exercise, aerobics, weights, yoga, running, skipping the best of all dance. If you are like me who likes to change my physical activities then DANCING is what you should be doing. Put on your dancing shoes, hit that play button, and shake that booty.



Laughing relaxes the muscles in your face. Did you know that it takes more muscles to frown than it takes to laugh or smile? It’s possible that life can give you nothing to laugh about, but there is always something to smile about.


MAKE FUN OF YOURSELF WHEN YOU SAY OR DO SOMETHING STUPID. Watch a funny program,  read funny articles. Make jokes with friends and family.



There was once a farmer who just got his first cell phone. He had no one to call so he kept calling customer service until they stopped answering.

He went to visit a friend, telling him of his plight. Jokingly, he said to him, well sir, maybe your phone has a cold.

He was concerned about hearing about his phone having a cold. Knowing his friend’s expertise in this area. He asked if there was any medicine that could help.

He said yes, maybe some cold medicine he asked pleadingly, can I have some. His friend handed him the bottle waiting to see if this was really going to happen.

To his surprise, he poured the medicine onto the phone. The friend was so overwhelmed, that he fell to the ground, tears running out of his eyes.

He was laughing so hard they had to give me a glass of water to cool him down. Guess what? The clueless man never heard from customer service again, as the phone died of a cold.

I hope this article will help you have some fun no matter where you are. I hope these tips were helpful. SEE YOU SOON!