Here are 11 awesome Dawn dish soap cleaning hacks. Dawn dish soap is not only for the typical purpose of doing the dishes as we all know. It has found its way to doing many diverse things in and around the home too.


When it comes to removing foul odors, honestly. this product is amazing at doing just that. You can even keep a bottle of Dawn dish soap in your bathroom.


Dawn dish soap will make cleaning and any other duties you have to perform much easier. Here are 11 amazing ways to use dawn in the home that will make you fall in love with this soap.





Cleaning the fireplace brick is not something you would ever think of doing. Actually, these things can get really ugly and cloggy over time. As long as there is a bottle of Dawn on hand and some salt, then you can get this done.


Make a combination of Dawn, salt, and warm water to make a paste. Paste it all over the brick and allow it to dry. Give it a good scrub with your brush and rinse. You will be amazed by how beautiful they came out.






Hotels are one of the most visited places on earth, especially on holidays. After a guest checks out the bathroom can be very messy. You’ll want to think there was a construction site going on in there.


Did you know that there is just one special product that is mostly used to get it back together, yes! It’s Dawn dish soap. Simply lather your sink, and shower with Dawn dish soap. Next, use a cloth or a brush to scrub. Depending on the stains you may need an abrasive scrubber. To clean the toilet, simply pour a few drops of dawn into the bowl. Use a toilet brush to wash thoroughly then flush. 


For soap scum on your shower door and tiles, pour dawn dish soap on a wet sponge and rub it into the soap scum. Let it sit for 15 minutes then rinse with warm water. Dry well to prevent water spots.


Toilet # 2 Odor Remover:

After using the toilet just pour Dawn dish soap in and give it a quick swish with the toilet brush. Your bathroom will be as if it was never used. Isn’t that amazing! You can be confident when using Dawn that the results will be remarkable.


Not only will your bathroom be spotless, but it will also smell great. This is awesome. I was taught this clever trick by a hotel housekeeping manager, thank you for that one!






If you are searching for something to make your tile floor shine and to remove tough dirt build-up. Here is what you need to do to make your tiles sparkle like never before.


Pour dawn into a bucket filled with warm water. Use a mop to clean the floor.  Give it a second wipe with a clean damp mop and allow it to dry. You will be amazed at the results.






Dawn is great for removing fleas and ticks from dogs. It has no harmful chemicals so it is safe to use on your fluffy friends without hurting them.


To add to that, it makes them smell great, you will want to cuddle them.  you sure certainly would, as it removes sweat odor from playing outdoors or having that long walk.


When you wash your pet with Dawn, do not allow the soap to get in the mouth or the eyes as this mat burns severely and irritates the eye.






If you are bothered by annoying insects such as honest, beetles, and flies, and you have no clue as to how they are getting in or how to get rid of them. You may want to try doing this Dawn repellent trick. Make a mixture using Hydrogen Peroxide and Dawn.


Pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Use it to mist the area they are locating, or just mist them as you lay your eyes on them.


Insects hate the taste of Dawn and because of its sticky texture, they’ll be unable to move freely. Some of these insects will die and others will not return. Your insect woes will be over.






There is no need to worry about your stove being messy and almost impossible to clean after a big dinner. Using Dawn to clean away that greasy mess will be easy and save you a lot of energy.


I’m sure you’ve heard of many stoves cleaners or have tried most if not all, but they can be costly and really not effective as Dawn.


With Dawn, the job will be done at no cost. Simply clean using a sponge with a dab of Dawn and warm water to remove the grease.



This works even better while you’re still cooking, they called it “clean as you go”. EXTRA TIP: ITS BEST TO CLEAN YOUR STOVE WHILE IT’S STILL WARM FOR A FASTER AND EASIER CLEAN.





Reusing bottles are a smart way of saving money, but removing the label can be a hard task. You may be urged to just used it without removing the label but that can cause a lot of problems if someone just used it for the wrong reasons.


Use Dawn to wet the label then let it sit for 3- 5 minutes then wash with warm water and a sponge. The chemicals in the soap will break down the glue, making it easier to be removed.


It is amazing to know that we don’t have to go shopping for something to remove the labels. We can multi-task with Dawn and get the job done.






You can use Dawn Dish Soap to create a very effective ice pack. It has earned the title of its effectiveness to reduce pain quickly.


The soapy substance somehow enhances its ability to retain its coldness longer which numbs the pain for a long time until you can get medical help.


Here is how to make a Dawn Diah Soap ice pack. Mix Dawn with water and pour it into a ziplock bag. Place in the freezer and used it when needed.


This Dawn ice pack tip is so brilliant, that your family and friends will want to know more about it, and you may just be called a genius.






The wall behind your stove can get really greasy from the backsplash from oils when cooking. This can be a throw-off for the appearance of your kitchen. You need to get rid of that Quickly!


Pour Dawn dish soap on a sheet of paper or a kitchen towel. Wipe away the grease. The best time to get an excellent result is before the grease is dried. If not proceed to wipe with Dawn. It will get the job done for you.





You can use Dawn to remove grease from hinges. This is a really quick and simple way to use Dawn dish soap for cleaning. After using most hinge greasers, they sometimes leave behind grease that’s visible and messy.


After greasing your hinges, use Dawn to wipe away the left behind grease.  As you can see Dawn is very versatile in and around the home. You may want to keep a bottle or two in stock at all times. You may never know when you will be needing it.






If you pour Dawn into your toilet you will see surprising results. Dawn dish soap will break away urine rings and remove bad odors coming from your toilet bowl.


It is not hard to do, simply drop a few drops of Dawn in your toilet and give it a spin with a toilet brush. Dawn will do the same for your grimy shower. With just a sponge and a little Dawn, your shower will be back to looking like new.


Make Dawn your everyday go-to cleaning product, you will be thanking yourself. I do hope you find these tips helpful. Please share it with friends. Hope to see you soon!


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