Cleaning our homes has become a hobby whether we are pros or just doing it the best way we know-how. In our homes, we pass over spots that are sometimes hidden, and because of that we simply say, that’s ok no one is seeing, so never mind. These other things are items we use every day that we think are not contaminated.

These places are things we are forgetting to clean or ignore can cause serious issues in our homes. Some of these issues can be allergy flares, musky odors that are caused by accumulated dust, and bacteria that transmit from one person to another. All of these I am sure you want to avoid. Let me highlight you on some of these in this article. 




How often do you clean your sofa? Maybe you give your sofa a vacuum from time to time. Removing papers, dust, and food particles. These are not the only things you need to be removing to keep your sofa clean. 


What else could there be? If your sofa is made from fabric then your seating cushions are smelly. Yes, I smell my sofa! After doing that I grab my fabric softener dab a little on a lint-free cloth and as I call it ” bathe my sofa. This made my sofa smell spectacular and clean.




The peek hole on the door may sound a little weird but just imagine how often your eyes and other members of your 🏠 hold peek through that peek hole every day, eww!! A little rubbing alcohol on a ball of cotton will set this peek hole straight. It will eliminate any germ that might be there.




Your keys are bacteria carriers. I am sure you are not surprised to hear this. However, we seem to never get around to sanitize them. Simply mist with rubbing alcohol or Lysol every morning and if possible throughout the day.




Don’t forget to clean this. It’s the most forgotten item. No one could ever really think of cleaning the AC unit monitor but it does need cleaning.


Our AC units are frequently touched, and ours ✋ are not always the cleanest things around. Hmm, maybe our hands should be on this list too.



5. check your toothbrush holder

Have you ever really looked into your toothbrush holder? if your answer is no, then it’s about time you do. You will be surprised.


Your toothbrush holder collects everything that drains from your toothbrush after brushing. This stays there and turns into a slimy substance.


To Clean it all you have to do is to remove the toothbrush, pour out the slimy substance then pour in 2 tbsp vinegar. Allow sitting for 10 minutes before rinsing with hot water.




If you are like me, my toilet brush is frequently used. Sometimes it’s used just after using the toilet. This is done with dirty ✋ obviously, who would wash their hands before touching a toilet brush anyway? Food for thought, your toilet brush is just as filthy as a toilet.


Even though it’s just a toilet brush your hands touch the handle just after you use the toilet so cleaning it would be a wise idea. Cleaning your toilet brush is quite easy here is how.


Simply pour rubbing alcohol or diluted bleach in a spray bottle and mist it ever so often. Keep the spray bottle close by so you can always remember to mist it.




Believe it or not, your mobile device screen is dirty! Just consider how often you touch it in one day. Then consider all the places you place it down and all the places you went to.


Simply put, your mobile devices go everywhere with you. Bacteria can linger on your devices screen causing acne problems and other issues.


To Clean, damp a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol and clean the surface. If it’s possible, remove the PHONES SCREEN PROTECTOR so you can clean there too.


Another way is to cover your phone or tablet in a shower cap (transparent)  this is an emergency protector for your phone MORE OF THIS IN, 12 SHOCKING SHOWER CAP HACKS THAT WILL BLOW YOUR SOCKS OFF.




Wearing an earring over and over again will make it get really smelly and dirty at the back. If you wear any type of earrings then you need to remove and clean the area that penetrates the skin. Not cleaning this are can cause itching and future skin irritations.


To Clean, use a cue tip wet with rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Carefully clean the area in a circular motion. Repeating the process twice.




Can you imagine how many filthy fingers have rung your doorbell? Let me peek your thoughts. the delivery man, friends, neighbors, the handyman, the plumber, and these are just to name a few. 


Your doorbell is located on the outside so it often looked over when we clean. Now you will remember how filthy your doorbell is and will not forget to clean it.




We know how to clean a ceiling fan quick and easy, but have you ever tried looking above the blades. This is actually where all the dust from dead spiders and flies are accumulated. This is also what you are inhaling when you run your fan.




I am sure you wash your toilet every day. Your toilet has no visible filth, am I correct? That’s the right word VISIBLE.  If you should use a piece of toilet paper and swipe exactly under the seat you will find grime.


When you wash your toilet stick the brush up there. Move it around the circle and flush. You will be surprised at what you will see coming down.



Busy as a bee, but your kids’ toys are very crucial when it comes to keeping them clean and keeping your kids’ healthy. We like to clean the crevices and corners of the house yet we are forgetting their toys.


When a child hug, kiss, or sleep with a toy, whatever germ is on that toy is transferred to your child. Toys get tossed about on the floor, dog’s mouth, in their bathroom, and so many other places.


There is simply no telling what’s really on them. Don’t forget to clean their toys by wiping them with rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Take some time out to do this. This shows how much you love and care for them.



When we talk about sports we quickly imagined sweat, dirt, and bad odors. If you use these items, how often do you clean them?


Helmets, bats, Balls, bicycle seats, and handles, are you constantly cleaning these items? These are easily over-looked but now you will not forget to sanitize them when the game is over.



Some bacterias can live on your computer keypad for up to 24 hours. Imagine using your computer for that same amount of time each day. These germs are transmitted from your hands to your computers.


It’s easy to tell you to wash your hands before using your computer but that would not be reasonable, right?


Clean your computers’ keypad daily by sprinkling a dab of rubbing alcohol on a small soft rag or cotton ball. Use this to gently wipe over the keypad. EXTRA TIP: Wash your hands before using it if possible.



Cushions are a great part of our home decor. They make a room feel comfy and hygge. When we need something to cuddle we reach for our cushions.


How often do we wash them? Remember cushions are touched daily this is why your cushion absorbs all the odors that embrace it. The next time you do the laundry pull the coverings off your cushions and toss them in the washer.


Did you meet all these criteria? if you did, then thumbs up to you. If not, then now you know so the next time you clean “you got the.”


We hope you find these tips helpful, see you soon.



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