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Just like you, your car needs care and attention. Finding the right products to use on your car can be hard to contemplate also knowing how to clean your car and the right product to use that won’t cost you a bundle of cash.


That is where the challenge comes in. You will need to use regular cleaning products to clean your car. these products will save you a ton of cash, cleans well, and won’t damage the interior or exterior of your car.



Did you know that the everyday cleaning products that you use in your home can also be used to clean your car? They do a wonderful job.


The best thing of all, it saves you from spending cash at the car wash or buying separate car cleaning products. NOPE!!! not this time when we are all cutting back on cost.


However, our cars still need to be cleaned just the same. Here Are some amazing household products that you can use to clean your car that will make your car stand out from the rest. You won’t regret taking time out for this.





To remove dust and dead insects from your windscreen. Pour rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. Use this to mist the windows, rearview mirrors, and headlamps.


The rubbing alcohol will loosen the stuck-on dead insects and mud that was causing your mirror to be foggy.


Wipe away the mess with sheets of paper towels repeat the process a second time. It’s fast and easy and no water is needed here. You can rest assured that you will love the result. Now you can drive safely.





Newspapers are excellent when it comes to making things glow. They shine mirrors well too. After removing the dirt and grime from your car’s mirrors. Grab a few old sheets of newspaper.



Crush them so that they look like they are about to form into a ball. then shine your windscreen and anything that could do with a little glow.


Next time you have those old newspapers you will know what to do with them. You can use old newspapers to replace paper towels when cleaning your car. SOUNDS VERY ECONOMICAL RIGHT?





My biggest advice to any householder is to always have a bottle of Dawn dish soap around. Did you know, that if you add Dawn dish soap to a bucket of water, you could actually use this to wash your car?


Maybe you didn’t, well, here is how. Simply combine water and Dwan dish soap in a bucket. Use this to give your car a thorough wash.


The results will leave you speechless. Not only will the car be immaculately clean but it will be sparkling. Remember to dry well when you are through washing to prevent watermarks. Dawn dish soap works well on removing mud from your tires too, so don’t forget to wash your tires.


TIP…After lathering your car with soap and water, you can work your way down to your tires. Washing the tires first will transfer all the messy residues from the tires to the entire car making your job harder.





As you know WD-40 has many other purposes outside its main one which is fixing rusty things. WD-40 can be used on your chromes to make them shine. While you are at that, try touching up your dashboard and tires too.



Simply apply using a soft lint-free towel to wipe on WD-40. Use leather mats to bring back their color. Make sure to give them a good wash with a hose before using WD-40 on your mats. Isn’t that just amazing?





Scrubbing Bubbles is known for removing tough dirt and stains. If you have kids or pets and sometimes both, then you know what I am about to say next.


With this type of family, you will be needing scrubbing bubbles to remove stains, and stuck on snacks from your car’s seats.



Simply spray on scrubbing bubbles, wait for 5 minutes then wipe with a clean damp cloth. You can also use Scrubbing Bubbles to sanitize your door handles and steering wheel. Your car will not only be clean, and stains disappear, but it will have an amazing smell.





Have you already tossed out your old dryer sheets? Well, now you will never do that again after hearing this. Your dryer sheets can be used to replace paper towels when cleaning your car.


Use these to dust the outside and inside of your car. It will remove any dirt from your car leaving it smelling awesome and looking great.





New dryer sheets smell amazing. If you are looking for a frugal car air freshener, then you are going to love this tip. To remove nasty musky odors from your car.


Simply attach one or two dryer sheets to your car’s AC vent. Turn on your AC to experience a mesmerizing aroma that will be circulating in your car. This should last a week. Remove, and replace the new dryer sheets as needed.





Here is another amazing way to make your car smell awesome. As you are aware, Gain Scent Blast makes your laundry smell like a garden of wonderfully scented flowers.


Did you know it can do the same for your car too? Using net bags, these can be purchased at the Dollar Store. Pour Gain Scent Blast into the bags, seal the bags. place each bag under a seat and wait for the result. You will be glad you did.




MURPHY’S SOFT WIPES  is an amazing dusting product. The oil substance in it gives it the ability to make things shine and to remove tough dirt easily. Use it to clean the interior of your car.


Just wipe it on your dashboard, door handles, and anywhere that could use some dusting inside or outside. It will work wonders for you. The package is very slim making it easy to fit into your dashboard compartment.





This wonderful furniture polish not only works wonders for your furniture but will do the same for your car. Here is how to do just that. After washing and drying your car.


Spray on Pledge Lemon Polish to make your car glow in the sun. To make the interior of your car smell like a touch of lemon. Use this wonderful product to wipe the interior. DO NOT USE ON MIRRORS.





Your chrome and tires will love Murphy’s Oil Soap. After washing away all that mud don’t just leave your tires and chrome hanging.




Spray on some MURPHY’S OIL SOAP and wipe with a soft cloth. Not only will they be looking great but the oily substance in the oil soap will prevent dirt and mud from getting stuck on to your tires and chromes. Making it easier to clean the next time around.





Just as how a toothbrush was made to reach hidden areas of your teeth. It will do the same for your car. Your car’s seats can become very dusty. Surface dusting is not enough. In between those creases have so much backed-up dust you can’t even start to imagine.



To get to the places a normal vacuum fails to do, try using an old toothbrush. Simply stick the toothbrush into those creases and pull back, continue doing this, removing all that should not be there. I hope you have fun cleaning your car with these household car cleaning products. SEE YOU SOON.