12 Clever Life Changing Life Hacks


I am feeling chirpy today. Which means I’ll be talking to you as my neighbor or a friend. I have put together 12 clever life-changing life hacks that I know you’ll find love to try. It doesn’t take a genius to want to make things easier. As for me, I use life hacks every day to make life less complicated.

Come to think of it you do too maybe you just don’t know it but a lot of us use shortcuts and curves to get chores done. Well, so to speak the little tricks you do are life hacks and that’s what makes them so interesting. So, what are we waiting for let’s dive right in!

#1. Stop Leaky Mess at the Bottom of Your Trash Bin

So, you take the trash bag out of the bin and there is a wet mess in the bottom. This happens to almost everyone even the top of a can or any other sharp object that punches a hole it causing smelly drainage in the bottom of your trash bin. Oh no, this is not good.

Gladly, this can easily be fixed in a few seconds as what you’ll be doing can be done in the wink of an eye.

To stop the leak from messing up the bottom of the bin simply folds a few sheets of newspaper in the bottom of the bin then before adding a new trash bag. Can you believe how easily this leaky problem is solved? All you have to do is whenever there is a leak quickly take out those newspapers and in with the new ones.

Not only will this stop the leaky mess in the bottom of the bin but the bin will smell much better. Isn’t that amazing?


 #2. Ziploc Bag Too Small? Make it Bigger

Ther are all diffrent types of ziplc bage gallon, quarts and even sandwich ziplocs. Look at this scenario, let’s say you are at home and you are out of gallon zip-loc bags but the thing that you need to store is a large amount what would you do?

Here is what to do,  flip one of the small Ziploc bags inside out. Then join the two together and interlock the sealing strips. Got it!?

This may not be new to you but it was to me and I am sure to someone else too. Anyway, it is a super awesome hack to try if ever you need a bigger Ziploc bag.


#3.That Scratch on Your Car

Still, looking at that tiny scratch on your car? I know, it cost a lot at the mechanic ain’t it? What I will share with you the body workman will envy you for it.

There is a cloth called the NanoSparkle Cloth. Don’t be fooled by the look. Yes. it looks like a regular cloth for washing cars but this cloth is designed to remove scratches on vehicles. So, the next time the bodywork man hit you with a $300 cost tell him or her thanks and politely walk away next, order your Nanosparkle cloth.

Where to buy it? One place I am sure is sold and it’s Amazon.

You don’t even have to wait until there is a scratch on your car. The best tip is to buy it and have it on hand. You may never know…


#4. Move Around Hanging Clothes Easily

Moving can be fun as it can be exhausting. You know one of the main strains of moving is actually moving hanging clothes. You surely don’t want to take that closet full of hanging clothes and pack them in a moving box to avoid them getting dirty. That’s just too much work.

I can almost hear you saying “I’ll just buy the clothes covers” No No No, you don’t need to waste your good old cash when you have trash bags.

Simply cut a hole right where you want the hanger hook to go through. Next, pull the bag down over the clothes, and that’s it. Moving with clean and unwrinkled clothes is what we do.


#5. Clean Foggy Headlights with this Wipe

There is always something new to learn. Have you heard of RestoWipes? Yes, no, ok still thinking. This is not a normal wipe. Why you may ask?

Let’s say you are heading out but your headlights are looking quite a bit foggy. This is where you need Resto Wipes. This wipe will clean your hazy headlights without removing the oxidized layer on your headlights. Is life getting easier day by day?


#6. Disguise the Snacks From the Kids

So, you went shopping and take home all these tasty, sweet snacks for the kids. The only downside to this story is the kids want to eat them all at once. What about when you are doing the gardening and the kids are picking at those snacks when they already had enough for the day?

What you need to do is pour the snacks into coffee creamer jars. This way the kids will think it is coffee creamer and won’t even bother to look inside. Isn’t that genius? Keep those empty coffee creamer jars!


#7. Use a Rubber Band to Keep a Door Unlock



Whatever the case is and you need to keep that door from locking. Simply twist a rubber band in an X around the doorknob that keeps the latch open. Make sure to use a new elastic band so it will be firm when holding the latch.


#8. Use A Cordless Saw For Your DIY Landscaping

So, the rainy seasons are over. However, they leave your hedges looking like a forest. What do you use to cut them? If my guess is right a trimmer. They don’t last that long anyway or do you higher a landscaper? Either of those you may not need anymore if you are the DIY type. I mean do it yourself type.

Another thing is trimmers take a lot of grease power. So, if your hands aren’t strong enough you may not be able to squeeze the handles together.

We all know that caring for overgrown hedges is not easy. It just takes too much time and energy to get them trimmed.

If you think you would like a faster way why not try the cordless MiniSaw?

The cordless MiniSaw does all the cutting for you. All you have to do is to hold it onto the hedges and watch it work.

If you are thinking about its duration, like how long it will last. This is made with strong material that is corrosion and rust-proof. It has a strong battery that can last for 6-5 hours without dying. All you have to do is make sure it’s fully charged.

Why not make life easier? Thanks to the advancement in technology everything is faster these days.


#9. Never Kneel or Scrub with Your Hands Again to Clean!

Do you know why our bathtubs, showers, and tiles get stained dirty? It’s because it’s just too hard to kneel and scrub with your hands for minutes. That can be daunting and painful. So, the best thing to do is not to clean it often.

Even if cleaning is your job it is still not a nice part of your job. Maybe you use a sponge but you still have to bend. What about that pain in your back? That is no fun at all. If I have to feel the pain to clean then I am not cleaning.

Thanks to the Spin Scrubber cleaning task that asks you to bend and scrub is gone. There is no more breaking your back to get those tile grout, bathtub, and shower clean.

The Spin Scrubber gets between the cracks in the crevices and corners with ease.  Everyone is turning to this scrubber because it just makes life easier.

Don’t worry about how heavy it is. It is not heavy and to add to that comfortable to hold in your hands so when you are clean you can move it around easily.

If you are wondering about cords. Not that wouldn’t work water and electricity are not friends. So, the Spin Scrubber is chargeable.

What can You Scrub with it?

Concrete, grease spots on the floor, dirt in between tiles, mildew, hard-to-reach corners, holes in the floor, bathtub, shower, and soap scum.

This is just awesome and more than a genius invention. Thanks, guys for inventing the Spin Scrubber!

If don’t find a Spin Scrubber in the store don’t worry there are many available in the online stores.


#10. Use a Dustpan to Fill a Bucket with  Water

No, I am not talking about actually filling the dustpan and pouring the water into the bucket. That would be the funniest thing ever.

It’s kind of a bit more clever than doing that. You see, a dustpan can be used as a channel for water, more like a gutter.

Here is how it works!

Hitch the dustpan tray underneath the faucet or hold it with your hands. Make sure the handle is hanging over the sink. Yes, this only work with a sink. Lastly, place the bucket on the floor just under the dustpan handle and turn on the tap. That’s how you fill a bucket using a dustpan.


#11. Make Your Kitchen Look Expensively Cheap

What am I talking about? Do you then talk about renovating your kitchen and the cost? What if you could transform your kitchen in one day without paying anyone to do it?

Sounds amazing yet!? I am about to change your life with this life hack or should I say your kitchen.

First, you’ll need to deep clean your kitchen If you don’t how to do that this article will help Grandma’s Slick Kitchen Deep Clean Hacks.

Change These!

  • Start with the countertops. Did you know you can cover the countertops with imitation stones and granite? Yes, that is a fact, Simply peel and stick. No one will be able to tell the difference.


  • Add new lighting over the countertops this will make your kitchen look elegant. This light comes pretty cheap too. These are called LED Lights and they come in different colors. They even come in the form of night lights with motion sensors. So. illuminate your kitchen to make it look cozy and classy.


  • Cover the old cabinets with removable wallpaper. You can decide what color wallpaper works best for your taste.


  • Just changing or adding these to your kitchen will make your kitchen look expensive.


  • Oh! I almost forgot you can decorate your stovetop too. That’s right, there are a lot of things you can do with your old stove to make it look expensive. Check out this post How to Decorate a Stovetop. You’ll love it.


#12. Stop Your Cat From Scratching With This

Cat Rug
Cat Activity Rug

Cats like to be entertained and if you are busy then that could be a problem. If you live in a small space but have a cat you can keep him busy and comfortable without going for a walk. Wait, no you don’t walk cats.

Keep your little kitty comfortable and busy with a Cat Activity Mat.

If a little kitty loves to scratch then the Cat Activity Mat will deter him or her. Your cat will also enjoy the vibrant colors they come in. So, what if you have to leave the home?

Take the rug with you anywhere as it is portable and foldable.

This sounds like the perfect friend for your cuddly friend.


That’s All Folks

Life is full of life hacks. Without them what would we do? We must agree they make life way easier. If you find this life hacks amazing then share them with a friend. See you Soon!