16 Sick Baby Powder Home Uses and Tips You Must Try

The very thought of baby powder as a household cleaning product is a little surprising. Baby powder has its uses, not only for our babies but it’s an excellent cleaning product too. From your bathroom to the kitchen and, surprisingly, your garden. It simply changes the way we all see its existence. It simply changes the way we see it. Here are 16 slick baby powder home uses and tips you never knew existed. 


About Baby Powder:             

Baby powder has diverted from the bathroom to our bedrooms and now to our kitchen. What purpose could baby powder have in the kitchen?

That answer is listed below. It simply makes everything it touches awesome. Here are some amazing ways to make baby powder do its magic for you, in and around your home.


#1: Get Sand off Your Body.

After leaving the beach, you want to avoid getting sand in your car. Simply splash baby powder on your body before going back to the car. The powder will quickly absorb the wet sand, making it dry so you can easily brush it off.


#2: Easily Remove Sweaty Gloves                                                                                                     


After wearing a glove for a few hours, they can get very sweaty, making it hard for you to remove them. As much as we appreciate the protection a pair of gloves gives us, we certainly don’t want them sticking to our hands when it’s time for them to go.


Here is how to easily remove them. Sprinkle baby powder on the inside of the glove before putting it on. This will prevent sweating and the glove will come off easily without sticking.


#3: Detangle a Tangled Necklace

The worst thing that could happen is to have your necklace tangled when you are in a hurry. If this happens, simply sprinkle baby powder on the necklace; this will, for some secretive reason, release the tight hold and loosen the


#4: Deter Rabbits



I just love those little soft and cuddly animals; they are so cute, but you certainly won’t call them that if you have a vegetable garden. To discourage rabbits from visiting your garden, do this amazing baby powder trick. Sprinkle on the leaves of the plant and the rabbit will not return.


#5: Deodorize Smelly Boots



Boots tend to have a musky odor or will eventually get one. This is caused by sweat and then comes the mold formation. Sprinkling baby powder in your boots will absorb the moisture.


Not only will it remove the nasty odor, but it can also prevent it. Next time you buy a new pair of boots, sprinkle some baby powder into them and keep them smelling like new.


#6: Cool-Down Bed Sheets



The summer is almost here and there will be a lot of hot summer nights. To make sure your nights are cool and to have a comfortable sleep.


Sprinkle baby powder on the sheet before getting into bed. This amazing trick will keep your sheets cool all night. To add to that, it will absorb night sweats, giving you a refreshed body odor in the morning. Isn’t that awesome?


#7: Refresh old Books



Books are valuable possessions to have in these modern times when the world has gone tech with EBOOKS and much more. Our books are sitting there on the shelves, growing old. Don’t throw them out; you need to preserve these books. Years from now, your books will be valuable.


Give your old books a facelift. To do that is certainly not impossible. Sprinkling baby powder on your old books. It will absorb the moisture. With no moisture,  there can be no mold, and with no mold, you will have a clean, fresh-smelling book with pages that are readable again.


#8: Absorb Grease

Because baby powder is good at absorbing things, grease is no exception. The next time you get grease on your shirt, sprinkle with baby powder. This trick works on carpets too. Just sprinkle it and let it remain for 10 minutes before dusting it off.


#9:  Stop the wooden floor from Squeaking



A squeaky floor can be the worst sound you ever hear. There are a lot of expensive repair products on the market for that. You may even be considering changing your floors. You can now get that thought out of your mind. Baby powder will take care of your scary squeaky for you.

Sprinkle your cracks with baby powder, then sweep the floor. The powder will work as a cushion so when you walk on the floor, the boards won’t be rubbing together, making that annoying squeak. It is as easy as A.B.C. No more squeaks.


#10:  Makeup Foundation

Stop paying for expensive finishing powders. All you need to do to boost your makeup is this: After applying your makeup, dust baby powder on your face to set your makeup. Now you can save on finishing powders.


#11: DIY Air Freshener



How many things have you tried to make your home smell amazing? I can imagine a dozen or maybe you are a first-timer who is trying to figure out how you would want your home to smell. If you like the smell of baby powder and would like your entire home to smell that way.


Simply mix the baby powder with your favorite essential oil. Leave it in a small container in a corner. Your home will be smelling great in no time. You can do this for your car too.


#12: Gives You Lush Eye Lashes



Everyone wants to have beautiful lashes. We tried many different ways to get them to look plump and gorgeous. Here is a simple eyelash trick

Dust baby powder over your eyelashes before applying the mascara. It will boost the fullness of your lashes.



#13: Dry Shampoo for Pets



Not every day do you have the time to give your pet a shower or a fast clean-up, which can lead to serious odor consequences. Here is a baby powder dry shampoo trick.


Sprinkle your pet with baby powder. This will absorb the sweat, leaving your pet smelling great. Most pets hate water so they will be thanking you for this new idea.


#14: Shine Stainless Steel Sink



Baby powder uses in the kitchen are becoming popular. Take a bottle of baby powder into the kitchen with you when you are cleaning. Yes, baby powder works miracles on sinks and stainless steel appliances. It’s safe to leave a bottle of baby powder in your kitchen at all times. You will need it sooner or later.


You must be speechless at this moment, but don’t worry, you won’t be using it to cook. It will be cleaned up for you. Yes, you heard right. Sprinkle the baby powder in your sink. Then dust it away to reveal a clean, shiny sink and an amazing smell too.


#15: Get Rid of Pesky Garden Bugs



If you are bothered by those pesky bugs who seem to think your garden is theirs, you need to do something about them fast.

You need to stop those little pests from taking down your hard work. You may be skeptical about using some of those harmful pesticides on the market.

There is another harmless way to get rid of those bugs. Sprinkle baby powder on the leaves and around the root of the plant. Bugs are turned off by the smell and will not bother you again.


#16: Loosen Tangled Hair



If your hair is in a bind, trying to loosen it without proper help can cause your hair to fall to the ground. Now, that sounds a bit scary. The fastest way to get yourself out of this situation without anything scary happening is to do this.


Combine equal parts of baby powder and baking soda as a dry shampoo. Rub the mixture into your hair and comb through. This cool trick will loosen your hair without doing any damage.


The Take Away:

That was our take on other ways to use baby powder in the home. We hope these baby powder home uses and tips were helpful. You can also learn how to use baby powder in the garden. Thanks for stopping by. See you soon!