17 Brilliant Pine-Sol Cleaning Tips and Home Hacks You Should Have Known Sooner



Pine-sol Cleaning Tips and Home Hacks
Pine-sol Household Uses

It’s time to unravel the power of Pine-Sol with these 17 brilliant cleaning tips and home hacks you wish you’d discovered sooner! From repelling ants to deodorizing shoes, Pine-Sol proves to be a versatile ally in household cleaning. In this post, we’ll show you how this potent solution can keep your home fresh, clean, and free from unwanted pests. Dive into our collection of Pine-Sol tricks and make your cleaning routine easier and more effective today!


Why I Love Using Pine-Sol

Some may say the scent of Pine-Sol is a little strong, while others like me are not at all troubled by the scent. As a matter of fact, I think the scent says a lot about the strength of this magnificent product. My first introduction to Pine-Sol was in the bathroom, but I kept researching its uses beyond the bathroom.


Below I will tell you about an amazing experience I had with Pine-Sol. I used it to do almost everything in my home, from cleaning floors to removing foul odors, and it does much more. Below are 8 amazing ways you can use pine-sol in your home.


Tyes of Pine-Sol:

  1. Lemon Fresh
  2. Lavender Clean
  3. Sparkling Wave
  4. Orange Energy


15 Brilliant Pine-Sol Cleaning Tips and Home Hacks:


1. Remove Carpet Stains:

Pine-Sol’s cleaning power extends to carpet stains, making it a versatile household cleaner. When diluted with water in a 1:5 ratio, Pine-Sol effectively tackles tough stains and lifts them from carpet fibers. Its potent formula penetrates deep into the stain, breaking it down for easy removal.


To use, dilute Pine-Sol with water in a 1:5 ratio and apply the solution directly to the stained area. Allow it to sit for 5–10 minutes, then blot the stain with a clean cloth or sponge. Rinse the area thoroughly with water and blot again until the stain is removed. Pine-Sol’s stain-fighting capabilities restore carpets to their clean and pristine condition.


2. Deters Pesky Roaches from Crawling onto Countertops

Pine-Sol deters roaches from crawling onto countertops because its strong scent masks the pheromones that attract them and repels them due to its pine oil content.


To apply Pine-Sol as a roach deterrent, mix 1 part Pine-Sol with 3 parts water in a spray bottle. Spray the solution along the edges of countertops, focusing on areas where roaches may enter or traverse. Reapply the solution regularly, especially after cleaning, to maintain its effectiveness. This method not only helps keep roaches away but also leaves your countertops clean and fresh-smelling.


3. Repel Ants:

Pine-Sol serves as an effective ant deterrent due to its potent scent and composition. The mixture, comprising 1 part Pine-Sol and 3 parts water, creates a barrier that masks the pheromones ants use to navigate. This disrupts their trails and prevents them from entering homes. Regular reapplication maintains the protective barrier, especially after cleaning or rainfall.


Simply mix 1 part Pine-Sol with 3 parts water in a spray bottle. Thoroughly spray along windowsills, door frames, and any other potential entry points for ants. Reapply the solution as needed, ensuring continuous protection against ant intrusions.


4. Remove Nasty Pet Pee Odors

The worst scent in a home is one that has animal secretions on it. Pine-Sol works excellently at removing these types of odors.


Simply wipe the area with Pine Sol and there! The odor is gone. It works well on carpets, tiles, and wooden floors. For wooden floors, add 1/2 cup Pine-Sol to a gallon of water and mop away that stench.


5. Deodorizes Stinky Shoes:

Pine-Sol’s ability to neutralize odors makes it an excellent solution for eliminating shoe smells. By diluting Pine-Sol with water in a 1:1 ratio, an effective deodorizing spray is created. The mixture penetrates deep into shoe fibers, eradicating odor-causing bacteria and leaving a refreshing scent.


To use, evenly spray the Pine-Sol solution inside shoes and allow them to air dry in a well-ventilated area. Once dry, the shoes will be odor-free and ready to wear, thanks to Pine-Sol’s powerful deodorizing properties.


6. Restore Stainless Steel Radiance


Stainless steel appliances are just beautiful to have in your kitchen, but sadly, the streak shows on them quite easily. This can be a big turn-off for the appearance of your kitchen if your stainless steel starts to look like stained steel. Keep them looking the way they should.


Dilute 1 cup of Pine-sol in a gallon of water. Use this to wipe your stainless steel. Move your hands in a straight line at all times. Use a tap of Murphy’s Oil Soap and a microfiber cloth to give it its finishing touch.


7. Cleans the refrigerator

Refrigerators capture odors easily; some of these smells are hard to get rid of. Well, not anymore if you use Pine-Sol to clean it. Pinesol has a strong smell that will combat and eliminate any fridge odor while maintaining its natural properties. To clean your refrigerator, follow the steps below:


  • Remove all food items from the fridge
  • Remove the removable shelves if possible
  • In a spray bottle, dilute 2 tablespoons of pine sol with a quart of water
  • Shak well
  • Mist the interior of the fridge
  • Next, use a clean sponge or dish towel to clean
  • When done, wipe with fresh, clean water.
  • Cleaning the exterior: Mist and wipe until it looks shiny
  • Pour a topsy-drop of pine-sol on a sponge, wash the shelves, rinse, and then dry well with a dry cloth
  • Replace the shelves

Tip: To make sure there is no lingering odor, turn off the fridge and leave it open for 10 minutes before replacing the food.


8. Cleans Stubborn Soap Scum in the Bathtub

Here’s another straightforward set of instructions for using Pine-Sol to clean soap scum in the bathtub:

  1. Mix 1/2 cup of Pine-Sol with 1 gallon of warm water in a bucket.
  2. Dip a sponge or cloth into the solution.
  3. Scrub the bathtub surface with the soaked sponge, focusing on areas with soap scum buildup.
  4. Let the Pine-Sol solution sit on the surface for 5–10 minutes.
  5. Rinse the bathtub thoroughly with clean water.
  6. Wipe down the tub with a clean, dry cloth to remove any remaining moisture.
  7. Enjoy your sparkling, clean bathtub, free from soap scum!


9. Clean Patio Furniture

Winter is over and outdoor furniture is needed for the upcoming seasons, but it needs a good clean. With just a few drops of Pine-Sol in a bucket of water.

Grab a washcloth and give them a good scrub. Pine-Sol will quickly break down dirt and grime, leaving your patio furniture looking brand new.


10. Removes Smelly Odors in Trash Bins

Pine-Sol can be used to clean and get rid of odors from trash cans. To begin, use the following instructions:


dilute ¼ cup of Pine-Sol in one gallon of water. After emptying the trash can, give it a water rinse. After that, fill the trash can with the diluted Pine-Sol solution and give it a good cleaning with a brush or sponge.

Ensure that you have reached all the nooks and crannies. Allow the solution to remain in the bin for 10–15 minutes after scrubbing. Before inserting a fresh garbage bag, finally, give the bin a thorough cleaning with clean water and allow it to air dry. This procedure will leave your garbage can smelling clean and fresh and help get rid of any residual scents.

11. Removes Grease Stain off Clothes


Grease-related accidents are bound to happen at some point. As we all know, grease stains can be almost impossible to remove.

I recently discovered that Pine-Sol can be used for laundry purposes as well. I decided to test Pine-Sol on the grease spot to see how it would react, and surprisingly, the grease stain started fading.

I then tossed it in the washer and washed it as I would typically do. My result was spectacular, as my clothes came out with no sign of a grease spot.


12. Keep Critters Out

Bothered by critters? No worries; combine 1/2 cup Pine-Sol with 1 gallon of water. Pour the mixture into your trash bin and shake it around before turning it out.

The smell will deter the critters and to add to that, your trash bin will smell great. The critters will migrate to your neighbor’s trash bin so you may want to share this.


13. Kill Flying Insects


You will find this tip helpful. No one likes insects, especially flying ones. My discovery came when I discovered a hornet building a nest outside my window.

I tried every repellent I could think of, but the bug was still there; it was as if it was ignoring me.

Simply pour undiluted Pine-Sol in a spray bottle and give that hornet or fly a good bath. To my surprise, I never saw another hornet again.


14. Keep Cats Away:

Pine-Sol’s strong scent serves as a natural deterrent for cats, making it useful for keeping them away from specific areas. When mixed with water in a 1:3 ratio and applied as a spray, Pine-Sol effectively discourages cats from wandering into unwanted spaces such as garden beds or furniture. This method offers a humane and non-toxic way to deter cats without harming them.


To utilize this solution, mix Pine-Sol with water in a 1:3 ratio and transfer it to a spray bottle. Apply the solution liberally to areas where you wish to discourage cat activity, reapplying as needed to maintain effectiveness.


15.  Removes Blood Stains 



Who would ever know that a product like Pine-Sol could do such a tough job? Just like it does to grease so too is its reaction to bloodstains.

Toss blood-stained clothes in a bucket with 1 gallon of warm water and 1/4 cup of pine sol. Allow soaking for 1 hour, then remove and wash on a regular cycle. The best results are more visible with freshly stained garments.


16. Freshens Up Toilet Bowl


One of the main reasons why our bathroom has an odor that never seems to go away is because we have a toilet brush that’s filthy snatched in the corner.

No one is to blame for that, for no one will want to clean a toilet brush. Well, if something is not done about our little brush, our bathrooms may forever have that foul odor.

You can control the bad smell by pouring pinesol into the brush holder. This way, your bathroom will always have a clean scent. We do hope that you find these tips helpful. See you soon.


17. Prevent Cats From Pooping in the Corner

Cats love to use the corners of your home to do numbers one and two. However, not all cats are like that, but if your cat has this situation.

Here is how to get your cat to stop doing this nasty act. Simply wipe the corner with Pine-Sol. Cats just hate the smell of pine-sol and will avoid the smell as much as possible.


 Summing Up:

Pine-Sol is an essential partner for keeping your home smelling fresh and tidy. You’ll be ready to take on any cleaning task with these 17 creative cleaning ideas and home hacks, which include varieties like Lemon Fresh, Lavender Clean, Sparkling Wave, and Orange Energy. Pine-Sol provides a range of solutions to meet your needs and tastes, from deodorizing environments to keeping pests away. Make use of Pine-Sol’s power today to simplify and improve the efficiency of your cleaning routine. We hope you enjoy trying out these 17 brilliant pine-sol cleaning tips and home hacks.