7 Clever Dollar Store Hacks: That Will Save You a Dollar or Two

Shopping doesn’t mean breaking the bank anymore. With these Dollar Store items, you can create your own item to fit into your daily lifestyle.

I went shopping and this is what a dollar gave me. I called them ‘dollar opposites’ because they were used oppositely. It is just amazing how handy these dollar items are when you really need them. Remember, spending less doesn’t mean you’re getting less.





Standing at the cashier, I noticed these beautiful cones. I just could not take my eyes off them. I immediately asked the price, which was 50 cents for a whole bag. To be honest, I didn’t know what I was going to use them for. Placing them in a cute flower vase on my coffee table, I felt this was it.

An hour later, I started to smell this wonderful aroma in my house. When I asked everyone where it was coming from, no one knew.  I was relaxing in my living room and it was then that I realized that this wonderful natural aroma was actually coming from the pine cones I purchased at the Dollar Store. I AM IN LOVE!




You can make your own pine cone air freshener. Pine trees are common trees; you see them almost everywhere, with cones lying beneath them. Next time you see these cones, pick them up and take them home. Add your own fragrance. Go ahead and drop a few drops of your favorite essential oils or perfume and tell us what you think.




These wine glasses are really pocket-friendly—no more than a dollar. The good news is that they are not only for wine. You can get creative and use these glasses to hold your candles. They will look so elegant and sophisticated that you will never want to use an ordinary candle holder again.





If you have ice trays lying around, you can use them to do some amazing hacks that will look so cool. A  lady once told me that her mom would use an ice tray to store spices in the freezer. To preserve her garlic and peppers, she ground them in the blender and filled the slots of the tray. She then placed them in the freezer to be frozen.

This both preserves her spices and saves her time when cooking. Just flip out a spice cube straight into your pot. You can also use your ice tray to store buttons, small easy-to-loss earrings, or anything else that you can use it for; simply play around with it and you will be surprised.





Cupcake holders are very fragile, but they are also beautiful. If you like to bake cupcakes, I know you would be interested in finding a way to keep and store them for your next batch. Placing them in a mason jar for safekeeping is a splendid idea.

They will be safe from dust, water, and dents, and I am sure you would not want to have dented cupcakes coming out of the oven. The cost of the jar won’t break your pocket and having the holders in the mason jar will also be a perfect decor for your kitchen.




I have been looking online for a container to store my toilet paper rolls. I have seen some fancy ones but so was the price. If you are like me, who believes in beauty and quality for less,

Then you will start hunting for what you want for the price you want it for. I would call myself a crafty person,  but when I saw these baskets, they cost only a dollar. I knew exactly what they could do.  They are doing a great job with my toilet paper rolls.




These baskets come in many sizes and colors. They are perfect for organizing and keeping things in order. Recently, I moved into a new apartment. I had limited space so there was no room to install a medicine chest. I’m confused about where to store all my medicines.

I wanted them to be in one place and easily accessible; my only alternative was my little baskets. After placing them in the basket, I placed a bit of paper tape on the top of the containers. On this, I wrote the name of each medicine. That makes it easy for me to choose the one I need.


My problem was solved by simply using these storage baskets. Now it is so easy to ask someone to grab a basket for me. You too won’t have the trouble of giving instructions and sending someone searching for items in places you think you have left them.


To make it even better, these cute baskets will keep everything organized and neat with anything you choose to use them for. These are great to stash away in your closets. They will come in handy someday. Thanks for visiting. See you soon!