The bathroom is the most frequently used room in the home. How exactly do you keep it smelling fresh and clean? I am what they would call a clean freak, so finding new ways to maintain a pleasant odour in my bathroom is something I lay in bed and ponder about.


I came up with these brilliant ideas. It’s not really hard to keep your bathroom smelling great after all. You won’t even have to run to the store for the tips I’m about to share with you. The cleaners I used are right there in your cupboards waiting to help you with your bathroom issues.






This is a beautiful sight to look at. To make your bathroom smell like a garden of mesmerizing aromas, doing this wonderful trick will do just that. Simply place any candle in a cup shape candle holder.



After doing this, pour fabric softener into the candle holder then ignite the candle. The heat from the candle will cause the fabric softener to get warm diffusing a wonderful aroma.







Did you know that scented soaps can make a huge difference in your bathroom? Simply place scented soaps on a soap holder and leave it on the sink.



Use your decorative skills to make it look beautiful. The aroma will circulate in the bathroom, making your bathroom smell just the way it should.






Who would even consider washing a toilet brush? Toilet brushes are filthy and not to mention the aroma they secretly carry. The point is, toilet brushes are one of the main reasons bathrooms smell.



To treat the odour, pour Pine-sol into the brush holder and set the brush in it. Bonus tip, liquid bleach will also hide a toilet brush odour. Either way, your bathroom will be smelling much better.







Lemons is a famous name in any home. We all know how to use a lemon in our bathrooms to clean the shower and the faucets. Lemons are also great in the kitchen when cooking. You can use a lemon to remove the scent of fish and that’s one of the worst scents.



If it can do all of that, then it’s going to help you with the stinky odour in your bathroom. Cut a lemon into 2 pieces and place them in your toilet bowl.



The lemon will work as an odour eliminator whenever the toilet is flushed. Here is another good news. The lemon will prevent limescale from building up in the bowl. Replace the lemon twice weekly to maintain odour control.






Storing used sanitary napkins in the bathroom trash bin is a set up for a bathroom stink explosion. Believe it, this can throw off the odour of your bathroom no matter what you used to clean your bathroom.



To prevent this, ladies, keep small plastic bags in the bathroom. Use these to securely dispose of the napkins by ensuring the mouth is tied tightly before tossing them in the bin. This way you can be sure no odour will escape.






Dryer sheets can be used to deodorize almost anything in your home. The bathroom trash bin is no exemption. Your bathroom trash is one of the main reasons why your bathroom maybe smelling like that.



This odor can be hard to control unless you plan on changing the bag twice per day. However, there is another way to disguise the odour. Place 2 dryer sheets at the bottom of the bin. Do this before replacing a new bag. Your bathroom will smell great for days.






One strange way to keep that bathroom smelling awesome, especially in an emergency is doing this simple trick. Pour scented beads in the bowl every morning.



This will keep your bathroom smelling fresh when you are having visitors over. No one will ever figure out why your bathroom smell so amazing as there won’t be any visible air fresheners. They will think you are a pro at keeping a great smelling bathroom.






In every bathroom, there is always a roll of toilet paper. It doesn’t matter how poorly it is kept. Your toilet paper can make your bathroom smell much better than how it is now.



Before placing the roll on the rack simply drop a few drops of essential oil in the centre and place it on the rack. For as long as the toilet paper last that’s how long your bathroom will keep the wonderful odour.







Pour scented bleach in your toilet bowl and let it sit for over-night. The next morning wash with a toilet brush and flush. I know it may sound a bit odd but it will really make a difference if you are in the business of getting your bathroom smelling like it should.



To add to that, after cleaning the shower and the basin, feel free to add the scented bleach to a spray bottle and mist the surfaces. Before misting, dilute 1/4 cup bleach with 3 cups water. This will be safe for the surfaces.







Have you ever took the time to smell a used bath towel, I have, and It’s not a wonderful smell. Most times damp linens are left in the bathroom.



Shortly after your bathroom will absorb the smell. If you want to have a great smelling bathroom, ensure only dry clean linens are kept in the bathroom.






Your bathroom drains collects everything that comes out of our mouth and that which comes off our bodies, Exactly how often do we clean them or do we ever?



If our drains are not clean, then our entire bathroom will never be. In your bathroom drain is residues that send out nasty odours in your bathroom.



To clean your drain, pour salt down your drain. Let this sit for an hour then turn on the tap on warm water to run for 3 minutes. The sodium and chloride in the salt will breakdown the grime in the drain. Leaving you feeling really proud of your bathroom.




If you find these tips helpful kindly share them with friends and family. We hope to see you soon.