As a blogger who writes about cleaning finding the right product and the most efficient one is my main goal. My sister who is a pro at cleaning hacks sent me a package with cleaning supplies.


To my surprise, the package consisted of Murphy’s Soft Wipes. To make a long story short, What was I to do with that! I asked myself.


However, I added it to my cleaning tray and it works wonders for me. The oils in the sheets made it easy to remove dirt, grease, and paste- on dust without any vigorous scrubbing.


The chemicals in the wipes are mild and non- toxic which makes it safe for bathroom and kitchen cleaning and any other. You will not regret knowing this product. Here are 10 ways to use these amazing wipes.




To remove grease from your stove. Use a sheet of the soft wipes and wipe the stove while it’s still warm.  For tough grease, pour drops of vinegar on the sheet and wipe the area. Doing this will break down the grease making it easy to remove using only the wipes.


You can also choose the soaking method for 1 hour with the vinegar. When the time is up use the sheet to wipe the treated area back and forth. That ugly greasy area should no longer be visible and your stove will be grease-free.




The backsplash from toothpaste on your bathroom mirror can be a nasty sight to look at. Simply use a sheet of Murphy’s Soft Wipes to quickly remove the splashes.




To keep your glass shower door from looking all spotty and smeared from soap marks. Always wipe the doors with the soft wipes.


The oils in the wipe will become a barrier so when you splash the suds will not stick to the glass and can be easily wiped away when you clean.




Baked on the good can be very hard to remove. This can be harder is your hands aren’t strong enough to do all that scrubbing. Here is an easier way to get it done.


On the baked-on food, simply add dish soap directly onto it (Dawn preferably) Then secondly, take a few soft wipes and place them flat in the container, covering the food. Pour a 1/2 cup of hot water over the sheets.


Let it remain for 10-15 minutes, Use the wipes to wipe away the food. Give it a second wash with your dish soap and rinse.




If you have stainless steel appliances then you should know how easily smugged this item gets. Keep a pack of soft wipe where these are so when these smudges appear you are ready to attack them.


This is pretty easy, simply use the wipes to wipe away the smug.  Your appliances will be glowing in an instance. You can also use these wipes to give them a general facelift regularly to keep them sparkling every day.




If you’re a neat freak you want to see everything looking tidy and clean.  I don’t know about you, but a shiny Tupperware is just eye-catching to me. I am certain you don’t want to be looking on some dull smugged Tupperware in your cabinets.


Here is how to make them glow, simply wash and allow to dry then use a few Murphy’s Soft Wipes to wipe the wares. You Won’t believe your own eyes when you see the results.



As you can see Murphy’s Soft Wipes is an ideal cleaning product to have around the home. It is capable of making life way easier for you when you clean.


The price is super affordable and the product is super awesome. What more could you ask for? I know you will enjoy trying out these hints, have fun, and see you soon.



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