6 Easy Ways to Clean a Greasy Oven

How To Clean An Oven___ The Factual Truth


I have read many articles on how to make your oven look new again. However, the items introduced are very effective household products. Vinegar is great at removing limescale or calcium build-up.

Baking soda is also great for removing stains. Dawn dish soap, as we know, can work wonders in your home, and Borax is also a good cleaning product. Put all these together, and you’ll have an amazing oven-cleaning solution. So, exactly how do you clean an oven? Here are six ways to clean a greasy oven.


One thing no one told me was the truth about getting your burnt-out oven clean. Using an oven that dozens of tenants have used before I came into the picture. I could not stand the smell of my oven whenever I used it. It was like something was always burning, setting off the fire alarm.


 I combined all my oven cleaning products and used what I learned to bring my oven back to new. Come along on this adventure with me and find out the truth about cleaning a badly burnt oven.




Be happy if your oven is not looking like this. Burnt-on food can form another layer becoming the structure of an oven. Just simply wiping won’t help. That would almost be impossible and take a miracle if it were that simple. It will take a more aggressive approach to get this done.


Wiping with the dryer sheets alone was not going to remove the stubborn burnt-on food, which I realized after testing it out. I now realized I had to take a more hands-on approach if I wanted my oven to look much better.



Mix a mixture of Dawn dish soap and Borax in a container to form a paste. Realizing this was not smooth enough; a little warm water was added to turn it into a thick but runny substance. The oven was then laundered with the paste.


This was allowed to sit for 5 minutes. Maybe this wanted a longer time, approximately 20 minutes or more, to get a better result. Timing is key when using any cleaning agent. You want to allow the chemical to do its job effectively.



How to clean greasy oven
Cleaning an oven


Give the oven a few vigorous swipes using the dryer sheets, which remove some of the hard substance.


I then realized that I needed to add another scrubbing tool. A Scotch Brite, which is stronger, was brought in as the new scouring tool.


Hydrogen peroxide was added to the Scotch Brite directly. This should add to the strength of the other ingredients. Another lather was made.


This was allowed to soak in for another 10 minutes as the chemicals needed more time to penetrate and soften the hard residue.


cleaning grills
Cleaning oven grills


It was time to get those oven racks looking like new. I wanted them to look exactly like those I saw on social media. While my concussion was resting in the oven.


The racks were scrubbed with the same mixture. By now, I realized this was not a 5-minute oven-cleaning task. however, determined not to stop until I see some improvement. I was working my brain and my hands at the same time, but it was exciting.


How to clean grills
Cleaning oven grills in a bathtub


To get to all the areas of the racks. I tossed them into the bathtub as a sink will not allow you to make a scrub without making a bigger mess in the kitchen.


Warm water was used to soak the racks as it would have loosened the stuck-on grease making it easier to clean. I COULD NOT WAIT TO SEE THE RESULT OF THIS!



Paste for cleaning oven
Cleaning oven door


Going back to the oven, it was ready to be cleaned to reveal the results. Using a warm damped rag. Wipe away the mixture.


Repeat the wiping process to ensure all the substance used to clean the oven is removed. By now, the racks should be ready, remove them from the bathtub, then rest them on a towel to drain. It’s time to put the oven back together.



Place the racks back in, and your oven should be ready to go again. The truth is our cleaning products are great at what they do, but cleaning a badly burnt oven, your cleaning products are not miracle workers.


They can only get you thus far. My oven is not new, but honestly, it took some sweat and a lot of patience. Everything is not perfect, but my oven looks much better than before.


Recommended Oven Cleaners:


Be creative when cleaning your oven. Everyone’s oven is messed up differently. Some with just a little grease, some with burnt-on food that has been there for years, and some ovens are fairly new ovens and can be cleaned with just a few wipes. When cleaning an oven, timing is very important. We rush at times, and the results we get are very disappointing.


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Knowing your cleaning products and how they function will help you to know how, when, and where to use them. The truth is to know the facts about your oven and what will work for you.


With that in mind, the next time you clean your oven, you won’t be disappointed if it doesn’t come out looking like it has never been used before, as some ovens are old and are almost impossible to restore to their former glory.


 With these thorough deep cleaning tips, there is no doubt your oven will look way cleaner than before. I hope these tips were helpful. SEE YOU SOON.