Do you are anyone you know have this situation? Most people find it very hard to keep a clean home. Keeping your home clean is very important when you want to relax and unwind.


If you must admit, having a messy home with things scattered on the floor and dishes for the past two days still hanging around in the sink is not one you can relax and unwind in.


I am a working mom and I work 6 days out of a week for 10 hours each day and still manage to keep my home looking immaculate at all times. Here is how I do that.






Practice organizing yourself. Try not to place things where they don’t belong. If you use it, put it back right away.


Doing this will save you the trouble of finding time to put it back. This is where it starts with you. Don’t just wait until friends are coming over or worse, the in-laws!






Let everyone know there is no maid in the house; they all need to do their part. You are not there to pick up after anyone unless they cannot walk and have no fingers.


I asked everyone to clean up after themselves, even husbands or wives. It just doesn’t matter. Let them know the reason why the home should be clean at all times. TELL THEM THE FACTS





Try to avoid piling dishes in the sink while you cook; this is too much work after you are done to have that to do again. Wash the plates while you cook. Ask each family member to wash their plates and cups right away after using them.


Wiping the stove while you cook works well. Try removing food particles that are on the floor too. You will come to realize there will be no more “who is to do the dishes” fussing in the house. This works for every room in the house.



If this is practiced, then the only job you will have is to sanitize and clean the general areas like the stove, countertops, and floor.


Don’t forget to check the garbage disposal before going to bed. Not doing that can leave a stench in the morning. That’s something you must avoid if you want to have your home smell great in the mornings.


Pour Downy Unstoppables into the garbage disposal at night to keep it smelling refreshed. My rule that works is that if the kitchen is messy, then dinner is off. IT WORKS!!





Your bathroom doesn’t need a day by itself to clean. Yes, I am sure about that. Just like your kitchen, the same clean-as-you-go rule applies. Lay down your bathroom rules. Keep cleaning products in the bathroom. Wipe away spilled water immediately to prevent watermarks.



Clean the MIRRORS, COUNTERTOP, FAUCETS, and FLOOR. Remember, the floor is not a laundry basket. Wet towels carry nasty odors so take them out. Change the bin bag every night. Leave no-poo marks in the toilet or urine.


Have a roll of paper towels, a cleaning rag, or a few used dryer sheets in an area where everyone can see them. These are used to wipe as you go.


After taking a shower, you can also prevent soap scum from drying up on the walls. If you have glass doors, wipe them before getting out of the shower to prevent those ugly watermarks and soap marks.


Use a bathroom cleaning product to mist the entire shower and let it remain. The next time you shower, the water will remove all the scum. A faster way to do this is to keep a cleaning rag in the shower. When you are through, give the wall a quick wipe.




This is where you hang out with the family or your friends so the main goal here is to keep it cozy and clean. Have an end table for books, newspapers, or simply a place to rest or keep your comfort items.


A cute little basket will do just right and can also be lovely decor. Place drinks and coffee cups on coasters to prevent marks on the tables.




Keep the remote in a special spot; this will make it easier to find when you need it. I keep my remote on the sofa. This makes me get to it faster when my legs are too tired to walk. That’s a cheat, but I try not to add other things. Keep it to just one item if you have to.


If you have kids around, keep a toy box in the corner. There should also be a rule for this. keep your sofa free of anything that doesn’t belong. Sofas were made for butts, not clothes, books, newspaper shoes, or bags. Remember to keep the floor as a floor.





Did you know that a messy room can prevent you from falling asleep? This can even send you to the doctor or the pharmacy for sleep aids. Try doing these things and see what happens.


You should practice changing your linens once a week. While you are sleeping, your body sheds dead skin cells that, if inhaled, will affect your allergies. So, it’s very hygienic to do so, and this will also keep your room smelling wonderful. Here is where your organizing skills come into play.




Place everything in its own spot and keep it there. Get up half an hour earlier just to make sure you get to make your bed before leaving.


Getting home to a well-made bed can be very soothing after a hard day of work. Keep clothes, shoes, and bags in their area right away to prevent clusters. Dust as you go and this will save you the time and energy to get it done another time.


Fold your clothes neatly after washing, separating them into categories, and placing them in their designated area. This will help you to be more organized and have fewer clusters.


As you can see, keeping a clean home doesn’t have to be stressful. A 5-minute routine out each day can make your home always clean and tidy.



Remember, practice becomes perfect.