8 Brilliant Uses Of Pine Sol You Wish You Knew Before

Some may say the scent of Pine-sol is a little strong while others like me are not at all troubled by the scent. As a matter of fact, I think the scent says a lot about the strength of this magnificent product. My first introduction to Pine-Sol was in the bathroom until I kept researching the uses beyond the bathroom. Below I will tell you an amazing experience I had with Pine-Sol. I used it to do almost everything in my home from, floors, to removing foul does and much more. Below are 8 amazing ways you too can use Pine-Sol in your home.

[1] KEEP CATS FROM USING THE WRONG BATHROOM…Cats love to use corners of your home to do numbers 1 and two. However not all cats are like that, but if your cat has this situation. Here is how to get your cat to stop doing this nasty act. Simply wipe the corner with Pine-Sol. Cats just hate the smell of Pine-Sol and will avoid the smell as much as possible.

]2] REMOVE NASTY PET ACCIDENTS…The worst scent in a home is one that has that animal secretions on it. Pine-Sol works great on removing these types of odors. Simply wipe the area with Pine-Sol and there! the odor is gone. Works well on carpets, tiles and wooden floor. For wooden floors, add 1/2 cup Pine-Sol to a gallon of water and mop away that stench

[3] CLEANS STAINLESS STEEL…Stainless steel appliances are just beautiful to have in your kitchen, but sadly streak shows on them quite easily. This can be a big turn off for the appearance of your kitchen if your stainless tells start to look like stain tells. Keep them looking the way they should. Dilute a cup of Pine-Sol in a gallon of water. Use this to wipe your stainless tells. Moving your hands in a straight line at all times. Use warm water and a microfiber cloth to give it its finishing touch.

[4] CLEANS PATIO FURNITURE… Winter is over and that outdoor furniture is needed for the upcoming seasons, but they need a good clean. With just a few drops of Pine-Sol in a bucket of after. Grab a washcloth and give them a good scrub. Pine-Sol will quickly breakdown dirt and grime leaving your patio furniture looking brand new.

[5] REMOVE GREASE FROM CLOTHING…Grease accidents are bound to happen at some point. As we all know, grease stains can be almost impossible to remove. I recently discovered that Pine-Sol can be used for laundry purposes. I decided to test Pine-Sol the on grease spot to see how it would react, and surprisingly the grease stain started fading. I then tossed in the washer and wash as I would normally do. My result was spectacular as my clothes came out with no sign of a grease spot.

[6] KEEP OUT CRITTERS…Bothered by critters? No worry, simply combine 1/2 cup Pine-Sol to 1/2  1 gallon water. Pour mixture into your trash can. The smell will deter the critters and to add that, your trash bin will smell great. The critters will migrate to your neighbor’s trash bin so you may want to share this tip.

[7] KILLS FLYING INSECT… You are going to find this tip helpful. No one likes insect especially the flying ones. My discovery came when I discovered a hornet building a nest outside my window. I tried every repellent I could think of, she was still there it was if she was ignoring me. I poured Pine-Sol in a spray bottle and gave that hornet a good bath. To my surprise, I never saw that hornet again.

[8] REMOVES BLOOD STAINS…Who would ever know that a product as Pine-Sol could do such a tough job? Just like it does to grease so too its reaction to bloodstains. Tossed blood-stained clothes in Pine-Sol and allow to soak for 1 hour. Remove and wash with warm water. The best results are more visible with freshly stained garments. I hope that you find these tips helpful. SEE YOU SOON