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I was browsing the internet when I came upon this unique essence. I was actually searching for perfume. When I saw this amazing product I knew I had to get it, so I did. It took close to two weeks to get to me which seems like a long wait. When I collected it in the mail I was so curious.

The name says it all baby powder essence. I love the fragrance of baby powder and here I have a bottle in my hand that I could use to make my entire life smell of this lovely fragrance.

You can use your imagination to create any fragrance from a drop of the essence and use it for your body and in your home.

Below are things I used to do and make, that you may find very interesting. If you decide to give it a try it will be the best decision you will ever make.

It is made of ingredients such as ozone, citrus, lilac, a delicate rose, Gentle woody, violates, and powder. All these are mild ingredients, which are safe for household use.




I USE THIS FRAGRANCE TO RELAX. After a long day, I just want to take a shower and retreat to my bed. Then, the thought came to me.

What if your bed smells like a baby, WOW!  THAT WOULD BE AMAZING. I dribble a few drops on my bed. Can you imagine the rest of my story? I woke the next morning smelling like I had just gone to bed.



My bathroom woes are over. I use this fragrance to keep my bathroom smelling like a baby’s nursery. Using a sponge, sprinkle a few drops on the sponge. Place this sponge on a soap dish and you will testify to the aroma that your bathroom will be showing off.



The first thing I thought of was the empty plug-in bottles I had and this is what I did. Remove the cap from the bottle, rinse well, pour water in the bottle then drop 6 drops of Baby Powder Essence into it.

Replace the cover and plug it in. In a few minutes, you will experience the fragrance circulating the room.



                                              DEODORIZES SMELLY SNEAKERS

 My son’s sports sneakers have this really bad odor. I thought of tossing it out many times but it was so expensive I had to learn to tolerate the odor. My mind went to the essence and so I let it work its magic. FEW DROPS AND THE ODOR WAS GONE.



I really go crazy with this amazing essence. You know how sofas do smell even when they appear to be clean. I went to work wiping down my sofa.

I slightly damp a soft cloth add a few drops of the essence onto it and dust all over my sofa. My guest went crazy and wild about this mysterious fragrance.





A drop of this essence in your toilet bowl will leave your bathroom smelling so good. Just imagine opening your toilet to the fragrance of baby powder.

My bathroom has no more odor. Add to your toilet bowl cleaner or just simply add drops directly in the bowl and share my experience.



I simply could not resist this one. I love to clean my floor. Some may say that I am a floor fanatic. I remembered an elderly person telling me that if my house smells bad then I need to clean that floor. Drop this in your floor cleaner and wipe your way to dancing when you are through.




If your inlaws are coming over and you know things aren’t right with the bed linens. O MY! I FORGOT THE HOUSE JUST SMELLS.

Grab that Baby Powder Essence and drizzle drops on the beds and anywhere you know they are going to be, Do this and wait for the compliments, they will be coming.

This multipurpose drop will change your entire life, your home will be rid of its bad odor. You can even use it as a body fragrance.





Pour drops of Baby Powder essence down your bathroom or kitchen drain and smell something you could never have imagined. It is simply so versatile. It has no boundaries. I couldn’t find a better name for it, but maybe after using it in your home, you will give it your own.


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