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Walking around in a squeaky shoe can be annoying to you and others around you. Your first thought may be to toss it in the bin. That doesn’t have to be the case. A squeaky shoe can be fixed easily. Here are 9 amazing ways to fix squeaky shoes for good.


Why Does My Shoe Squeaks?

Your shoes can develop an annoying squeak by any of the following

  1. Moisture being trapped between the insole and the sole (sweating)
  2. Rubbing against a glossy surface (tile floors)
  3. The materials of the shoes rub against each other


9 Easy Ways To Fix Squeaky Shoes

9 ways to fix squeaky shoes
How to fix squeaky shoes

 Look For A Bend

A dent in the shoe can cause a squeak. To check for this you will need to do some rocking of your feet in a back and forth motion then twisting sideways. While doing this check to see if there is a bend and then listen for the squeaky sound. If there’s a squeak apply any of the following except the number- 5


1. Absorb The Moisture

If you suspect that the squeak is due to excess moisture try sprinkling a dab of baby powder inside the shoe. The powder will absorb the moisture which will stop the squeak. Corn starch also works when trying to fix a squeaky shoe.


2. Use A Dryer Sheet To Fix  Squeaky Shoe

Moisture can be removed from your squeaky shoes by administering heat. However, only fabricated shoes such as sneakers and other cloth base shoes are recommended for this method. Toss the shoe into the dryer with a sponge dampened with fabric softener. The fabric softener will soften the hard material that is causing the squeak while the heat removes the moisture. Make sure the heat is not on high. Drying your shoes in high heat can loosen the glue and even cause shrinking. Keep the dryer on low heat for 10 minutes. This should remove the moisture and stop the squeak.


3. Apply Petroleum Jelly On A Squeaky Shoe

The insole of the shoe can cause a squeak. If the insole is too hard it will rub against the shoe. This can be fixed easily. You can remove the insole and rub on some petroleum jelly then place back the insole. To solve the problem for good buy a softer insole. This will work as a long-term remedy.


4. Loose Heels

A gap between the heel can be the source of the squeaky sound. On identifying the spot go ahead and apply some glue. Superglue would be best. Be careful to direct the glue into the gap. Thirdly, put pressure on the gap for it to close. You can choose to hold it with your hand for a few minutes for the glue to dry, or place it underneath a foot of a chair or table. If the squeak still persists then it’s time to visit the shoemaker. That should do the trick.


5. Sand Paper

New shoes? If you’re concerned about your new footwear having squeaking. Try sanding it down before wearing it. Use a piece of sandpaper to rub-down the sole (bottom) of the shoe before the squeak begins.


6. Quick Ways To Fix  Squeaky Shoes With WD-4O

A general way to fix a squeaky shoe is to apply WD-40. Point the nozzle directly onto the seam of the shoe and spray. Please Note: Do not apply WD-40 to fabricated shoes such as suede as this will be the end of that particular shoe. Find out more about Wd-40 household and cleaning hacks.


7. How To Fix  Squeaky Shoes With Dryer Sheet

New shoes being not familiar with the hard surfaces will squeak. Fixing a squeaky shoe that is new is pretty simple. Grab one of a sheet of unused dryer sheet. Remove the insole then lay the dryer sheet down as if it is an insole. After doing that replace the original insole. What the dryer sheet did was to become a cushion between the insole and the rest of the shoes preventing contact.


8. Saddle Soap

A leather conditioning soap can be the remedy to your squeaky shoe. That’s if the cause of the squeak is a result of the lace rubbing against the tongue. This often occurs with leather shoes. To fix this problem apply saddle soap or Murphy’s oil soap by rubbing it onto the tongue. Maybe all your leather shoe needed was a touch of soap and some moisturizing.

These are the easiest way to fix squeaky shoes without going to the shoemaker. However, if you exhaust all the above methods and your shoe still squeaks. Take it to a shoemaker. They know exactly how to fix a squeaky shoe permanently.