Amazing Ways To Clean Walls With Flat Paint

How To Identify A Flat Paint Wall

You can tell if a wall is flat painted by the sheen it carries. One easy way to identify a flat painted wall is how it reflects when light shines on it. In most cases, a wall that is not flat-painted will not absorb the reflection of the light. Flat paint is commonly used on walls to give it a matte finish, which is why it is also called “matte.” Stains are more visible on these types of painted walls. Flat-painted walls are more delicate to clean and require a more gentle approach. These tips will show you how to clean walls with flat paint.

Other Paints That Resemble Flat Paint

  • Semi-gloss
  • Eggshell
  • Gloss

Get Your Cleaning Items Together

Cleaning walls with flat paint is super easy. If you check around the house, you are sure to find the necessary cleaning items lying around somewhere. These are what you’ll need before you begin to clean walls with flat paint.

Cleaning Supplies

  • Soft sponge
  • White vinegar
  • Laundry detergent
  • Large old towel
  • Water
  • bucket

Basic Ways To Clean Walls With Flat Paint

How to clean walls
how to clean walls with flat paint


Step1. Dusting:

Before cleaning the wall, try to remove all debris, such as dust, cobwebs, etc. You simply want to get anything on the wall out of the way. You can dust the wall by sweeping with a broom. A feather duster can be used but just in case there is none lying around, a broom will do just fine.

Step 2. Just water:

Cleaning walls with flat paint most times only requires warm water and a gentle scrub. Before using any form of cleaning agent, like soap, on walls, try only using a sponge and warm water. If this did not give you the results you wanted, then it’s time for step three.

Step 3. Cleaning with Soap & Sponge:

This step is easy. Fill the bucket with water and soap. A sponge is needed for this step. Next, gently glide your hands in circular motions over the walls. Your main aim here is to remove the stains. If, for some reason, laundry detergent is out, don’t worry; grab the dish soap and follow the same procedure.

Extra Tips: Never scrub a wall with an abrasive scrubber, as this will remove the paint and even cause stripping! For an extra clean, experts recommend adding a few drops of white vinegar to the soapy water.

Step 4: Rinse The Wall

Even though these amazing tips may leave your wall looking spotless, rinsing the wall is also required. Yep, it’s not over until the wall is rinsed. You see, leaving soapy and sticky substances on walls with flat paint can take away their glossiness and attract even more debris, like dust and fumes from the air.

The only thing you need to do is fill a bucket with clean water and a soft rag. A large towel will speed up the rinsing process too. Simply dip the towel in the bucket of water. Wring the towel to remove the excess water and wipe the walls. To give it its finishing touch, dry the wall with a dry cloth and that is how to clean walls with flat paint.


So what about other painted walls?

I almost forgot to tell you this: These tips can be used to clean other types of walls. Isn’t that awesome?

The Take Away:

In conclusion, with the correct methods, cleaning flat-painted walls can be hassle-free. Walls can be easily kept beautiful by using cutting-edge tools, mild cleaning solutions, and preventative measures. These incredible cleaning techniques guarantee that your flat-painted walls stay brilliant and fresh, making your living area visually appealing and long-lasting.

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