Kids will love to play a part in home activities, but first, you’ll have to allow them to. For the lazy ones, there will be a list for them. Yep, kids can be lazy, who would want to spend precious time cleaning when I can be playing with my friends, surfing the net, or playing my video game.


Parents, in order to get our kids cleaning we’ll have to make cleaning exciting and fun. If we do this our kids will want to join in. It doesn’t have to be shouting and yelling to get things done. Here are cleaning tasks you can give to your kids to make them want to clean and enjoy doing it.






Doing the laundry is one place to start. The reason for this is the poor condition of our kid’s rooms. Have them do their own laundry once per week.


Teach them how to separate their clothes in batches before they’re tossed in the washer. Make a note for this to be done and tell them the reason for sorting and separating the colors.


One mistake we as parents make is to tell our kids not to do something without telling them the reasons why.


Kids are naturally curious and will want to find out on their own why they were told not to do something. While the laundry is being done have them do something fun so it doesn’t become boring.






I started this trick when my boys were eleven and seven years old. Being a working mom having dishes in the sink was not going to cut it for me. I kindly asked my kids to wash as they go.


This simply meant after eating wash your plate. This made my job easier when cleaning the kitchen because the plates were already washed. They are grown now and they still practice this habit. I haven’t washed my kid’s plates in 10 years, wow!




Make a list of duties and hang it on the refrigerator’s door. You can also leave a note on their beds of something you’ll have them do when they get home. I strongly believe that raising our kids’ right way means allowing them to do stuff in the home after school.



Let your kids regulate a time frame to help with something simple after getting homework out of the way. This can be anything from walking Bud, feeding the cat, setting out clothes for school in the morning, etc. This will have them feeling responsible and very soon will be doing it without being told to.





Every family member must have a plate and a cup of their own. This is a clever way to have everyone wash their plate.


No one would want to leave their plate hanging around because obviously, everyone will know who it belongs to. This way your kids will have their plates ready for another delicious meal all the time.





Kids have meals or pastries that they love. When your kid requests a meal. This is the ideal time to say yes, I’ll do that, but you’ll have to help me to clean up afterward.


When you’re through, call your children and let them know that the cupcakes are done and looking beautiful so now we can clean up the mess we made. Kids will fall right into this all the time.





Children love to compete with each other. One way to use this to your advantage is to have them clean their room weekly for a month. Then at the end of the month, the best-kept room wins a prize.


The trick is to have them developed a habit of cleaning. Once this habit is stuck, then you can slowly cut back on the prize because by now they’ll get so used to having a clean room they’ll want to keep it that way.




You may think our kids have no interest in how beautiful the home looks. That is so far from being right. Kids may not say it but they love to see those decorations.


Most times kids will invite friends over because they know their home is beautiful. Otherwise, they may not invite friends over because it’s not.


Have your kids pick out items for the home, like curtains, sheets, cushions, carpets, rugs. Have a day set aside when you all get together and decorate the home. While doing this let everyone dress for the part.


The boys may want to drill the nail holes so they will be on the ladder. While the girls are dressed in leggings and shorts ready to get in the crevices and corners.







As parents, it’s in our best interest to teach our kids about germs and what they can do to our health. Tell them about the effect of having too much dust in the home. Which as we know that leads to asthma reactions. Food particles on the floor and countertops will have the roaches and mice moving in very soon.


You can also let them beware that too much clutter can cause bed bugs. I would often tell my sons that a dirty home will make you short. This made them want to keep it clean because it will hamper their growth. Actually, I am a country girl so these were the things I was taught, healthy home healthy kids.






Having your kids’ help with keeping up the yard. This is not only good for helping around the home but with their health also. Get the kids outdoors and have them help with raking the leaves.


Washing the driveway or planting a flower or a tree. This is a great way to get your kids to clean the yard and exercise all at the same time. While they are doing this order something nice for lunch. Find a comfy place for everyone to sit under a tree or on the patio and have lunch while taking a break.






When all that activity is over everyone will be sweaty. Grab that hose and let the water war begins.  Your kids will love these tasks and will keep them close even when they are grown. You can add your own inventions to what mine are, but whatever it is make it interesting, exciting, and fun.