Clever Ways To Keep Cockroaches Away At Night


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Clever ways to keep cockroaches away at night
How to keep cockroaches away at night

The very thought of having cockroaches in your home makes you want to scream. Having these annoying insects in your home is a nuisance as well as they are embarrassing. When it comes to health having these pests around gets even worst. The Fecal waste and skin from cockroaches when inhaled can be detrimental to your health. A home that is infested with roaches can trigger an allergic reaction. A person with asthma may have a difficult time breathing in a cock roach-infested home. It’s time to get those roaches out of your home. This article explains all you need to know about clever ways to keep cockroaches away at night.


Why Do I Have Cockroaches

Cockroaches are drawn to damp and moist places, simply put, they are attached to anything that’s disgusting. If you have cockroaches living in your backyard it’s more than likely they’re going to come indoors searching for food. To get rid of cockroaches in the home first check your outdoors for breeding spots. After locating a breeding spot use a repellent to spray the little bugs eggs and all.


Is It Really A Cockroach

Before you start treating your home for cockroaches first you should know if these little fellas are actually roaches. Here are a few identifying features.

  1. A whitish color, they appear like this after molting then turns into a reddish-brownish color
  2. Oval shape
  3. A flat body
  4. Size range__3/4 of an inch to 3 inches lengthwise


My House Is Clean…

Having a clean house doesn’t stop a roach from visiting. They’ll come around searching for food. The good thing about it is that if there’s no food the cockroach won’t stay. The bedroom can be a feeding ground for roaches. To keep cockroaches away from your room follow the steps listed below daily.


  • Don’t leave uneaten food in your room
  • Take out all garbage daily
  • Declutter… The less clustered the room the better it is to avoid a roach infestation
  • Clean the room regularly
  • Keep the floors clean


How To Keep Cockroaches Away At Nights

To keep cockroaches away it can be done with the following tips. Cockroaches will not stand a chance with these methods.

  1. Sprinkle Pegs of garlic around your home at nights
  2. Keep floors and countertops free from food droplets
  3. Empty trash cans before going to bed
  4. Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink or dishwasher at night
  5. Sweep, mop, or vacuum your kitchen floor at night. Cockroaches hate clean places.


How to Naturally Keep Cockroaches Away at Nights

Toxic chemicals can also cause allergic reactions. The most natural way to keep cockroaches away is to do this. before going to bed at night lay pegs of garlic around your home. The smell of the garlic will deter them to another location. Pandan leaves and lemongrass are also used to keep roaches from crawling on you in bed. Essential oils are also natural insecticides too. Here are the best ones to use for roaches.

Essential Oils

  1. Lavender
  2. Citrus
  3. Eucalyptus
  4. Cypress Oregano
  5. Peppermint
  6. Rosemary

The smell of these essential oils is outstanding. Roaches go crazy when these are around. Simply dilute any of these oils with water and spray the area. Another way is to drop a few drops of those bad boys in a diffuser and say goodbye to the roaches.


How To Keep Roaches Away From Bed

To keep roaches away from your bed simply use any of these traps. These methods are sure to avoid cockroaches in your bed

  1. Food baits to lure them to the trap
  2. Boric acid sprinkled around the bedpost
  3. Sticky traps
  4. Mechanical trap- Ultraviolet lights


How To Know If You Have A Cockroach Infestation


Look For Egg Capsules

Cockroach’s eggs can be found in what Is called an egg capsule. Look for these and destroy them immediately. Cardboard boxes are one of the many places cockroaches love to hide and hatch their eggs. To avoid this remove all boxes from your home. It’s best to store items in a plastic storage container to keep roaches away. Another way to know if your home is infested with roaches is the smell.


Seeing Roaches In The Day

Roaches are nocturnal creatures. Roaming at night is what they do best. However, if you see a cockroach crawling around in broad daylight it means trouble. This is simply telling you that there is so much of them their nest is unable to hold them. This type of situation will have them frantically running around during the day.


Distinct Odor as it smells oily

These pesky bugs boast a distinct odor that is easily identifiable. If your room or home smells musky it could be a sign that the room is infested with cockroaches.


Cockroach Feces

The feces of a cockroach has its own unusual look. Most times this can be easily overlooked because of its close resemblance to ground coffee and black pepper. If you notice these droplets now would be the ideal time to set a trap to catch these rascals.

Cockroaches are smart they can adapt to an insecticide if used often. The trick is to use various types of insecticides this should keep them away. Below you’ll find a list of insecticides and traps for cockroaches.


Cockroaches Hiding Place In Your Home

  • Bathroom cabinets
  • Household appliances
  • Cardboard boxes
  • drains
  • Stored old newspaper
  • Wooden furniture
  • decor
  • Baseboard trim
  • Cracks in the ceiling

How To Keep Cockroaches Out Of Cabinets

The bathroom and kitchen cabinet are inviting places for these annoying pests. Cockroaches like to live in warm dark places and these household items are the perfect habitat for living and laying eggs. These little creatures are easily fed as these areas have drainage pipes that supply them with food.


Keep Cockroaches Out Of Bathroom and Kitchen Cabinets With These Tips

  • Clean the cabinets regularly
  • Fix all leaking drains
  • organize the contents of the cabinets
  • Toss out junk
  • Secure food items in sealed containers or bags


Paper Junk

We talked about storing up newspapers. Well, this can be a problem. Having cardboard boxes newspapers and even piles of magazines can be a great contributor to your cockroach infestation problems.

Oftentimes this junk is kept in places where there is little movement from humans. This type of surrounding makes roaches comfortable.


Seal Cracks In The Walls

A crack in the wall can be used as an entrance or a habitat for roaches. Make sure all openings are properly sealed.


Clean Behind Wall Decor

Behind your wall decor is the ideal hiding spot for these insects. It is dark and private. If you are serious about keeping cockroaches away at night then you may want to clean behind your wall decors.


Wooden Furniture

Do a thorough check behind and underneath your wooden furniture for egg capsules and feces. In order to spot these pull the item away and give it a good inspection. After removing the piece of furniture clean with a vacuum to make sure you did not overlook anything. These crawling creatures are not afraid of appliances such as your dishwasher and microwave why? because they have a foody odor. Clean these regularly to keep cockroaches out of your kitchen.


 Traps and Insecticides–Non-toxic

  1. Boric Acid___2 Packs Boric Acid Roach  And Killer
  2. Sticky trap___Roach Killer Indoor…Child And Pet Friendly 10 Packs
  3. Mechanical trap__MaxGuard Insect Trap
  4. Pandan leaves
  5. garlic
  6. Lemongrass 
  7. Baits
  8. Hot Shot Roach Killer
Treating cockroach infested cabinets
Professional treating Cockroaches


Treating your home for cockroaches using common baits and traps works most time. However, roaches are not easily eliminated. You may need a more professional approach if you believe there’s an infestation. Call the professionals if you need further help. We hope these were able to tell you how to keep cockroaches away at night.


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