DIY Hurricane Survival: How to Make a Makeshift Candle Stove ( Full Guide)

This looks like a tornado! Those were the words I uttered before I realized that the city of Houston was under attack from this powerful beast. Natural disasters are sometimes predictable, while others are hard to detect even with the most modern technology. Getting prepared is all we can do to get through the aftermath of the hurricane season, which begins in June through November of every year. So how do you prepare for this? Fire is crucial to survival, and in this post, I wish to share with you how I made a makeshift stove using candles, a pot, and aluminum foil. Here is how to make a makeshift candle stove with a step-by-step guide.

I love to have tea in the mornings and my son loves to have warm milk with his cereal. I do, too. But, sadly, there was no electricity after the tornado. I thought, wow! I just wasn’t thinking about not having a stove, as my stove is electric.

Then something popped into my head—ah! a makeshift stove—that’s right, candles were all I had so I decided to put them to use. I put my brain to work and made this DIY stove, and we were able to have a warm breakfast without any form of electricity, grill, or generator.


What is in the picture? Makeshift Candle Stove

This is my homemade stove when you are not prepared for a disaster. The mesh on top is a part of my over-the-sink dish drainer. The cup is called a camping mug and the pot is a small, very heavy pot that I thought I would have any use for.


What You’ll Need:

  • 6 Candles
  • foil paper
  • lighter to match
  • A Heavy steel pot
  • A piece of grill mesh or any other steel strips


How to Make a DIY Emergency Stove

Step 1: In the bottom of the pot, place a sheet of aluminum foil

Step 2: Based on the height of the pot, cut the candles to be 2 inches lower than the rim

Step 3: Light the candle and use the melted wax to stick it to the foil. Continue until all the candles are lit. (Be careful not to get burned.)

Step 4: Place a mesh or anything fireproof that can be used to rest the pot or mug on

Step 5: Cover the pot or mug with a small piece of aluminum foil to trap the heat. Doing this will make it heat up faster. Within 6 minutes, you should have warm water. To bring it to a boil, let it remain longer.

What I will do differently next time: 

Enamel Plates:

Thinner pots heat faster so I plan on purchasing enamel plates and mugs. This way, my heating time will be less. So, grab a few of these at the highlighted link. Especially if you are a coffee lover, this would be ideal for you. These plates will also keep food warm for a few hours after heating.

Have a Charcoal Grill Ready!

In the hurricane season, you want to make sure you have fire to cook the meats in the freezer before they go bad so having a charcoal grill on your emergency list is a good idea. Why a charcoal grill? Well,  most times there is no light so an electric grill won’t be of any use. With a charcoal grill, you can place it outdoors or on a patio and prepare a good meal amid everything.


The Take Away:

I never got frightened over natural disasters but this one showed me that not all disasters give you a warning. When this happens food is the first thing that should be on your mind. So, keep this article on hand when you need it. Make your own makeshift candle stove and stay safe until life is back to normal.