The name Grandmas fits perfectly for the kitchen. Oh, how  Grandma would bake the best apple pies in town. OK, enough of Grandma’s pies reflections. This article is about grandmas kitchen cleaning, not her pies.





Why are kitchens always a mess and why is it so hard to keep it in good order. The answer is simple that’s where life begins and life is messy. Just like life, our kitchen gets messy and needs to be cleaned carefully and thoroughly.



Getting your kitchen clean takes more than just a few swift wipes and that’s it. Fumes from oils and other food particles can get into places you wouldn’t imagine.



The most important aspect of it all is proper hygiene. The cleaner your kitchen the cleaner your food. Make sense right? This may sound hard and a bit boring to do but it’s a lot of fun. so why not just started.



Here you will be cleaning your kitchen as if you have been doing it every day. From beginning to end your kitchen will look amazing.



The first thing to is to get all the dirty dishes into the dishwasher or if you prefer to wash with your hands that’s ok too. The important thing is to get the dishes out of the way.





Take out the trash. You want to get rid of all garbage. Excess garbage in the kitchen can carry a terrible odor. To avoid this remove the trash bag and place the bin in the open air.



Another thing to do is to mist it with rubbing alcohol. Let it sit there until you’re done. In the meantime keep a free trash bag to put your cleaning trash in.





Turn the toaster over to get the crumbs out. Then pull out the bottom layer, use the dish soap to wash this area. To clean the body of the toaster.



Simply wipe with a cloth slightly soaped. Use another clean damp cloth to wipe a second time. Avoid placing the entire toaster in the water. This will cause an electrical shortage and mal-functions.





Now to your overused coffee maker. This must be stained pretty badly. Coffee is known for its flavor and its stains so cleaning your coffee maker can be a little tricky.



If your water reserve is stained which most likely it is. Simply pour 1 tablespoon vinegar and 1/2 cup water into the water reserve. Allow the solution to come to a full boil.



When this is done, pour out that mixture and pour in a cup of fresh water. Allow this to come to a full boil again. The vinegar and the water would have cleaned the areas you can’t reach, helping you by loosening the residues and removing the stains.



The second process is to remove the residues and the smell of the vinegar. Making your coffee maker ready for another brew.




 There are long ways and shortcuts to clean a blender. Now we’ll be looking at a simple but thorough way to do just that. Remove the bottom area of the blender.



This area is the part that can be screwed off. This section too carries and hides a lot of unimaginable food particles. Simply wash with warm water and dish soap along with the container then rinse with cool water.



Use a damp cloth to wipe the electrical part of the blender as not to get it wet. As mentioned before this can cause a serious electrical shortage and even totaling your blender.






If the microwave is smelly and has food plastered everywhere. There’s just one simple thing to this. Place a bowl of water with half of a lemon in the microwave. Turn on the microwave oven for 2 minutes.



The hot water will loosen the plastered food and also remove the grease. Just in case you’re wondering what the lemon is for?



The lemon will operate as an odor eliminator and now that the residues are loosened you can clean easily with a sponge or cloth.




I am sure you’ve heard many tips on how to clean a cabinet. However, Grandma did not have time to go through all that tutorial. She simply cleaned it with warm water and dish soap.



Simply dab a little dish soap on the sponge. Use this to lather the cabinet doors and handles. If the area is gunky, allow the soap to sit for 10 minutes then wipe with a clean damp cloth.



Don’t forget the inside of the cabinet. Simply dust here and wipe with the same damp cloth. That’s how it’s done when Grandma did it. THE SECRET TO GRANDMA’S GLOWING CABINETS





Remove the grates and the burners. Sprinkle baking soda on the entire top, then dab a little dish soap on a wet scotch Brite and scrub. Let this remain for 5 to 10 minutes then wipe with a cloth or a sponge.






To clean your electric stove. Wipe with a damp sponge and dish soap. Then use another damp clean cloth to wipe. Avoid scrubbing the surface and excess water.






It is easy for me to say you can get your oven sparkling clean while cleaning your kitchen. Here you’ll find,  HOW TO CLEAN A MESSY OVEN



While cleaning the kitchen treat the oven with a mixture of vinegar and baking soda paste. Allow sitting for 10 minutes then scrub with a scotch Brite. Wipe with a clean damp cloth until it is fully clean.





Start by removing the items in the fridge. Remove the shelves and drawers. Clean the inside of the fridge with a mixture of dish soap, vinegar, and water.



If your fridge has a no defrost freezer. Place a small pot with hot water in it to release the ice while you clean the bottom area of the fridge. When you are through go back to the freezer and clean with a sponge using the same mixture.





This is the tricky part. If your kitchen floor is tiled then more than likely it has grout. This is caused by dirt and oil build-up and is a little more tedious to remove.



To remove the grout Oxi-clean is ideal. Simply cover the area. Allow a few minutes then scrub with a stiff brush. Another way to do it is to make a mixture of vinegar, baking soda, and Dawn dish soap.



Use a toothbrush to scrub grout out of the crevices. Wipe away the residue with a cloth then finish off with a damp mop. Repeat the mopping twice to make sure the floor is shining when you’re through.






This is quite simple. fill a bucket with warm water then add-drop of dish soap depending on the amount of water. Avoid using too much dish soap this is to prevent removing the wax.



Use a mop or a small towel to clean this type of floor. The dish soap is perfect for removing grease and stuck-on food. Continue wiping the floor until it’s clean to your satisfaction.



Allow the floor to dry. Then use a touch of fabulous to deodorize the countertops. Do not use a deodorizer in the fridge except for a box of baking soda. Any other will cause food contamination.



Replace the bin with a fresh trash bag and place it back in its area. Place all items back in their place of origin. Step back and take a look and pat yourself on the back.



That’s all for Grandma’s kitchen cleaning tips. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and take a break. Thanks for stopping by