How Long Does It Take For Spray Paint To Dry ?

How long does it take for spray paint to dry? Well, it depends on the material you’re painting and the temperature. Yes, there are a lot of factors that could affect how fast spray paint drys. In this article, you’ll know all the variables that come with using spray paint effectively so you don’t have a smudge messy job when you’re through.


The Right Temperature

Spray paint
How fast does spray paint dry?

There is no right answer as there are other things that you should take into consideration. For instance, the temperature, humidity, type of material, and brand of spray paint. Keep in mind that even the high-quality spray paint still relies on the temperature and the material to dry effectively. The day will have a great impact on the drying time.


The Warmer the Better:

Spray paints dry better and faster when it is applied in warmer temperatures. That’s why the area you’re in can impact the results greatly. A  windy or freezing temperature is not recommended for a spray paint job as this will stop the paint from drying by actually freezing it. A temperature of 65-85 degrees Fahrenheit whether indoor or outdoor works best when using spray paint.



When spray painting consider the levels of humidity in the space you’re using. The higher the humidity the longer the drying time whether it’s on wood, plastic, or metal. To have the spray paint drying really fast choose an area where the humidity is low.


Coats & Curring the Spray Paint

A cured paint is a paint job that is allowed to dry completely. Allowing the paint to cure works best all the time. Most time additional coats are added which makes it a bit more difficult to dry. The secret is time and patience. You can always read the instruction label on the container. This will tell you how to use that specific brand of paint and how long it takes to dry.


How Long Does it Take for Spray Paint to Dry?

How to make spray paint dry fast
How long does it take spray paint to dry

How long does it take spray paint to dry? Hmm, again it all depends on the material. Surfaces with cracks and holes may take a while longer while the smoother surface drys faster. For example…

Spray Paint on Wood:

The drying time for spray paint on wood especially furniture varies on the temperature and number of coats. If there are cracks and holes in the wood the paint may settle in the crack making it take a longer time to dry. On the other hand, drying time on wood should take roughly 1hr. However, to have the paint completely dry (100%) allow it to sit for an entire day (24 hrs) The best advice is to close the cracks before painting to allow a faster drying time.

Spray Paint on Metal:

How fast does spray paint dry on metal? A few minutes, this is because the surface is smooth so within 10-15 minutes the paint should be dry to the touch. To have the paint fully cured let it remain for 24 hours. That is how long to let the spray paint dry for the best results.

Spray Paint on Plastic:

Spray paint on plastic drys quickly. This allows you to touch it without smudging. It should take around 20-30 minutes to dry. However, this doesn’t mean it is fully dry. Spray paint requires hours to dry this way you can be sure the painted item is safe to use.


Fastest Drying Spray Paints:

  1. Epoxy and polyurethane make it at the top when it comes to drying fast. The shortest time is 5 minutes while if you wish to give it more time then 1 hour will be the max. How long for spray paint to dry goes back to the type of spray paint. The two mentioned spray paints are two of the fastest drying spray paint on the market.

2. Compared to other spray paints lacquer spray paint would also be considered one of the fastest drying spray paints. Its time span goes up to 3 hours but is dry to the touch after a few minutes.


What Spray Paints Are the Hardest to Dry?

Latex and Enamel, unlike other spray paints enamel and latex spray paint can take up to 7- 8 hours to dry and even longer. When using these spray paint a lot of time is required.


How to Make Spray Paint Dry Faster

It is clear that a lot of things can cause affect the time spray paint takes to dry. However, there are other steps you can take to speed up the drying process.

Humidity…Reduce the humidity in the space. As mentioned before the lower the humidity the faster spray paint will dry. To do this use a dehumidifier or simply close the windows. Found this on Amazon…Automatic Air Humidifier

Apply thin coats at a time…Applying several coats at the same time can cause the paint to get thicker hence causing it to take longer to dry. To avoid this issue wait a few minutes after applying the first coat before applying the second.

Use a Fan…A fan is one of the ways to dry spray paint fast. It simply increases evaporation and circulation of the air. Simply point it directly to the painted object and turn it on.

Place the item in the sun…The warmth of the sun will speed up the drying time. Place the item outdoor in the open sunlight.

Blow dryer…A quick way to dry spray paint is to use a blow dryer. Pass that blow dryer over the painted item and wah-la! it’s dry.

Heat…If painting indoors simply push the heat up on the thermostat.


How to Get Spray Paint Out of Hair

If by chance spray paint gets on your hair and you’re wondering does paint come out of hair? Yes, it does. So, how do you get paint out of your hair? The answer is simple. Simply following the tips below will get the spray paint out of your hair safely.


  1. Mist the hair with WD-40
  2. Rub it in until the paint is loosened
  3. Wash and rinse with warm water using a regular shampoo


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