How To Clean a Weighted Blanket ( Tip #3 Is Awesome)

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If you’re the owner of a weighted blanket that is used often then this article is for you. Just like ordinary blankets weighted blanket has to be cleaned too. They absorb sweat, odors, dirt, and are more often exposed to liquid and food spills. Just like cleaning everything else you own knowing how to clean a weighted blanket is just as important.


Over the years weighted blanket has become famous for their health benefits. It is said that a weighted blanket helps with anxiety, restlessness, and insomnia which is true. That I have personally proven. We could go on and on about the benefits and comfort of a weighted blanket. Actually, we are here to find out how to clean and care for your weighted blanket. Let’s get straight into it


What You’ll Find Here:

*How to clean a weighted blanket

*How to spot clean a weighted blanket

*How to wash a weighted blanket with glass beads

*How often a weighted blanket should be cleaned

*Care guide for cleaning a weighted blanket


The Best Way To Wash And Care For A Weighted Blanket

cleaning a weighted blanket

How to Clean a Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket may not always fit in an ordinary washer due to its size and weight. The care tags should tell you the best way in which to wash and care for your weighted blanket. Do a quick research on how to clean a weighted blanket before proceeding with cleaning.


Tip.1 Think About These Before Cleaning a Weighted Blanket:

The first thing to consider is the method of cleaning that is required. You may want to check your blanket to see if it’s just a spot cleaner or stain remover that is needed. The color of the blanket is important when using a stain remover. Most importantly you need to know if your blanket is machine washable.


Tip.2 Weighted Blankets with Duvet Covers:

If the blanket has a duvet cover this makes it easier for you. Why? The duvet cover absorbs the sweat and the stains. The good thing about it is that it can be removed and washed. However, check the manufacturer’s instructions before washing.


Tip.3 How to Wash a Weighted Blanket (in a Bathtub)

To deep clean a weighted blanket simply place it in the bathtub then fill it with warm or cool water. Using hot water may cause shrinkage. The next step is to add a mild detergent that is bleach-free. Let the blanket soak for 2 hours. Follow after by letting the soapy water out.  Fill the tub once more with fresh water.

Turn the blanket over a few times then release the water out of the tub. Allow the blanket to drain while still in the tub. Lastly, hang it where it can be air-dried. If it’s too wet to air dry place it in the dryer ON MEDIUM HEAT for one hour. When the hour is up remove it and hang it outdoor or on a flat clean surface to complete the drying process.

The excess water should be gone by then. While the blanket is drying shake it so that the padding can be scattered evenly. Make sure the blanket is fully dried before using. Using an undried blanked leaves you with a smelly blanket. This article may be helpful, How to Wash a Comforter that’s Too Big for a Washer.

Weighted blankets can be a hassle to wash because of their weight. The easiest way to clean a weighted blanket is by taking it to the cleaners.

How to clean a weighted blanket
How to wash a weighted blanket

How To Spot Clean A Weighted Blanket

When spot cleaning a weighted blanket take into consideration the color. Using a bleaching agent on dark fabric can fade the color and leave white spots. In general use a gentle detergent to be on the safe side.


Simply combine the detergent with water and use a rag to buff the marks, spots, or stains. To prevent stains from becoming permanent remove them while there’re still fresh.


How To Wash A Weighted Blanket With Glass Beads

Glass beads are micro sand-like beads that have a close resemblance to crystals. Weighted blankets that are padded with glass beads can be washed in cold or warm water in a laundry detergent. Even though glass beads will not melt. Hot water is not highly recommended for washing a glass bead-weighted blanket.


How Often Should Weighted Blankets Be Cleaned

How often you wash your weighted blanket depends on how often it is used. A weighted blanket that is regularly used especially with pets around should be washed every 2 months. With careful use, every 4 months should be just fine. The best way to know how dirty your weighted blanket is is to smell it. If it stinks of sweat and other body fluids then it’s time for it to be washed.

Most weighted blankets are padded with fillings such as organic materials, glass beads, or plastic pellets. These fillings can be destroyed if a weighted blanket is washed too often. To keep your blanket feeling at its best use a removable cover instead to protect the filling.

How long will your weighted blanket last? well, it all depends on the care it receives. Factually, a weighted blanket will lose its durability within 4-5 years. This means it’s time for a new blanket.


Care Guide For Cleaning A Weighted Blankets

Spot cleaning…

When spot cleaning a weighted blanket simply dab the stain with a mild detergent and water (warm or cool). Use a sponge or your finger to rub into the stain. Rinse well and allow to dry.

Machine Wash…

When cleaning a weighted blanket use a gentle laundry detergent to wash. Secondly, place the blanket in the dryer on medium heat. While drying flip it every now and again to allow the heat to penetrate thoroughly. Fabric softeners are not recommended for use on weighted blankets.


Washing and Drying the Duvet…

Weighted blankets with a duvet are easier to wash. Simply remove the cover and wash based on the manufacturer’s instructions. If it says safe for a washer proceed with the process. Duvets can be washed with cold or warm water. Dry on low heat or hang to dry.

Washing and Drying the Blanket…

Check the care tag before washing your blanket. For a normal wash simply place the blanket into the washer. Follow after with a mild laundry detergent. For drying run the dryer on low or medium heat. When air drying your weighted blanket spread it out on a flat surface. Keep in mind to shake periodically to distribute the filling.

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