Knowing how to clean acrylic nail brushes more than likely will make your nail brushes last longer. There are cleaning methods that will completely remove the acrylic. Leaving your acrylic nail brushes soft and ready to be used again.


What Is The Best Way To Clean Acrylic Nail Brushes

The art of taking care of your nail brushes is quite simple. when acrylic hardens these brushes will become hardened and difficult to clean. When this happens the best way to clean acrylic nail brushes is with the monomer you used when applying the nail extensions.


How do you care for your acrylic nail brushes? Regularly wiping with this monomer after every use should be good enough to keep your brushes soft. You can also use an acrylic nail liquid.


These are highly recommended over a brush cleaner. These are more gentle and will not dehydrate the bristles. Cleaning regularly with any of these is the best way to keep the dirty brushes ready for usage.


Just in case none of the above methods work, You can try a more penetrating deep clean. You will need to soak the brushes if you have no intention of throwing them out.


Step.1 Pour the monomer into a glass container.

Step. 2 Place the brushes into the container. Allow the brushes to soak overnight. This depends on how hard the acrylic is.

Step.3 In the morning rinse the brushes with warm water and liquid soap to completely remove the paint. Allow drying before using.


How To Clean Nail Brushes Without Monomer

If you’re out of monomer a regular acetone nail polish remover will substitute. This is not highly recommended however, sometimes you need something stronger to clean the harden acrylic brushes. Simply soak a cotton roll with the nail polish remover. Then, gently wipe the brush to loosen the acrylic. If that didn’t work try soaking with close observation. As soon as the bristles or soft remove and wash properly.


How To Clean Gel Nail Brushes

Gel nail brushes don’t need a rigid clean. Most times they just need a quick wipe with a damp absorbent cloth. However, if you think they need a more thorough clean try using a little Isopropyl rubbing alcohol. This is not the best choice as it can dry out the brush bristles, but a quick wash will do no harm.

Pro Tip… Avoid using acetone to clean gel nail brushes. Acetone will remove the soft texture of the brush and could also melt the brush.



Step.1 Simply pour the rubbing alcohol into a small container then dip the brushes into the solvent

Step. 2 Dilute with 10% water

Step. 3 Remove the brush as they do not need to be soaked

Step. 4 Rinse thoroughly with warm water and your brushes are ready


If the alcohol you have is 100% try diluting it to 90% the other 10% should be water. This will weaken the strength and will inflict less harm to the brushes. Keep in mind that using full-strength alcohol can melt or totally dry out your nail brushes. If your only option is this method then use it with great caution. Just don’t overdo it and your brushes will be looking like new.


We hope these tips on how to clean acrylic nail brushes were helpful. Have fun cleaning and see you soon!