The Guide to Clean Concrete Floor in the Basement (Oil Stain)

Cleaning stains concrete floor
Cleaning concrete floor

Are you struggling with stubborn concrete stains? No worries! We’ve got you covered with these step-by-step instructions on how to effectively remove various stains from your concrete floors. Follow these simple steps to achieve a spotless result!


TYPES OF EQUIPMENT YOU’LL NEED…How to get rid of concrete dust in the basement…

1.  Cement Floor vacuum cleaner: This is the best way to clean up concrete dust quickly making it easier for you to manage the spread while cleaning. Giving your basement more air space will give the dust more access to escape. That’s the best way to get rid of concrete dust in the basement.

2. Scrub brush: You can use this brush to scrub away oil stains and dirt on the floor

3. Pressure washer: A  pressure washer is ideal for washing basement floors, but first, remove all items off the floor to prevent damage. In most cases, the pressure washer will remove stubborn stains without you having to manually scrub the floor. Before using the pressure washer have a drying plan or a way to remove excess water that works best for you.

4. Small bucket… A small bucket is required if you need to mix a solution, spot-treat a stain, or use a mop

5. Push broom… This will be needed after pressure washing

6. A mop


Cleaning Concrete Basement Floor

1. First, sweep the floor or vacuum the floor. The floor should be clear of all debris including furniture, and storage containers. Run the pressure washer on high-pressure hot water. The hot water and the pressure will deep clean the pores of the concrete removing heavy dirt.

2 . Use the push broom to push the water out. If your basement cannot handle a pressure wash, Use the bucket and the mop to wash the floor. Repeat this process twice if necessary or until it’s completely clean. When you’re done washing the floor, dry it with a large old towel or a dry mop. These are sure to absorb any settled water.

Special Tip…

Washing the floor before treating the stains will allow you to spot the location of the stains way easier than if they were covered in dust and dirt.

 Removing The Stains…

The best way to remove stains on a concrete floor is to use dish soap and water. There are other cleaners such as lye, which may not be a wise choice as lye soap will disintegrate the concrete as it is highly acidic.  Below are other safe recommended concrete stain cleaner that won’t damage the floor.


Step 1. Sprinkle the water directly onto the stain

Step 2. Pour the dish soap onto the stain

Step 3. Use the scrubbing brush to scrub the area for 3 – 5 minutes

Step 4. Use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe the spot each time you scrub. If the stain refuses to budge using any of the below-listed concrete cleaners will help.


Cleaning Concrete Floor With Vinegar

 Concrete Floor Stain Remover Solution with Vinegar:


Vinegar is a natural cleaner. It is perfect for cleaning floors especially concrete basement floors with stains

If the floors have rust, grease, mildew, or mold vinegar will be able to remove these stains either with a spot treatment or by simply washing. I highly recommend using a cleaning vinegar (industrial vinegar) This is a more aggressive vinegar and works wonders when used to clean concrete floors.


Simply add 1/4 cup vinegar to every gallon of water. Use the mop with the solution to mop the floor vigorously. If there’re no visible stains. Grab a dry towel or mop and tap dry the floor. If there are stains smiling back at you try this method.



Step 1. Combine the ingredients to form a paste-like solution

Step 2. Apply directly to the stain.

Step 3. Allow the vinegar solution to penetrate the stain for 10-20 minutes.

Step 4. Scrub with a scrubbing brush

Rinse away the residue with warm water. If the stains are stubborn, apply full-strength vinegar only onto the stain wait for  5-10 minutes then wipe with a wet cloth.


Cleaning the More Concentrated Stains…

To tackle those tough stains, start by filling a bucket with warm water and adding an appropriate amount of dish soap. This DIY cleaning solution works wonders! Grab a scrubber and get down on your knees to apply some elbow grease while scrubbing the stains. This method ensures a thorough cleaning process that leaves your concrete floors looking pristine.

After you’ve finished scrubbing, wipe the floor with a wet mop to remove any residue. Allow the floor to air dry completely, and voila! You’ll be amazed at the transformation.


Other Recommended Cleaners For Removing Concrete Stains Are...

In addition to the dish soap method, you can also consider using specialized concrete cleaners for specific types of stains. Here are three highly recommended cleaners known for their effectiveness:

  1. Zep Heavy-Duty Powered Concrete Cleaner: This powerful cleaner is specially formulated to combat tough concrete stains, including oil and grease.
  2. Oil Eater Cleaner Degreaser: Designed to remove stubborn oil stains, this cleaner degreaser works like magic on concrete floors.
  3. Shriner’s All-Purpose Floor Cleaner: An excellent all-purpose cleaner that effectively tackles a wide range of stains on concrete floors.

1. Zep Heavy-Duty Powered Concrete Cleaner

2. Oil Eater Cleaner Degreaser

3. Shriner’s All-Purpose Floor Cleaner


Using Bleach On Concrete Basement Floors

Can you bleach concrete? The answer is YES. If the floors in the basement have mold and mildew which may be present as the concrete is a porous material that retains moisture. This moisture turns into mold and mildew gradually over time. Using the correct amount of household bleach will be able to remove those. EXTRA TIP… Keep concrete floors dry at all times to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.


Step 1. Add one cup of household bleach to every gallon of (warm water)

Step 2. Apply on the mildew/mold

Step 3. Scrub with a soft scrubbing brush to scrub the area until the color starts to fade.

Rinse and dry thoroughly using a dry cloth. DO NOT USE… If the floor is stamped or polished the bleach will remove the polish and damage the stamp. That will be a total disaster.


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Cleaning Oil Stains On Concrete Floors

Because the basement is used most times to store our junk accidents such as spills will occur. One of the most feared spills is oil spills on concrete floors. This may sound like a ruin, but oil stains can be cleaned with a few easy steps. Here is how to clean oil stains on concrete floors.


  1. Absorb the excess oil with a rag or a sprinkle of baby powder. Allow the powder to sit for 5 minutes before wiping with a wet cloth or damp paper towel.
  2. Make a paste with baking soda and powdered laundry detergent
  3. Apply the paste onto the oil stain
  4. Scrub with a soft scrubbing brush until the stain disintegrate
  5. Rinse with warm water and a microfiber cloth

This is how to clean your concrete floor in the basement. See, it was easier than I thought. I am sure the next time you clean your basement floor you’ll handle it like a pro.