How To Clean Cracks In Hardwood Floors (DIY Tips)


How to clean cracks in hardwood floors
Ingredients for cleaning cracks in hardwood floors

What causes gaps in hardwood floors? Gaps in hardwood floors are also called “cracks” if your hardwood floors have cracks it simply means there is low humidity. When this occurs the floorboard becomes dry and weak making the floor prone to splits. Another cute word for this is “check” These cracks trap dust and can even harbor insects like cockroaches. So, how do you clean hardwood floors with cracks? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll learn everything there is to know about how to clean cracks in hardwood floors.


What You’ll Need:

  • White vinegar
  • Warm water
  • dish soap
  • OxiClean
  • Toothbrush
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Marseille soap
  • Bucket


How To Clean Cracks In Hardwood Floors

Before you start cleaning wooden floors there are a few things you should know. The most important thing is to avoid excess water. Too much water can cause the hardwood floor to swell. Using the wrong cleaners to clean hardwood floors can make, matters worst by settling in the cracks and causing black streaks to form. However, with the right cleaning methods and cleaners, you can get the job done without an issue.


Method 1

Combine OxiClean with warm water until it dissolves then use a soft toothbrush to clean the cracks. Give it its finishing touches by wiping with a damp mop then allow it to dry. When the floor is dry closing the cracks with a wood sealer is the best choice to prevent it from getting dirty again.


Method 2

Use a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner to clean between the cracks on the hardwood floor. Secondly, make a mixture of 1 cup of white vinegar to a gallon of warm water in a bucket. The warm water will operate as a softener for the dirt while the vinegar which is highly acidic will break down stubborn residues.


Step 1… Moping

Submerge the mop into the bucket then squeeze the mop to remove the excess water. As mentioned before excess water can cause the wood to swell. After doing this, proceed to wipe the floor concentrating on small areas at a time.

Step 2… How To Get Dirt Out Of in Cracks In Hardwood Floor

Now you’ll need to clean the cracks. Cleaning between floorboards can be easy, all you need to do is to grab hold of an old toothbrush dab in a bit of dish soap, and brush the open gaps to remove residue build-up, dust, and dirt. When you’re through cleaning between the floorboard wipe it a second time with the wet mop to remove the loose residue.


Extra Tips For Cleaning Cracks In Hardwood Floors

  1. Melt Marseille soap in hot water to remove oily stains
  2. Use salt to absorb the moisture in the crack then use a toothbrush or broom to remove it
  3. Seal the cracks with a wax pencil
  4. When trying to remove dirt from cracks in hardwood floors it’s best to use a vacuum with an attachment. A broom is another option but this can also push the dust into other impossible places.


The Best Way To Keep Cracks Clean In Hardwood Floors

After cleaning the cracks use a rug to cover the cracks, especially where there is a lot of foot trafficking. This will prevent dust from getting into the cracks. Another way to prevent dirt from settling between the cracks and floor planks is to seal them. These two tips should keep the cracks clean until they are fully repaired. Recommended Wood Repair Kit.


Learning how to clean cracks in hardwood floors is pretty straightforward as you can see. These are the best way to get the dirt out of cracks in a hardwood floor. However, the better solution is to get the cracks repaired. If you are thinking that you’ll have to do a complete change of floors, nope that won’t be necessary. There are DIY products that can be used to seal the gaps in your hardwood floor otherwise give the professional a call.

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