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I frequently get this question asked, how to clean floor grout without scrubbing? This is a smart question as it may not be a wise idea to scrub the grout. This can soften the grout causing the tiles to become loose, ever think of that? Here in this article, we’ll take a look at how to clean floor grout without scrubbing to avoid breaking our backs and damaging the grout.


Why Does Floor Grout Get Dirty?

There are many reasons why floor grout gets dirty easily. One of the main reasons is the lack of regular cleaning and care. There are also others to look at. Whatever the cause of the discolored grout, It all scrambles down to how to clean floor grout. Which follows shortly, but first check out these reasons why your grout is dirty.

1. Here Are The Reasons…

Grout is made up of cement, water, and sand. The last time I checked these are absorbing elements, and on the flip side hold things together. This very grout is laid between two tiles to hold them in place. This also attracts dust grease and dirt and eventually becomes a part of the grout. That’s where the dirty look comes from. Trying to clean a dirty grout most times requires vigorous scrubbing and as mentioned before can actually remove the grout. This article will find a way around that, but first, try doing this.

2. Understanding The Grout

Because grout is part of the floor it is prone to dirt and residues of all kinds. The way the floor is cleaned helps with the cleanliness of the grout. Well, most times the person trying to clean the dirty grout has no control of how it got that way.

3. KEEP IN MIND…Grout can become discolored during the mixing process. This happens when too much water is added to the grout powder or not allowing the grout to cure long enough.

This is why understanding the color of the grout helps with how you clean it. With this type of discoloration cleaning to change the color is hopeless. However, the good news is, if you know the color of grout and know that it is stained, get your tools, and get ready to clean that floor grout.




How to clean floor grout
Cleaning grout


 Cleaning The Wrong Way

Is there a right way to clean grout, well, not exactly right, but the method in which it is cleaned and the chemicals used to clean the grout is important? Here are a few examples…

1. Allowing oily and dirty water to settle on the grout. When the floor is mopped ensure that there is no excess water left on the tile as this will settle on the grout. The grout then absorbs the filthy water which causes discoloration.

2. Not cleaning the floor as often as it should. A tile floor should be mopped at least once per week or as necessary. When caring for floors that have grout spills and dust should be mopped, vacuumed, or swept immediately. Allowing these to settle in the grout will result in stains. Here are the cleaners you’ll need…


The Best Household Products For Grout And Tile Cleaning

  • Distilled vinegar
  • Baking Soda
  • Oxiclean
  • Hydrogen peroxide Dish soap
  • Clorox bleach foamer


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The Easiest Way To Clean Floor Grout Without Scrubbing

The best way to clean floor grout without scrubbing is to use the correct scrubber which would be a mop. There is a trick into which mop is the perfect one for cleaning tile floor grout. Here is why using the proper mop leaves you with cleaner grout. The other good thing is you won’t need to scrub.

 Using the wrong mop. Using a pad which is the most modern household way of mopping can leave behind settled water and dirt on the grout. Go vintage and get hold of an old-fashioned mop. This type of mop is more aggressive and its long strand will get between the tiles absorbing the water and cleaning the dirt. This leads directly to cleaning floor grout without scrubbing.


Best Mops For Cleaning Tile Floors :


How To Clean Floor Grout Without Scrubbing__5 Easy Steps

How to clean floor grout without scrubbing
The best way to clean floor grout

With all that is said. let’s get straight into cleaning floor grout. Here are five easy peasy tips for cleaning floor grout. The below-listed cleaning methods are to clean marble and ceramic tile grout.

Tip 1. Vinegar And Baking Soda

  • Combine a mixture of part baking soda and part industrial vinegar
  • Mix in until it thickens into a paste
  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to apply to the paste on the grout
  • Allow sitting for 1/2 hour
  • Use a wet mop to wipe the treated area focusing on the grout
  • Rinse the mop and squeeze almost dry
  • Wipe the floor a second time

Tip 2. Hydrogen Peroxide And Baking Soda

  • Sweep the floor to remove debris
  • Make a solution of part baking soda and part hydrogen peroxide in a container
  • Mix until it becomes a paste
  • Use a spatula or toothbrush to apply the paste to the grout
  • Let it sit there for 15 minutes
  • Sprinkle a splash of warm water on the treated area
  • Use a soft bristle broom to sweep in between the tiles back and forth
  • Wipe with a large damp towel

Tip.3 Soap, Water, Bucket, And A Broom

  • Fill a bucket with warm water
  • Pour in a bit of Dawn dish soap. Measure the amount of soap based on the amount of water. Dawn dish soap can become overly foamy. The dish soap can be replaced with OxiClean
  • Submerge the mop and wash the floor for a few minutes
  • Dry well with a clean damp mop ensuring the grout is completely dried

Tip.4 Overnight Floor Grout Treatment

  • Make a paste solution using
  • 1 cup baking soda 1/2 cup powdered laundry detergent and 1cup hydrogen peroxide
  • Apply the paste on the grout
  • Leave it and go to bed
  • In the morning wipe twice with a damp cloth or mop

Tip.5 Steam It Up

  • Get hold of a steamer
  • Attach the necessary nozzle
  • Apply moisture and heat
  • Do this for 5- 10 minutes depends on the size of the area
  • Take your time while doing this
  • When you’re through wipe with a damp mop twice


How To Clean Kitchen Floor Grout Without Scrubbing

How To Clean Grout…

Step.1 Remove the loose dirt with a wet mop or towel.

Step.2 Combine 1/2 cup baking soda 1 Oxiclean 1 cup hydrogen peroxide

Step. 4 mix together until it thickens

Step. 5 Apply to the grout with an old toothbrush

Step.6 Allow sitting for 15-30 minutes

Step. 7 Cover the bristle of a broom with a microfiber rag and wipe the grout. Do this for a few minutes

Step. 8 wipe twice with a wet towel focusing on the grout

Want to choose another cleaner? Krud Kutter KK32 Original Concentrated Cleaner/Degreaser. This amazing commercial cleaner will dig through the most stubborn oil stains to get to the grout.


How To Clean White Grout

How to clean white floor grout
How to clean grout with Clorox bleach foamer

To clean white floor grout an aggressive cleaner is required… Clorox bleach foamer. This household is highly acidic and works fast in removing stains and discolorations. Here is how easy it is.


Step.1 Wear a face mask

Step.2 Sweep the floor to remove dust and other particles

Step.3 Spray the grout with Clorox bleach foamer following the lines

Step.4 Allow sitting For 10-15 minutes

Step.5 Open the doors and windows and leave the room to avoid the strong fumes

Step.6 Wipe with a wet mop twice and dry well with a dry towel



Coming to the end we looked at how to clean floor grout without scrubbing. Due to the manufacturing components of the grout, a little scrubbing is always required. The best way to clean the grout is always up to the cleaner. The cleaner can either choose to get down on two knees and scrub or use an abrasive mopping method. Whichever way works for you it’s time to start cleaning that grout.



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