The Easiest Way to Clean Greasy Grates and Burners

How To Clean Burners And Grates To Remove Grease And Food Spills



Many stoves that have grates and burners, though a bit outdated, still exist in most homes. Over time, they can become scorched by flames and cloaked with baked-on food. If your burners and grates fit this description, then there is good news for you. Here is how to clean greasy grates and burners to make them brand new again.





First, make a scrub using 1 cup BORAX, 1/4 cup INDUSTRIAL VINEGAR, and 2 tbsp DAWN DISH SOAP. Combine all the ingredients in a container. Use your finger to bring it to a scrub-like texture.






Cover the grates with the scrub. Allow it to sit for 15 minutes. Using  MR CLEAN MAGIC ERASER, scrub the grates vigorously.

Place the grates in a sink filled with warm water. To that, add a few drops of industrial vinegar. Allow it to soak for another 10 minutes.

At this point, use a scotch bristle to scrub the grates or a stiff bamboo scrub brush to get into the corners. Rinse and allow it to drip dry.





Remove the burner from the stove. Cover them with your homemade scrubbing solution. Simply place them in a small pan or you can use the sink.


Pour 1/2 cup of industrial vinegar over the burners. Allow soaking for 5–10 minutes. Put some muscle into it and scrub it until it starts showing a clean, silvery surface. Rinse with warm water and dry with a clean rag.



Before replacing the grates and burners, clean the stovetop using the remainder of your homemade solution. Follow the same scrubbing process.

When you are done scrubbing, wipe away the residue with a damp cleaning rag. Replace your burners and grates and your stove is good to go again.


The Take-Away:

When you follow these simple ways to clean your gas stove with greasy grates and burners, your stove will look amazing. Regular cleaning will prevent grease and food spills from sticking to the stove. The best takeaway is to clean the stovetop immediately after cooking. Doing this one little thing will keep your stove clean and pristine all the time.


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We do hope you find these tips helpful. See you soon.