How to Clean Leather Couch (with or Without Leather Cleaner)

Follow these simple guides to clean your leather couch or sofa. Find out how to get rid of stains and the best products for cleaning leather couches.


Leather couches are luxurious, but cleaning them can be scary. The solution is knowing how to clean a leather couch. Knowing the correct way to clean your leather couch will make your couch last for decades. It can also keep it looking brand new.

As with all furniture, regular use can cause wear and tear and even stains. Thank goodness leather is super durable and has the potential to last forever. Not to mention how kid- and pet-friendly these sofas are. So let’s not wait! Use this guide to clean and make your leather couch last a lifetime.


What You Should Know Before You Clean Your Leather Couch

1. Check the warranty. Most couches come with a warranty and a care guide. So, before cleaning your leather couch, Check your receipts and instructions to avoid losing the warranty.
2. Avoid using strong acidic products like sprays, sanitizing wipes, bleach, and ammonia as these will remove the color completely.
Water is an amazing cleaner for leather but using and leaving it on the couch can total the couch altogether


Pro Advice: How Often to Clean a Leather Couch

Cleaning and deep cleaning your couch are two different things, A regular cleaning can be done once per month. This is where you quickly dust and polish the surface.

 A deep cleaning is when you do a total cleaning from top to bottom. You should try deep-clean your leather couch sofa once per year. Pay more attention to light-colored sofa couches and recliners as these tend to show stains and get dirty easier. Clean this color couch as you see necessary.


Have These On Hand

Without a leather cleaner:

  • Dawn dish soap
  • Warm water
  • 2 Cleaning cloth (one wet one dry)
  • Duster (by choice)
  • Vacuum cleaner

With a leather cleaner

  • Leather conditioner and polish
  • Warm water
  • 2 Cleaning Cloth (microfiber)
  • Duster
  • Vacuum cleaner

Getting Rid of The Stains

  • Murphy’s oil soap stain removal and conditioning
  • Dawn dish soap

How to Clean a Leather Couch Without a Leather Cleaner

  1. To clean a leather couch simply damp a clean microfiber cloth with warm water mixed with a dab of Dawn dish soap damp (not wet)
  2. Wring it out to remove any excess water. Next, move your hands in small circles. Avoid rubbing back and forth; this causes even more wear and tear and may also harm the leather’s surface.
  3. Finally don’t forget to dry the couch. Leaving the couch or sofa to dry on its own will weaken the leather and cause the surface to peel. Simply use a dry clean soft cloth to buff the couch. This will remove the moisture.


The Correct Way to Clean a Leather Couch with a Leather Cleaner

Step 1: Dust and Vacuum the Couch
Gladly, a leather couch isn’t as spongelike as an upholstered or fabric sofa, which makes it easier to clean.

Begin by vacuuming the leather couch to get rid of any debris like crumbs and hair.
Next, dust it to remove any loose dirt.
Remove the cushions (if any) and start vacuuming the undersides first. Ensure to vacuum the sewed edges of the couch frame and cushions.
For recliner couches, also vacuum the bottom, as these sofas have a tendency to collect dirt in the crevices and corners where they recline.

Step 2: Spray the Leather Cleaner Onto a Cleaning Cloth Not the Couch
The right Leather cleaners are good at breaking down stains and dirt. Some leather cleaners even have the ability to restore and make your leather couch look brand new. Some leather cleaners are 2-in-1 which means they contain both the conditioner and the cleaner. It really doesn’t matter which product or combination you use the result will still be the same.

Begin by spraying the cleaner onto a microfiber cleaning cloth. Avoid spraying the cleaner directly onto the furniture. Doing this will leave permanent marks.

Step 3: Wiping the Couch
Now that you have dusted the couch. Starting at the extreme top, wipe gently downwards to ensure you don’t miss a spot, focusing on the edges and creases. To be on the safer side keep the cloth moist with the cleaner as you go. Keep in mind not to get the leather too wet.

Step 4: Applying Leather Conditioner
Now that you’ve cleaned and wiped away any excess moisture. Now it’s time to condition the couch. As mentioned before do not spray directly onto the leather couch (even if it’s in a spray bottle) The correct way is to apply an ample amount onto a cleaning cloth and then apply it to your couch. Rhino Wax  Leather Conditioner or(Leather Honey Conditioner) are natural base products. They are made with healthy oils that work miracles on fading furniture and leather leaving them clean, smelling fresh, and looking amazing!

Step 5: Allow the Leather Conditioner to Dry
At this point, the leather should be well-buffed with the conditioner. To avoid soil on clothes allow the leather to dry for an hour or more. This will prevent getting the oil on clothing. It’s best to condition the couch when it won’t be in use for a few hours. Once it is dry you are all done! No one will be able to tell that it’s not new.


 Stain Remover: Removing Stains From a Leather Couch

Unfortunately, some furniture stains are unavoidable simply due to the fact that we use them daily. We eat, we sleep, etc All these can cause stains on leather couches and sofas. However, removing stains from your leather couch is not that hard. To get rid of stains on leather couch simply follow these steps.

1. Submerge a clean soft cloth in a bowl or small bucket of warm water mixed with dish soap or Murphy’s oil soap. Next, wring out the excess water so it is just damp.
2. Rub the stain gently in small circles until the stain disappears.
3. Don’t rub vigorously back and forth as this causes more damage.
4. Always dry the couch. Avoid skipping this important step! Any lingering moisture can weaken the leather.


How to Keep Your Leather Couch Clean Longer

Maintenance, leather maintenance is key to a healthy-looking sofa. “Regular dusting, avoiding moisture also keeping it away from the sun are vital to the longevity of the leather couch.

This also goes for faux leather, which is safe to say is the more affordable couches. Another thing to avoid is placing your leather couch near fireplaces. Any exposure to any form of heat can mean ruin for your couch. To maintain a leather couch polish and condition at least once per month.

The Take Away

The rule to keeping a leather couch clean is care. Dust, polish, condition and keep away from heat and moisture. That is how to clean a leather couch so it lasts forever.


Extra Tip

For grease stain. Dap a small amount of Dawn dish soap on a soft rag and buff the spot. Do this until the stain is gone then wipe with a clean damp cloth. DON’T FORGET TO DRY! Murphy’s Oil Soap is another natural leather conditioner. Use as you would with a regular conditioner.


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