How To Clean With Murphy’s Oil Soap

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If you are done trying all those crazy cleaning products, after reading this post, you will put a full stop to that, for your cleaning problems have just become easier.

By using Murphy’s Oil Soap, a trusted product designed for cleaning hardwood, you can be sure to have excellent results. It has now become one of the most well-known all-purpose cleaners.

Made with 98% all-natural ingredients. It is a safe product to choose from for all your daily cleaning chores. No need to wonder; it is a non-toxic cleaner. Without further ado, here are some creative cleaning ideas on how to use Murphy Oil Soap.





Murphy’s oil soap is good for cleaning genuine leather. I mentioned genuine leather, as it is more tolerable when polished. To clean your leather bags, sofas, shoes, and others, here is how to get the job done.




Step 1. Wipe the item with a damp, warm microfiber cloth to remove dirt and dust.

Step 2. Dab another cloth with the oil, soap, and water. Ensure the cloth is not dripping wet with the solution to prevent the leather from soaking.

Step 3. Gently wipe the item all over with a dry cloth until it’s all bright and looks radiant.

Be very gentle when wiping; you don’t want to remove the top polish of the leather. Vigorous cleaning can wear the material, causing it to rip easily. With the proper care, your leather can last a lifetime.





When you think of an all-purpose product, think of Murphy’s Oil Soap. With its natural properties, it is the ideal product you need for removing clothing stains.



  • Pour a small amount of the oil soap directly on the stain and rub it in until the suds start to appear.
  • Allow it to sit for 5 minutes, then toss it in the washer with your regular laundry detergent. Not all colors can handle bleaching so this is why Murphy’s Oil Soap works best, especially on stained-colored clothing.





You can use Murphy’s Oil Soap to polish your metals, rails, AC vent, tools, and any other metallic objects that you have lying around the yard that are prone to rust

This will not only give them a well-deserved facelift but will also keep away rust and, without a doubt, help them last longer by preventing rot. Using Murphy’s oil soap to remove rust is pretty much a 1.2.3-step thing.



Step 1. Ensure to clean away any dirt or dust before applying the oil soap for the best results. Use a wet cloth to do this.

Step 2. Apply a dab of the oil soap to the rust with a sponge and wipe the area, focusing on the rust.

Step 3. Allow it 10–20 minutes to soak in

Step 4. For this step, use a hard bristle brush or an abrasive scrubber to scrub vigorously.

Step 5. Repeating the process twice is necessary.

Clean away the loosened residue with a wet cloth. Keep a bucket of water close as you try to remove all the residues.





Murphy’s oil soap is also a wonderful bathroom cleaner. Homemakers are constantly looking for products that will be able to work in every area of the home. Murphy’s oil soap would be the perfect choice to fill that gap.


Step 1: Simply combine it with water to create a solution. Use this to clean the floors, walls, countertops, sinks, and toilets.

Step 2. To clean your toilet, simply pour it directly into the bowl if you prefer to use it at full strength. It works well on your shower walls too, giving it that wow! factor. Best of all, prevent watermarks.

It simply makes things clean, shiny, and beautiful with a rustic touch. The fragrance is unique and mesmerizing. You will fall in love instantly with this product.





If you have horses, then this will be helpful to know. As you know, horse tacks are mainly made of metal or leather, sometimes both. Use Murphy’s oil soap to keep these looking their best.



Step 1. Wash the messy pieces in a bucket of water to remove the dirt.

Step 2. Using another bucket filled with water, submerge a small cloth, squeeze as much of the soapy solution from the cloth, and wipe the tacks.

Step 3. Use a small, soft bristle brush to get into the hard-to-reach corners. 

Step 4. Dab the oil on a small dry cloth and start buffing those tacks to bring out the sheen.


Keep a bottle of Murphy’s oil soap in the stable to ensure your tacks are always clean and sparkling. Your horses will wear them with pride.





If you want to give your old wooden entrance door a welcoming glow, then you are reading about the ideal product. With just a mist or a wipe with MURPHY’S OIL SOAP, your doors will be glowing.





This is a recommended dusting product for all your dusting needs. The oil substance it contains gives it the ability to make things shine and to remove tough dirt easily. Use it to clean the interior of your car for magical results.

You can turn your door into a work of art with this wipe. The awesome thing about Murphy’s Soft Wipes is that the sheen it leaves behind will last for 2 weeks or more.

You won’t have to be bothered with the whole keeping up appearance thing every single day. Isn’t that amazing? SEE 6 MURPHY’S SOFT WIPES CLEANING TIPS





Over time, wooden banisters just seem to lose their glamorous appearance, even the metal ones. Trust me, holidays and family gatherings have a lot to do with that.

Pour a dab of the oil soap on a rag and wipe the rails. Repeat this process twice, using another clean rag. This will clean the grease and dirt from your banister’s rails.

Using Murphy Oil Soap to clean your banisters will also remove nasty-looking grime and completely change the way your banisters look. The soap in the solution will peel away all dirt, grease, and grime, and congratulations! Your banisters are back again.




You may be surprised to hear about a ‘cleaning wipe’ since it has 98% all-natural ingredients. It is a safe, non-toxic product that makes it safe to use around your kids as a general cleaning product.

Mothers, I know that would be your first concern. Not to worry, this is as safe as getting your own Murphy’s Oil Soap cleaning wipes.




  • 2 cups warm water
  • 1 tablespoon baking soda
  • 2 tbsp. Murphy’s Oil Soap

Combine these in a bowl and store them in a spray bottle until they are needed again. Spray onto a paper towel, dryer sheet, or microfiber rag to clean surfaces in your home.

You have just learned the secret to making your own natural and cost-effective cleaning wipes. Have fun while you are at it. If you want to recycle, try old dryer sheets. They are sturdy and strong and they clean very well.

Making your own wipes can be very essential. It allows you to use things you never thought could be used to do other cleaning tasks and make them work for you.





If you know anyone who owns a farm, then this is a dream come true. I know how difficult it must be to keep those pesky beetles, borers, and aphids away. These things produce fast, so how do you fight this battle?

Combine a mixture of white oil and Murphy’s oil soap to create an effective pesticide that will blow those bugs away. You may be wondering: What is white oil? It is a combination of one-fourth of Murphy’s Oil Soap and one cup of mineral oil.

Dilute with water and use to mist on the hidden side of the plant’s leaf. The mixture is very thick, therefore preventing the pest from moving, so they eventually die. Keep using this solution to keep pests out of your garden. You can be sure to have non-returning pests.





I am a big fan of wooden furniture, and collecting them has become my biggest hobby. My only concern was, how do I keep them looking spectacular all the time? Having a collection of old, run-down wood furniture just won’t do it.

This is where Murphy’s Oil soap comes in. I simply apply the oil soap to the furniture using a lint-free dusting towel. You can use a sponge if you choose.

Make sure to remove dust and dirt before applying. Give the furniture all your love with oil soap in every crevice and corner. Your piece will be priceless.

This will save you a ton of cash, as you won’t have to waste time and money on those expensive furniture polishes anymore. With this new idea, your masterpieces will look amazing.





You can use Murphy’s oil soap to clean all your plastic items.  Doing so will remove the paste from the dust quickly and easily. It will make your plastics look clean and brand new again.

Pour a small amount on a  dry rag and wipe the area. If you think you need some more glow, simply buff it with another soft, dry rag.

Murphy’s oil soap will penetrate and soften the toughest of dirt. It will be a hassle for you to have to use all your muscle strength to remove it.



Sad to say, but after many uses of harsh chemical cleaners on your faucets, sinks, and other chrome-plated surfaces, it is likely to form dark spots. These spots can make your stainless steel appliances very ugly. I must say, don’t get frustrated just yet.

Murphy’s Oil Soap is a non-toxic product so it is safe to use on all your stainless steel appliances. Even your greasy microwave oven door.

Feel free to let loose and get those sinks and appliances glowing once more with this wonderful cleaning product. You won’t regret doing it.




Every homeowner is going for wooden, rustic floors. This could be that the price is much better and it is beautiful and easy to clean so your cupboards.

These won’t remain that way for very long, as spills and grease can be easily visible. These can make your wooden floor and cupboards look messy and old.

Your wooden floor and cupboard may just need the magic touch of Murphy’s Oil Soap. Simply clean the area with a wet rag and mild dish soap.

Add a tablespoon of Murphy’s Oil Soap to a spray bottle, then add warm water and shake well to combine. Use this to spray on the floor and wipe with a wet mop. Use a sponge for the cupboards; this works better.

 It is always surprising to see how effective and wonderful the results are. It’s a must-see for yourself thing.





To make your leather beautiful again or for just a touch-up to make it look. Use oil soap to clean the leather. It will make a perfect cleaner for the interior of your car if it’s leather.

Apply it undiluted to a cloth. Slightly wipe the leather, making sure not to scrub. When you’re done wiping, use a second cloth to give it a smooth rub.

Whatever leather you choose to clean with Murphy’s oil soap will look so much better. Whether in the home, office, or car, it will be sure to leave a spark.





Murphy’s Oil Soap can be used to remove and clean other things, such as permanent markers, stencils, eraser markers, and imprints on clear boards.

Combine a mixture of Murphy’s Oil Soap with warm water and use this to remove paint. Do not throw out those dried-up paintbrushes. Soaking them in Murphy Oil Soap will bring them back to the way they were.

On the next paint job, now you know how to remove paint and keep those paintbrushes looking new and ready to work again.




In these times when everyone is in the business of recycling, reusing bottles is becoming a common practice. Most of the items we purchase at the store are in reusable containers.

If you are trying to economize, then this is a good start. This can also be for any other label that just doesn’t look right and you wish to remove it.

Before you reuse a container, you should always remove the label to be on the safe side. Pouring Murphy’s Oil Soap directly onto the label will loosen the glue, making it easy for you to remove it.

It is so much fun using this amazing product and I am sure that after trying Murphy’s Oil Soap, you will say the same. I do hope you find these tips helpful. See you soon!