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Okay, that’s it, I’m just sick of looking at you. Those were the exact words I said steering at my grease spotted cabinets. Are you tired of looking at those stained cabinets with the old grease marks from daily handling? You want to get rid of the spots and stains but, you are a bit skeptical about what to clean it with?


You surely wouldn’t want to make matters worse by putting scratches on your cabinets. Some cleaning products can actually do that by fading the color and even rotting the wood. WOW! That… we’ll be avoiding it.



Another related article I have written is GRANDMA’S SECRET TO GLOWING WOODEN CABINETS. There you will find a genius and ancient way to make your cabinets glow.


After cleaning your cabinets, that article brings back the glow to your wooden cabinets with a unique product that she used, isn’t that amazing?

In this article, we’ll be looking at how to clean your cabinets naturally without causing any damage. Let’s get started!





Use a multi citrus cleaner. Pour in a spray bottle and mist the cabinets. Allow sitting for 10 minutes. Clean with a solution of Dawn dish soap and warm water.


Use a soft sponge to prevent leaving scratches. Rub the cabinet focusing on the more greasy areas then slightly wipe the sponge over the less affected areas.


Continue doing this until the grease spots are gone. Use a damp cloth to clean away the sud and lose residue. You will have a grease-free cabinet when you are through.





If you are looking for a go-to natural cleaner vinegar would be the best choice when it comes to cleaning wooden cabinets. Mix equal part warm water to equal part distilled vinegar. Pour in a spray bottle and mist the cabinets. (Industrial cleaning vinegar)

Allow sitting for 2 minutes then wipe with a clean damp cloth. Adding a drop of dish soap will help to enhance the solution. After you are through find out how to put back that glow with GRANDMA’S SECRET TO GLOWING WOODEN CABINETS.

Caring for your wooden cabinets I’m sure seems like something impossible to do. Now you have two natural ways to clean and care for your wooden cabinets and it was as easy as ABC.




Share with friends and family if you find these tips helpful. See you soon!

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