How To Clean Your Blender


If you should search every kitchen in modern society you will be sure to find a blender. If you are one of those blender fancy people then your blender plays a very vital role in your everyday life especially when it comes to making a nutritious shake or a glass of refreshing fruit juice on a hot sunny day.

Here is all you need to know about cleaning your blender the proper way. Find out why you should clean your blender. What can happen if you don’t clean your blender. How often to clean your blender. How to assemble your blender for cleaning and a step-by-step guide to cleaning the entire blender. Here is how to clean your blender the proper way. LET’S BEGIN…


Why you should wash your blender

A clean blender simply means your food is safe to consume. I am certain you wouldn’t want a shake from a blender that hasn’t been washed for weeks or ever.

Your blender should be washed immediately after use. Not doing this can cause foodborne bacteria to form. Leaving you with gut conditions such as vomiting and diarrhea. No one wants these conditions in the first place, so let’s do this…


How often to wash your blender

Your blender should be washed after every use. For example… If you’re making a milkshake, after blending the milkshake your blender should be washed before blending the fruit juice. Even if blending is happening minutes apart. This will prevent cross-contamination and better yet give both drink their original taste.



So often we tend to rush-clean our blenders without cleaning them the proper way. This can make your blender carry a gunky odor and very soon green sediments will start to grow in the hidden areas.

This can be bad for your health!!!  I am almost certain that no one wants to drink a cup full of gunk so let’s get your blender clean. Your blender needs to be pulled apart before washing. This may sound like a lot of work but it’s actually not. First, get to know your blender…


What are the parts of a blender?

The parts of a blender are not hard to understand or to figure out. You have the …

  • The jar or container… That’s the container that holds whatever you’re blending
  • The lid…or cap cover, that’s the cap at the top that stops stuff from flying out while blending.
  • The vapor cover…Small lid in the middle of the cap
  • The jar base…The section below the jar that holds the entire blender together
  • The Motor… That gives your blender powder to function. This is like the brain of the blender
  • The rubber ring…That stops leaking and particles falling out of the blender
  • The blade…The sharp metal part that chops, grind, and mix materials
  • The screw cap…The last section at the bottom that holds all the above parts together
  • The base… The electrical section…that’s the part with the cord


The best way to clean a blender is to dismantle and deep clean.


The first step is to separate the top from the bottom which is the electrical section. Pull out the lid, that’s the cover, Now on the lid, there is another smaller lid in the center. Use your thumb to push this out away from you.

Here Are The Instructions…

The second step is removing the screw cap. The screw cap is at the other end of the blender.  To do this turn the jar upside down. Here is very important when cleaning your blender, as this is where all the hidden food is stored. Twist this area off and carefully remove the o-ring and the blade. Let’s start washing the blender.


How Wash Blender Parts…



  • One tablespoon white vinegar
  • Dish soap
  • Warm water
  • A medium-size container
  • An unused toothbrush

Fill the container with warm water. Add the dish soap and vinegar. Place the parts into the container. Use a toothbrush to get to the hard-to-reach areas.

Rinse also with warm water and place on a kitchen towel to drain. DO NOT DRY WITH A PAPER TOWEL. Drying with a paper towel may leave behind small pieces that may find their way into the next meal you blend. It is best to allow the blender to drip dry. If you cant just tap dry with a clean dishcloth and begin using again.


 THE BASE OF THE BLENDER                                  

The base of the blender is the mechanical part of the blender that holds the motor in place. This area should not be washed with water at any time at all. Submerging the base in water will completely total your blender.  Here is how to clean this area.


Use the toothbrush to brush the crevices removing any hidden gunk and stuck food particles. Using a small damp rag, wipe this area thoroughly.

Cleaning The Cord


Don’t forget the cord, wipe the cord to give it the finishing touch. A small damp cloth will work in removing grease and grime from the cord. Cleaning your blender can be fun after all !!!



STEP ONE…This is not complicated if you do it in reverse. Step one, replace the rubber circle. To do this the blender should be upside down.


STEP TWO… Ensure the blade is replaced securely, then screw on the screw cap tightly, making sure it’s not capped.

STEP THREE...Turn over and replace the vapor back into the center of the lid. Then carefully place the jar back on the base.


STEP FOUR… This is the step where you treat yourself to a glass of refreshing tropical punch and relax.

This is how to clean your blender, was it difficult? Wow! it as easy as ABC. I am sure you learned so much about your blender you’ll appreciate even more this unique masterpiece in your kitchen.


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We hope that you find these tips helpful, see you soon.