Cleaning your home can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start or finish. Frankly speaking, it can be very confusing not knowing where to begin or end. What if you could find a way to clean your home step by step and in zones with ease? Well, look no further. Here is how to clean your home like a professional.


My step-by-step guide will show you the first and the last room, to begin with. These tips were given by a well-known hotel housekeeper who is great at her job and was delighted to share her cleaning tips with us.


After reading this article you will become a master at zone cleaning your home. You will feel stress-free and well accomplished when you’re through, so let’s get started.






Have all your cleaning aides packed in a basket? Make sure to pack products and items you’ll need for every room. Always have multiple cleaning cloths and sponges. This way you will prevent smudges and smears.


I will not say what type of cleaning products you’ll need as everyone has different preferences and I trust your judgment so use the ones best suits your cleaning needs.






This means pulling back the drapes and curtains/blinds to allow light to come in. This is to ensure you see all the areas well. Noone cleans in the dark.






Head straight for the trash cans. You can’t clean your home if you have trash lying around. Pick up all trash lying around and toss them into the cans.


Remove the bags and replace them with new ones, that’s if the cans are clean. Now, you will want to keep one active. This specific can is for you to toss your cleaning trash in.


If the cans are smelly, don’t replace the bags just yet, if food particles are sticking on the inside then you can place them outside. The fresh air will take the odor away.


If It’s the other way around you can wash them in the shower or outside with a hose, if the weather is good then it will be fun!!






Remove all dirty linens from the beds, bathrooms, and kitchen. Place them in a laundry bag or basket and set them aside. The best way to do this is to get the washer started. You want to have everything clean at the end of your cleaning day.






Mist your shower with your shower cleaner. The bathroom is the first room, to begin with as it has areas for treating before washing. I love to lather my shower with Dawn Dish Soap, works perfectly for me.


Pour your toilet cleaner in the toilet and move to the kitchen. Remember to wash your hands. Don’t forget this is the kitchen.






Remove the dirty dishes and get the dishwasher running. Check your cupboards, remove the Tupperware if they are smudgy. Wash them in the sink and allow them to dry, DO NOT WIPE WHILE WET.


Ensure the microwave is clean while that is happening, go back to the bathroom, and continue where you left off. Do not clean the floor as yet.


To continue with the kitchen. Dust the cupboards and replace the wears. Check to see if the fridge is clean also the kitchen aides. Clean the stove and get that out of the way.


Lift the burners to remove smelly food particles or for an easier stove like a glass top, simply wipe with your cleaner. Move to the counters and clean the counters to remove spots and stains.


Finish up by washing the sink making sure to clean the back of the faucet. Dry well when you are through. Your sink should be glowing.






The sheets are already gone, so good for you. Make the beds the best way you can. Social media has dozens of wonderful ways to get this done.


Kneel to check for lost items underneath the bed. You may be surprised at the junk you’ll find there. Move to dust the walls.


This process is called from “top to bottom”. The dust from the top will fall on the bottom. After dusting go ahead polish the furniture. Check the closet and give it a quick organizational touch.


Remember to dust the headboards and inside the drawers. Dusting entails cleaning the phone, remote control, sofas, windows, and chairs. If the windows are not visibly dirty then move along, but before you do so clean the window plains.






To start cleaning the floor, you will need to start with sweeping. Mopping the floor with dust on it will cause a disaster. For carpeted floors, just go ahead and vacuum.


Continue to the living room and the kitchen. Don’t forget to replace the trash can before cleaning the floor. When cleaning floors your back must be turned to the unclean area.


Extra tip: To make your carpet smell amazing toss a hand full of Downy Unstoppables in the dryer bag. Your room will smell amazing.





This is the time you inspect to correct and give it its finish touch. To avoid leaving footprints and dirt on the floor. Simply remove your shoes and check the rooms for anything you may have overlooked. The odor is the main one so it would be wise to walk with your air freshener.


The last thing to clean is the main entrance door and its locks. These are easily cleaned with a cleaning cloth and a suitable cleaning product. Spray the air freshener on the walls behind the entrance door to every room.


This is a brief look at what a housekeeper does in a hotel room. You can use these helpful tips to help you with your next cleaning day. The only difference is you can jump right back into that bed and relax in a home that feels like a 5-star hotel.



We hope these tips were helpful, see you soon.