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how to deodorize a smelly microwave with vanilla
How to clean and deodorize a microwave


There’s something about a microwave, and that thing is, it never seems to maintain a permanent wonderful odor. The answer to that is easy. It’s the left behind smell from every type of food that was cooked, preheated, and defrost in it. This article tells you how to deodorize a smelly microwave oven with vanilla to remove lingering odors.


How To Deodorize A Microwave Oven With Vanilla




Cleaning the microwave oven first would be the best thing to do if you’re trying to remove the bad odor. This can easily be done with dish soap and warm water.

After this use the vanilla method to remove any odor that still remains in the microwave and TADA! you now have a vanilla fragrance microwave. Isn’t vanilla an amazing product, how versified is it?


How To Quickly Deodorize A Smelly Oven Microwave With Vanilla

To quickly Freshen-up Your smelly microwave, simply pour vanilla into a microwavable container. Place the container into the microwave then turn it on for 1 minute.



How To Clean A Smelly Microwave With Lemon


I am sure you’ve heard or even tried lemons for cleaning your microwave. That works but to really remove lingering bad odors after cleaning your microwave you can go a little bit further by combining the two.




1. Pour 1 cup warm water into a microwavable container

2. Add to the water 2 tablespoon vanilla

3. Cut a lemon in two and add one half to the container

4. Place the container in the microwave for 30 seconds to one minute

5. Remove the container and wipe with a sheet of paper towel


Combining these two amazing and powerful scented elements will eliminate any bad odor from your microwave. Just in case you’re wondering why use lemon if you’re already using vanilla?


Well, some bad odors need a more acidic approach and that’s what the lemon’s job is. The lemon will not only deodorize but will break away any hidden food and grease leaving you with a vanilla-lemon fresh microwave.



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