How To Get Blood Out Of Carpet (Using 4 Easy Methods)

Cleaning blood on the carpet
How to get blood out of carpet

Oh no ! these may be the exact words that come from your mouth when you realized that a drop of blood has settled on your carpet. Accidents do happen, a cut on the finger, a rat trap that caught a rat, if your floor is carpeted then this is prone to happen at some point. Here we’ll be using carpet cleaners that are basic products we have in the home. They are proven to get blood out of carpet without damaging the carpet if use the right way. With no further ado here is how to get blood out of the carpet.


Simple Pantry Ingredients

You won’t believe the items we are about to use were so efficient in getting bloodstain out of the carpet. The next time an accident occurs choose from any of the below-listed carpet cleaning hacks to remove the bloodstain. Any of these methods are great at removing stains out of carpet whether it’s dried or wet. Need to know more? Let’s dive right in!!


How to Get Blood Out of Carpet

How to get blood out of carpet
How to get blood stain out of carpet

Method 1. Dish Detergent

  1. Combine a small amount of dish detergent into 2-3 cups of room temperature water and dissolve well
  2. Use a clean white cloth to blot the stain with the solution (don’t scrub)
  3. Repeat the process until the stain disappears
  4. Use another clean white cloth and room temperature water once more to blot the stain (without soap)
  5. Use a dry cloth to absorb and dry the area

Method.2 The Best Way To Get Blood Stain out of Carpet

The easiest way to get bloodstain out of carpet is to tackle it while it is still wet. Waiting gives it time to dry making it a bit more difficult to remove. The good thing is, its not impossible you just may need to use up a few more muscles.

Ammonia Acid/ Potato Starch

Simply combine 1 tablespoon Ammonia Acid with 1 cup warm water. Now, blot the stain with the formula using a sponge. Allow it to sit for 20 minutes. Lastly, use a wet cloth to wipe the stain out.

Potato starch is the more natural approach. Gently blot the stain with lukewarm water then sprinkle the potato starch on the area. Let it rest for 24 hours then wipe with a damp cloth.

Note: Wear a glove when using ammonia acid. Ammonia acid and bleach combined together can be dangerous.

Method.3 Hydrogen Peroxide

  1. Before you begin cleaning make sure to spot test the peroxide on a hidden area of the carpet. If the color remains the same then you’ll know it’s safe to start cleaning.
  2. Grab hold of a cotton swab
  3. Wet the cotton swab with the hydrogen peroxide and blot the stain
  4. Keep doing this until the stain is gone
  5. Next, use a damp white cloth to wipe the area. Don’t forget to do this part remember that hydrogen peroxide is acidic. If this solution is left on the carpet not only will it breaks down the stain but the color of the carpet too. That’s something you’ll want to avoid.

Method.4 Using OxiClean

Oxiclean Versatile Stain Remover is another amazing go product when dealing with protein stains eg coffee stains, blood, or red wine stains. You don’t need to mix this solution from scratch as it comes ready to be put to work.

  1. Simply follow the instructions on the packet by combining the powder in warm water
  2. Drench the stain and let it rest for 5 minutes
  3. Use a dry cloth to blot the treated area


How to Get Dried Blood out of Carpet

For dried blood stain, before you begin cleaning brush the stain with a carpet brush scrubber to loosen it up. Follow through by treating the stain with OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover. Follow the instructions on the package and you are good to go.


How to get Rat Blood out of Carpet

If your floor is carpeted and you have rats this may be a situation. How exactly do you set a rat trap on a carpet without getting rat blood all over it?  There are some things that are clearly unavoidable but fixable. Getting rat blood out of carpet isn’t as daunting as it may seem. Use any of the below-listed stain removers to get rat blood out of the carpet.

  1. Saturate the stain with any of the following
  2. Hydrogen peroxide
  3. Dish soap and cold water
  4. Ammonia Acid
  5. OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover. Read the instructions before treating the stain for best results
  6. The following method can be used with any of these ingredients.


  1. Use a clean white cloth to blot the stain with the solution (don’t scrub)
  2. Repeat the process until the stain disappears
  3. Use another clean white cloth and room temperature water once more to blot the stain.
  4. Use a dry cloth to absorb and dry the area.


Things you need to know

  1. It’s best to use cold water as warm water will cause the blood to become cloggy and sticky making it harder to clean. However, in some cases, warm water may be necessary to loosen the dried stain
  2. Never use ammonia acid on woolen carpets
  3. If there are marks after cleaning this indicates that the carpet has other soils
  4. If the stain reappears there could be chemicals still remaining in the carpet. Simply repeat the process this time using a damp clean cloth to remove the chemical that was used.
  5. Before using a new product on your carpet is best to test it out on a hidden area. If not, this could cause discoloration as color bleed and bleaching.



Above are the expert methods of getting blood out of the carpet. We hope these tips were helpful. Come again soon!!


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