How to Get Dried Blood Out of Clothes (8 Witty Tips)

8 Brilliant Ways To Get Dried Blood Out of Clothes

How to get blood out of clothes
How to get dried blood out of clothes

How to get dry blood out of clothes? Blood on your clothes or worst, it is dried up already.  This can be devastating. However, Don’t panic, even dried blood is removable. These tips below will show you 8 brilliant and quick ways to get dried blood out of clothes. Let’s find out what they are saying.


Why Do Blood Stains So Easily?

Why does bloodstain so quickly? The reason why blood stains so easily are simply due to the high level of hemoglobin/protein which makes it organic. When dealing with an organic stain on clothes heat is not recommended as the heat will cause the stain to set. When a protein stain is set it’ll take a few tricks to get it out. Here is how to get it done.


1. Time and Patience…Dried blood on clothes will need more than one attempt just because it is dried. Pretreating the stain before is a good way to start. Try treating the stain with dish soap and cold water. After doing so, wash in a regular cycle using cold water. When removing a blood stain cold water is your best bet as warm or hot water will cause the stain to set into the clothes.

2. Vinegar…To get stubborn bloodstain out of clothes try soaking in vinegar and water. Spot treating the stain with white vinegar works well on softening and most times removing the stain all by itself. To do this, apply the vinegar directly to the stain with a cotton ball. Allow it to penetrate and irritate the stain for 1 hour then wash as you normally do.

3. Scrubbing… If the fabric is sturdy maybe like jeans try using a brush with liquid soap. This may take more than one attempt. Keep in mind that stains are darker when wet so don’t be dismayed if it appeared to be so.

4. Enzyme Soap…Enzyme soaps are biodegradable and will break the stain. Dr. Bonner Pure Castile Liquid Soap comes highly recommended. If nothing else works try this type of soap. One thing to remember is not to use it on wool or silk as these fabrics are too delicate

5. A Regular Wash…Depending on the fabric a strong soap and your washing machine will suffice. After washing leave the item somewhere to air dry. Whatever you do avoid placing it in the dryer. Adding any form of heat will make the stain harder to remove.

6. Wash Inside Out…Before washing the fabric turn it inside out so the detergent can attack the back of the stain. This simply means it pushes it outward from the more concentrated part of the bloodstain.

7. Salt… Salt is highly acidic and is known for breaking down tough residues. Soaking the fabric in saltwater before washing will weaken the dried bloodstain. Salt can be used to soak white or dark-colored clothes.

8. Soaking in water…Soaking the bloodstain is also a good way to get bloodstain out of clothes. The only exception is it must be done in cool water. Simply let it soak for as long as you can allow then wash as usual.



Bloodstains are not difficult to remove when treated the right way. When dealing with the dried blood or even period bloodstain the quicker it’s dealt with the better and faster the results. However, if the bloodstain is large call in a professional or simply take the clothing to an industrial laundromat. These folks will get the dried blood out.

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