After removing fakes nails the nail glue it left behind can be difficult to remove. Forcing the nail glue from your natural nail can separate the nail from your finger. So how do you get nail glue off your nails? It is best to have it done by a professional. If this is not possible there are ways in which you can remove it yourself. Here are quick ways to get nail glue off nails without a pro.


Table Of Content:

  • Get Nail Glue Off Nails
  • Remove Fake Nails With Acetone
  • Removing Nail Glue Without Acetone
  • How To Treat Your Nails
  • Getting Nail Glue Off Your Fingers
How to get nail glue off nails with aluminum foil
How to get nail glue off nails

Quick Tips To Get Nail Glue Off Nails

The best thing about nail glue is that it weakens a few days after applying. This makes it a weaker strength from super glue and glues used for craft. Nail glue was made to be removed and can be done at home with a little time and patience. Here you’ll learn how to…

Here Are The Steps:

  1. Filing…If the glue is on the tip of your fingers or on the nail. Rub gently with a nail file.

2. After filing place your hands to soak in a basin with soapy water for 5-10 minutes

3. Remove your hand from the water and dry with a towel.

4. Use a nail buffer to buff the nail then pour a little acetone on a cotton ball and rub the area.

5. When you’re through, massage the finger with olive oil or baby oil to bring back some moisture in the skin.

When trying to get nail glue off nails it’s advisable not to apply pressure before soaking.


Removing Fake Nails With Acetone

Aluminum foil wrap around fake nails
Removing fake nails

The Quick Way…To remove fake nails quickly? simply apply acetone to the acrylic nail then gently file away the loosened glue. This should leave your nails acrylic-free and ready to be manicured again. However, if the nail is firmly glued you may want to try the soaking method listed below. The soaking method is the safest way when trying to remove fake nails. Here is how it is done.

The Soaking Method:

Step.1 When removing acrylic nails try getting rid of the excess material by filing down the nail with a clipper. Avoid filing your natural nail. This step will make the removal of the fake nail easier.


Step. 2 Use a file to remove the shiny surface of the nail

If the fake nails are still attached to your natural nail do this. Rub the nail with a file in a back and forth motion. Ensure that all the sides are even. Do this until the surface becomes dull. If this step is done correctly removing the nail will be super easy.


Extra Tip: If your real nail starts showing while filing stop immediately. This simply means you’re adding too much pressure. This can damage your natural nails and fingertips.


Step.3 Blow the dust off

After filing there will be a lot of dust. Blow the dust off or brush with a soft bristle brush. Using a furry cloth will add extra residues to the nail. A clean surface will make it easier for the acetone to soak into the acrylic nail.


Step.4 Protect the skin with Petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly can be used as a shield for the skin around the nail. It will protect the skin from being soaked with acetone.


Extra Tip: For sensitive skin types. Apply the petroleum sparingly.


Step.5 Wrapping the nails

This is where you apply the acetone. Pour the acetone onto cotton balls and cover all the nails on one hand with it.


Tip: For this process, open the doors and windows to allow ventilation. Acetone is toxic and carries strong fumes and, when inhaled for a long period of time can cause health complications.


Step.6 Use Aluminum Foil To Trap Moisture

Ensure the acrylic-soaked cotton balls are covering the nails. Then wrap each nail with an inch of aluminum foil.

The aluminum foil will keep the moisture in preventing the cotton ball from becoming dry. This is crucial to the safe removal of the nail so be very patient and give the glue time to soften up.


Step.7 Complete the process on one hand before starting on the other…

Remove the foil and the cotton balls and repeat the exact steps on the untreated hand. Follow the steps below before starting the new process. Having someone to assist you in getting both hands done simultaneously will be perfect. It will surely save you some time.


Here Are The Steps:

After soaking for 15-20 minutes. Carefully remove the cotton balls and aluminum foil. By now the glue will be softened and the fake nails gel-like.

If after removing the cotton balls the nail is still solid and remains firmly in place do this. Leave on the cotton balls for a few more minutes periodically checking for when it is ready to be removed. As soon as the nails and glue become softened go ahead and remove the cotton balls.


Step.8 Removing The Soft Nail And Glue

To remove loose nails use a small towel to slide the nail upward towards the tip of the finger. Use the same towel to clean the nails. Check for any form of sensitivity (pain) when doing this. If there is a slight pain it means the nail and glue weren’t softened enough. Simply return the cotton balls and aluminum foil and wait another 5 minutes.


Step.9 Now That The Nails Are Off

Buff the nails gently to remove the glue and other residues. Focus only on the areas with the glue to avoid filing your natural nails.


Where To Purchase These Products For Removing Nail Glue

Acetone and cotton balls can be purchased at all pharmacies, nearby supermarkets, and They can even be purchased online. So too baby oil, almond oil, and olive oil which you’ll be needing further one in this post. If the thought of using acetone scares you, try purchasing a nail polish remover that is acetone-based and is safe for sensitive skin.


How To Remove Fake Nails Without Acetone

If you have sensitive skin acetone would not be the ideal product to use when removing false nails. What other ways are there you may ask? There are other natural ways to remove fake nail and nail glue without the use of acetone. Here is how.

  1. Using a basin, pour in the warm water then add a mild soap.
  2. Place your fingers into the basin. Ensure they are covered with the water
  3. Let them soak for 20 minutes
  4. Slowly lift the nail using a file. Try not to apply pressure. Work the file at any loose area you can find. If the nail refuses to bulge submerge your back into the warm water for a few more minutes.

If That Doesn’t Work

Cuticle Oil…Another way to remove nail glue without acetone is to apply drops of oil to the nails. Leave it to soak for 15 minutes. Then slowly slide the nail off.


How To Treat Your Nail After Removing The Nail Glue

There are a lot of ways your natural nail can become. Nails can become damaged from the over-use of nail glues and acrylic. This causes the nail to become deficient in vitamins which result in stripping and breakage. This mayhem happens when acrylic nails are not treated after removing. Here is how to treat your nails after the glue is removed.


Step.1 Wash Your Hands:

Wash your hands with mild/natural soap and warm water. The warm mildly soapy water will completely remove the acetone which can dry the skin out. A regular soap bar can be used in place of natural soap.


Step.2 Moisturize:

To keep your hands from becoming dry moisturize with olive oil, baby oil, or almond oil. Timely massage the skin on your fingers evenly focusing on the cuticles.


Step.3 Take A Manicure Break

Your nails need time to recuperate. After removing the fake nails give your real nails a maximum of 7 days before applying new fake nails.


How To Get Nail Glue Off Your Fingers

How remove nail glue on fingers
How to get nail glue off fingers

Attempting to remove nail glue from your finger without the right method can remove the skin. If your fingers are covered with nail glue then you may want to remove it this way.


Soak your fingers in warm soapy water for 20 minutes. When the minutes are up dry your fingers and gently pick the glue off. Keep repeating the process until all the nail glue is completely gone from your fingers.