How to Keep Bagels Fresh (For 6 Months)


How To Keep Bagels Fresh So They Last Longer

The best way to keep bagels fresh
How to keep bagels fresh

Bagels lovers can tell the story of a stale bagel and that must be the reason you’re here. Bagels come in many brands like the New York Bagels, bagels from Charlottesville, and last but not least Montreal Bagels. Hmmm sounds delicious but these tasty treats can go bad and expired before you know it. It doesn’t matter where the bagel was made the quality and taste can still degrade in a day or two. So, how do I keep bagels fresh? Luckily we are here to solve that bagel issue you’re having. Here you’ll find every possible way to keep bagels fresh for weeks.


How To Keep Bagels Fresh (For Months)

Freezing For Up To 6 months…

To keep your bagels for a long time wrap them separately in plastic wrap. This way of storing will keep them fresh for up to 6 months. The next step is to place it in the refrigerator. Freezing the fresh bagels will preserve and stop the degrading process.

This method of storing bagels will keep your bagels fresh for a long time. When you’re ready to eat, take them from the freezer an hour or 1/2 hour before they thaw, and they are ready for reheating in the oven microwave, or toaster.

Well, Professional bakers also advised that the best way to store bagels is in a paper bag. The paper bag prolongs the flavor and quality of the crust. The texture may be slightly chewy, but nothing a toaster can’t fix. Simply let the bagels remain in their original packet then place that packet in a paper bag and store it in the pantry.

The second recommendation is a plastic bag and paper bag. On a personal note after placing the bagels in the plastic bag seal the bag tightly then store it in the freezer. You can seal them up in a freezer bag eg… After placing the bagel into the paper bag stuff it again in a freezer bag to ensure all the moisture is trapped in.


How To Keep Bagels Fresh Overnight

One way to keep bagels fresh overnight is by doing this. Cover the bagels with a clean damp dishcloth and store them at room temperature. This will keep the bagels cool and fresh for breakfast in the morning. That’s the best way to keep bagels fresh overnight.


How Bagels Fresh At Home

Try baking…Stale bagels can be revived just by baking them in the oven until the crust gets crispy with a spongy feel. Simply place them in the oven at 360 degrees and those tasty treats are ready to be plastered with your favorite spread. However, keep in mind that after toasting a bagel in the oven it can not be frozen again. The best advice is to only bake the ones that you’ll be eating right away.


Tips For Storing and Keeping Them Fresh

  • Toasting
  • Reheat / Bake it
  • Freeze
  • Store in paper and plastic bags


Can I Eat Expired Bagels

If the bagel is expired you may want to call it a day. Though baking and reheating may make it edible the taste might be a bit disappointing. All bagel has a date where they expire no matter how well it’s stored. On the other hand, a bagel can go bad even before it expires based on its storage. Some signs of a bad bagel are rancid odors, mold, and a change in texture. These are not safe to eat. Luckily these tips will help you to keep your bagels fresh for a long time. Enjoy! and see you soon.


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