I was very excited to share my lettuce tale with you. Lettuce is a well-loved vegetable by almost everyone and most of us would want to learn the trick to making it last longer, but because of its high water content, how do we keep lettuce crunchy for a month? we are not able to store it for a very long time before it actually goes bad. Well, That’s what we thought.


What Is Lettuce?

Green leafy vegetables are easily degraded This is due to their high protein and calcium levels. They will not go for a week in the fridge without losing their crunchiness if not stored correctly. Don’t we just hate the taste of soggy lettuce? Continue reading to find out how to make lettuce last longer. It’s pretty easy!



Recently I’ve learned this technique that will make lettuce last longer, and I was delighted, as I am a big fan of this amazing vegetable. Even though I loved them so much I had to buy lettuce in small amounts due to the fact, that they were unstorable.


Well, this will change all that. Here is an amazing way to keep your lettuce for more than a week before it actually starts decaying.


How to Keep Lettuce Fresh

This Is How It’s Done…


Separating the Leaves…

Step.1 Remove the sheets from the stem. Any that is sogging is already gone bad. You really don’t want to put that in with the healthy leaves.


Here Is Why…

Remove the bad leaves. Leaving the bad leaves on will only cause the good leaves to follow shortly after. This just wouldn’t make sense going through all this process to have all your lettuce go bad within a week.


Washing With Salt And Vinegar


Step.2 You don’t want any excess moisture, but because of pesticides that were used to prevent the vegetable from being eaten by bugs and other chemicals that were used to preserve it, you may want to wash the lettuce with salt or vinegar.


Place the leaves in a colander then sprinkle with white vinegar. This should be done over the sink to avoid spills. Run the tap cold water until all the leaves are washed. After you are through with washing, place the leaves on a sheet of paper towel to drip dry. Excess water will decay the lettuce fast.

Salt...The same process can be done using a sprinkle of salt over the plant and then rinsing with running water. Do not soak the vegetable as this could cause sogging.


Packaging Process


The packaging process is very simple. All that’s needed is a dry Ziploc bag or a mason jar. Any of the two can be used as a storage container as they are able to be sealed tightly. Packing this green leafy vegetable for storage in paper bags or plastic wraps can result in early spoilage.



The best way to package lettuce for storage


 The Best Place For Storage                                                                                                     

Where you store your vegetables in the fridge is very crucial to how long they last including lettuce. My suggestion is, on the top shelf of the door, a crisper drawer or the second shelf inside the fridge. Why is this so, you may ask?


Avoid Freezing…

We are trying to prevent moisture, so placing it on the top shelf of the fridge will be too cold therefore causing freezing and that leads to sogging.

The upper shelf of the fridge door is the ideal place as it is not too cold and also not too warm. Here, your lettuce should be going for weeks without losing its taste and its crunchiness.


Lettuce Heads

For lettuce heads, you don’t need to wash or pull the leaves apart. Simply store them in a freezer bag and store them in the crisper. Regularly check the stem while storing as this part seem to not withstand storage very well. If the stem looks slimy and or moist simply slice that slimy area off and continue storing.

Tip: Whether it’s ahead of lettuce or loose-leaf lettuce storage is crucial.  As long as the lettuce is kept dry and stored in the proper area in the fridge everything should be fine. Another thing to keep in mind is to (check on the  lettuce at least once weekly and change the paper towel as necessary


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The trick to keeping lettuce for a month is simple as you can see. All you need is the correct temperature and proper storage containers and your lettuce will stay fresh for longer.


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