Lemons are just amazing. Despite the taste, it can be a life savior. My greatest concern is how to make them last longer.  The good news is it’s a good remedy for a lot of health conditions that’s why lemons just have to be in my fruit bowl?



I prefer to shop once per month based on the whole ‘stay at home” practice which I am really contributing to. However, I drink a glass of lemon water every night before I go to bed, just a little thing to control all it’s supposed to control.



The bad news is my once per month lemon shopping is not working out as I would like it to. Within less than a week my bright yellow lemons would start to turn bluish /greyish. For me, that’s a waste of money and good lemons.



I am a country girl so talking to country folks I believe would give me some headway on how to make my lemons last longer, and it did. Here is what they told me to do.



Wash the lemons to ensure they are clean. Moisture is the culprit for vegetables and fruits decaying before they should,  but surprisingly to preserve lemons they are stored in water, isn’t that amazing! ok, that was a brief note.



They can be stored in a plastic container,zip-top bag, or a mason jar. Ensure the lemons are covered with room temperature water. SEAL TIGHTLY BEFORE PLACING IN THE REFRIGERATOR.



Then place the container in the refrigerator where it will remain cool and magically slowing down the decaying process. Now when I shop for lemons I buy them by the dozens.