How To Make Wooden Cabinets Glow


Most cupboards are varnished to protect the wood from mold and mildew. Often, the ingredients used in the varnish are ones that make the wood glow. Even though this is so, I must say a varnished cabinet is really pretty.

Cleaning your cabinet with acidic solutions can burn away the varnish, leaving your cabinets looking pale and old even when they’re newly installed. No one wants a badly damaged cabinet in their kitchen, especially if you are the one causing the damage.


How to Maintain Your Wooden Cabinets



A kitchen cabinet can be very costly to install; therefore, proper care of this useful household item is very necessary if you plan on keeping it for a lifetime.

If they are given the right care, there is no doubt your grandchildren and great-grandchildren will use your beautiful cabinets in years to come.

Restoring Fading Cabinet Varnish


One piece of advice I would give to you is to be gentle with your cabinets. Scrubbing, washing, and using products not suitable for wood can cause early decay.

Harsh chemicals such as vinegar and glass cleaners will remove the varnish that was painted on it to protect the material and preserve it.

Here in this article, I will give you a very easy and vintage way of bringing back the glow or simply maintaining your cabinet. I visited my neighbor, who is an elderly lady.

Her cupboards were always looking like they were freshly polished. Curious, I started questioning her about how she kept her cupboards looking so radiant. She delayed for a while before she told me the big secret was baby oil.


Using Baby Oil to Enhance the Appearance

First, you must clean the cupboard to remove grease. If there is grease on the cupboard, then it will be impossible to get the same result as my neighbor.

Next, use a dab of mild dish soap on a damp sponge and wipe away any grease buildup off the cabinets. Now they are ready to be polished.



  • Before adding the polisher you’ll need to clean your cabinets with dish soap and water. Next, use a soft cleaning cloth to dry. The next is as follows:
  • Simply pour baby oil on a soft rag and polish your cupboards. Doing this at least once a week will keep them shining and looking like new.

The results are amazing as the baby oils are made of very mild ingredients that won’t harm the wood. Instead, it will protect and keep them from moisture which can lead to mildew.

The most interesting fact about it is that it works as varnish but costs less than a can of varnish. Who knows the various things that a bottle of baby oil is capable of doing?

Using baby oil on wooden furniture is also an excellent idea. Just like your cabinet, wipe with a soft cloth and experience what you never

thought was possible.


How to Use Shoes to Polish and Shine Wooden Cabinets:

Using shoe polish to clean wooden cabinets
DIY cabinet cleaner

Begin by washing your wooden cabinets with gentle soap and water to bring out their natural color. Once they’re dry, take a soft cloth and some wood polish and buff them up.


1. Apply a tiny amount of polish to the cloth and massage it lightly in circular motions over the cabinet surface. Make sure to uniformly cover the entire surface.

2. Allow the polish to sit for a few minutes before buffing the cabinets to bring out a natural, brilliant shine. Keep in mind that a little polish goes a long way, so apply it sparingly for the best effects!

Allow the polish to dry for 8–10 minutes, then gently buff with paper towels or a dry cloth until it’s glowing.


The Take Away:

Your cabinets are now glowing, and you didn’t have to spend an extra dime on those brandy, overpriced furniture polishes. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR  USE ON GLASS CABINETS. I do hope you find these tips helpful. See you soon!