How To Prevent Coffee Stains On Teeth (6 Helpful Tips )

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6 Simple Ways To Prevent Coffee Stains On teeth

How to prevent coffee stains on teeth? Coffee is the most popular drink in the world. We all drink coffee for different reasons. Some people believe that coffee helps with concentration. Others used it for energy that’s because it is packed with caffeine.

Whether you drink your coffee with milk or straight black the elements it contains will stain your teeth. If you are a coffee drinker here is how to prevent coffee stains on your teeth.


Coffee Stained Teeth

How to avoid coffee stains on teeth
How to prevent coffee stains on teeth

Tip.1 Regular Teeth Cleaning Will Prevent Coffee Stains:

Improper care of the teeth can result in health conditions such as heart conditions. That’s not the only reason why it is necessary to visit the dentist. Teeth that are stained by coffee have another condition and that is called plaque.


Plaque is formed over the teeth when it is not being cleaned properly or as often as it should. That explains why some people have white teeth while drinking coffee while others don’t. It all boils down to the health of your teeth


When you drink the coffee the plaque is stained not the actual teeth. A visit to the dentist should solve this problem. It’s time to get your teeth cleaned. Follow up on your cleaning routine at least twice per year.


Tip 2. Water Helps Prevent Coffee Stains On Teeth

It all goes back to the doctor’s orders, water. One way to wash the coffee from your teeth is to drink a cup of water after consuming coffee. The water will operate as a form of instant mouth wash, therefore, preventing stains from penetrating the teeth. Did you know that the best way to keep your energy up is by drinking a lot of water? Doing this will also help to keep your teeth free of coffee stains.


Tip 3.  Whitening Strips…Are They Good For Coffee Stains?

A popular product on the shelves these days is teeth whitening strips. Do they work? Most times, but it is not all cases. These strips contain acids that break away plaque on the teeth. Not only do they break away the plaque but the enamel too. This weakens the protective coverings on your teeth causing them to stain when you drink a cup of coffee. If you drink a lot of coffee finding another alternative would be wise.


Tip 4. Brushing

Coffee is not like other foods that you eat. We know that it is highly recommended to brush after eating a meal. However, in the case of coffee, what the coffee does is weaken the enamel. How it does this? Coffee contains acids that soften the enamel. The enamel is like the protective gear of the teeth.

The toothpaste you’ll be using also contains acids. Have you done the math as yet?  All this put together with the toothbrush will cause the enamel to break. The result of this, coffee-stained teeth. To avoid this simply rinse your mouth with water to keep the coffee from staining your teeth. You need to brush wait for an hour before brushing.


Tip 5. Using A Straw

Using a straw to prevent coffee stains on teeth seems like a wise idea. On the other hand, not really. Siping a cup of coffee using a straw doesn’t prevent teeth from getting coffee stained. Though it may not show on the visible part of the teeth (outer area) the hidden parts of the teeth will still be stained. Worst case scenario, you may not even know it. When drinking coffee drink straight from the cup then rinse afterward.


Tip 6. Floss Daily To Prevent Coffee Stains On Teeth

A Coffee drinker should have a string of floss handy. After drinking coffee use the floors to remove any build-up on the edges or between the teeth. Flossing keeps plaque away and coffee stains at bay. Floss daily to keep your teeth free of coffee stains.


How To Avoid Coffee Stains On Teeth

  1. Limit coffee intake
  2. Floss everyday
  3. Drink lots of water
  4. Rinse after each drink
  5. Regular dental visits


Other Causes For Yellow Stains On The Teeth

Coffee may be the one on trial here, but we must also keep in mind that there are other foods that cause teeth to stain. These foods are tomatoes, red wine, certain teas, sodas, white wine, and berries. Most time these stains aren’t permanent and can be removed with regular and professional treatment and care.


Newly Developed Dual Light Teeth Whitening Technology

If you strongly believe in teeth whitening products choose one that is safe. Whitening strips with harsh chemicals can soften the surface of the teeth. This can be avoided with the Dual Light kit. Here is one you may like…Dr. Brite Teeth Whitening kit with dual let tray light.



Top Tip: If you notice stains on your teeth it could be the sign of something else. It could simply mean your teeth needs immediate care. Afterward, continue loving your coffee and follow these tips. Don’t be disappointed if your teeth don’t become snow-white just keep treating them and they’ll be fine.


Have a happy coffee day!

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