How To Use Electric Can Opener ( Open Cans Easily )

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The Proper Way To Use An Electric Can Opener

How to use an electric can opener? Sure there are many other ways to open a can of tuna. However, with this genius invention of an electric can opener opening a can is way easier. The old fashion way is to grab a knife which takes a lot of skill and concentration and on the other hand, it can be dangerous.

With an electric can opener, you just leave it there and it does the job for you. If you don’t have an electric can opener as yet then it is time to purchase one. You won’t regret it.


How To Use An Electric Can Opener

electric can opener
How to use an electric can opener

Every electric can opener has a blade and a serrated disc which I called the magnet. These are used for slicing and holding the can in place. No matter the style of the can opener these are the two main components it possesses.


Table Top Electric Can Opener:

Step 1. Plug the can opener into the socket

Step 2. Lift the lever

Step 3. Place the top of the can underneath the lever

Step 4. Make sure the blade and the disc is touching the can

Step 5. Place the palm of your hands underneath the bottom of the can. This is to hold it just in case it wasn’t placed correctly.

Step 6. Press down on the lever

The can opener should turn on right away. Slowly remove your hands. The can should start turning by now. When it is done the can cutter will still hold on to the can until you release it from its grip.


Hand-Held Can Opener

When using a handheld can opener the placement of the can is different. The has to be placed on a flat surface. Next, press the hand-held can opener on the top of the can. Press down until it begins to rotate. Keep your hand there until it stops. 

Lastly, remove the can cutter then you’ll notice a loose cap. If for some reason the cap of the can still remain in place. Carefully use a knife or a fork to lift the cap. If used correctly, by lifting the can opener the cap will come along with it.


Manual Can Openers/Hand-Held

Manual can openers are still found in kitchens this day. They are often used by folks who can’t be bothered or simply can’t use an electric can opener. Manual can openers still work even though it needs your input 100 % of the time. They are still worth having around as they take up less space and are way less expensive than an electric can opener.


Why You Need A Electric Can Opener

One, it is more efficient, secondly, it is safer and faster. They can do all the dangerous work for you so your hands don’t come in contact with a blade. A good component of the electric can opener is the disc that holds on to the can. It even saves you the task of having to remove the loose lid by yourself. Isn’t that incredible. Are you thinking of purchasing yet?

For kids who like to cook this type of can opener, is highly recommended. The bottom line is an electric can opener saves time and it’s safe for anyone to use. To add to that electric can openers give the kitchen a classy modern look.


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