Can’t leave your home, or maybe you choose not to leave for some reason. I fit that scenario perfectly. Another scenario is, it’s a large fluffy comforter and if you have these you’ll know just where I’m going with this.



It is without a doubt the most comforting thing for your bed, especially in the winter. They are so relaxing and soft and will make you want to stay in bed all day.



However, washing these can be a bother if you choose to do it at home. I tried washing one of mine in my washer, even though it was too large to fit I tucked it in just the same. When it was done my beautiful comforter was ripped in a dozen different areas.



There was no way to mend it so sadly I had to toss it out which hurts because it was purchase recently. You know how costly these can be especially the kingsize. There has to be a solution, and I am not about to go to the cleaners to get this done.



I came up with this amazing comforter washing hack that I tried and surprisingly it works. I know my visitors who are not afraid to go the frugal way and could be having the same issue.



I am more than happy to share with you. Here is how to wash your extra-large fluffy comforter without completely ruining it at home when there are no other options.






First, ensure your bathtub is clean. Place the comforter in the tub making sure it is spread out equally. Pour your laundry detergent on the comforter.



Turn on your tap and run on warm water to the maximum level that’s ok for you. The water must be covering the comforter. Turn the comfort three times to ensure the detergent is distributed. Leave to soak overnight.






In the morning unplug the tub to drain the water, then fill the tub again. Continue doing this until you are satisfied there is no more sud left in the comforter. This process can take a shorter time. For me, I left it went to the store, and return and it drained



You can know this if the water is clear. For the last rinse feel free to deodorize your comforter by pouring in your favorite fabric softener and turn it again distributing it so that your comforter will smell amazing.





For this area, draining is very important. This is quite similar to the spinning process of the washer. After draining the water from the tub allow the comforter to remain for one hour.



For faster drainage, keep lifting the comforter to allow the water settling underneath to run out.



If you try to remove it before then the draining process is complete will contribute to a longer drying time in the dryer.



Here you are allowing it to drain properly. This process can take a shorter time. For meI left it, went to the store when I returned it was completely  drained






This section is where the genius comes in. Take a large trash bag with you in the bathroom or a large bucket. Only this time it’s not for trash it’s for transferring the comforter to the dryer. By now the comforter should be lighter. Place it into the trash bag/bucket and take it to the dryer.





To make your drying process shorter roll off a sheet of ALUMINUM FOIL. Out of this roll three balls and toss them in the dryer along with the comforter. The foil traps heat and releases it making your drying process much faster. Isn’t that clever!



It’s important to know how to get things done manually. You may not be living near a laundry mat or maybe your car is broken.



What would you do with a large comforter? What if you just can’t leave your home? Your comforter still has to be washed. Get creative as I did and get that comforter clean once and for all.



We are finally done and you can be sure to have your large fluffy comforter looking at its best. We hope this tip was helpful. Have lots of fun and see you soon!