How To Wash Squishmallows (4 Must Know Tips)

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Since 2017 these plush toy has brought the meaning of comfort to homes. Squsimallows are a great gift for friends, kids, loved ones, and just anyone who you think deserves some extra affection doesn’t matter the size, squishmallows are perfect. If you own a squishmallow caring for it is important. Here in this post, you’ll find how to wash squishmallow with basic and easy caring tips. Let’s take a look.


Can Squishmallows Be Washed

Yes, you can, Squishmallows are made from a durable material called polyester fiber. They are also filled with this amazing fiber which makes them machine washable. Even though these little Huggies are washable there’s is still a right and wrong way.

The fabric it’s made from is strong but on the other hand, it may lose its cute structure. This can occur from tossing around in the washer your cozy toy can last for years if the correct care is given.


Can You Machine Washed Squishmallows

Can you wash squishmallows? Squishmallows plush toys can be machine washed. However, they prefer to be spot clean. A machine may change its shape and reduce its fluffiness. Keep in mind that Baby Yoda may not feel as comfortable as it used to. If you still choose to wash your fluffy toy in the washer here is what to do.

In order to do it right place the washer on the regular cycle. When washing squishmallows it’s best to toss them in with a few other pieces of clothing like sheets or other soft fabrics. Doing this will keep them from getting damaged from the banging caused by the washer which can cause them to lose their squishy feel. To remove stains simply blot with a wet wipe or a stain remover pen and that should do it.


The Best Way To Wash Squishmallows

Spot Cleaning…If you plan on having your toy looking and feeling its best then think about spot cleaning. Yes, sSquishmallows are washable but the consequences should be considered. It pays to gently give it some TLC with a few wipes.

Simply use a damp cloth to wipe away any dirt. The stain can easily be erased with a sheet of wet wipe or mild stain remover. When it comes to removing the stains a bleaching product must never be used on toys with dark colors.

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How To Wash A Squishmallow (Safely In A Washer)

Squishmallows should not be washed in hot water. They prefer the water to be cool. This helps with the soft texture of the material. It ok to use a mild liquid laundry detergent. Place your squishmallow in a pillowcase and make a knot then pace it in the washer. For drying, place them in the clothes dryer on quick fluff or air dry without removing them from the pillowcase.

Your squishmallows should never be dried with high heat or with hairdryers. Ironing is a no, no as this will melt the fabric which will completely destroy your toy. Avoid using any other drying methods except for a clothes dryer.


The Conclusion:

Looking back on all the ways to wash Squishmallows it all boils down to how you wash it. Tossing it in the washer with other clothing helps. However, we also found out that placing it into a pillowcase then washing it in the washer works. Your squishy toy should never be dried with a handheld drying appliance only use the clothes dryer. Spot cleaning turns out to be the best choice for washing. Afterward, toss it in the dryer for drying and your little cuddly Squishmallow will have its good looks forever.


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