Surprisingly Odd Ways To Clean Leather Car Seats

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Brilliant Ways To Clean Leather Car Seats

Dirty leather seats in your car take away the posh look of the interior of your car. The cost of leather seats is high which is all the reason to keep them clean. Here’s how to clean leather car seats so they last longer and stay beautiful.


How To Clean Leather Car Seats

The best way tp clean leather car seats
How to clean leather car seats

Step.1 Vaccum:

Use a handheld vacuum to remove dirt and debris and any other particles. Cleaning leather car seats with trash all over them is a bit off so you may want to get rid of the trash. On the other hand, it allows you to clean the seat much better. You can choose either a commercial leather cleaner or simply make your own DIY cleaner.


Extra Tip: Always remember to NEVER  add bleach to your cleaner as this can weaken the leather and change the color. You should also avoid using Ammonia-based products they are way too strong for the leather.


Step 2. Car Leather Seat Cleaning Solution

To clean your leather car seats. Combine 1/4 cup dish soap, liquid Castle soap, or Murphy’s oil soap in a bucket of warm water. Use a microfiber rag along with the soapy mixture to clean the seats. All the while being careful to squeeze the excess water from the rag. When you’re through wiping with the damp cloth use another dry cloth to dry the seats. A leather conditioner should be applied after cleaning the leather car seat to prevent cracks.


Recommended Leather Conditioner…Chemical Guys SPI-401 Vintage Leather Conditioner


Extra Tip: Excess water on leather can cause saturation. Too much water can result in water getting into the ceases and the cushions being soaked. Simply put, don’t wash your leather car seats only wipe them.


How To Shine Leather Car Seats

Tip1. After all that cleaning your leather car seats may appear a bit dull. All you need to do is to give it some sheen. So, how to shine leather car seats? You can use leather polish to replace the sheen in the seat. Another simpler way to shine leather car seats is to use a warm damp microfiber cloth with a dab of rubbing alcohol and buff the seats. Just a few drops of rubbing alcohol on the cloth is sufficient as this could also bleach the leather.


Olive Oil… Adds Natural Sheen

Tip.2 Still on Shining Leather Car Seats. Olive oil is a more natural and safer way to clean leather car seats. Not only does it clean but its oil bases properties add sheen to the leather. Here you have a 2 in 1 cleaner which works best for natural cleaning and adding sheen.


How To Clean Stains On Leather Car Seats


Rubbing Alcohol…

It’s only normal to think “bleach” when dealing with stains. However, bleach or bleach-based products are not highly recommended for cleaning any leather seats. On the other hand, the stain still needs to go. Let’s try a little rubbing alcohol. Pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol onto a cotton ball.

Secondly, use the cotton ball to blot the stain. Be very careful not to add too much pressure as you don’t want to remove the color and the polish from the seat. When the stain has disappeared just another damp microfiber cloth to clean the area. No soap is needed here.


Baking Soda…

Baking soda is an amazing absorbent powder. It can be used to absorb oil stains and also remove other types of stains on leather car seats.


Before heading off to bed treat the stains by sprinkling the baking soda onto the stain. In the morning wipe with a damp warm cloth. You can dry the seat with another dry cloth this way the seats will be dry enough to set on.



Toothpaste is another product for removing stains on leather car seats. To get this done paste a dab of fluoride toothpaste ( non-gel) on the stained area. Use a soft-bristle toothbrush to gently brush away the stain. Thirdly, use a damp rag to wipe the area.


How To Clean Tan Car Seats

How to clean tan leather car seats
The best way to clean tan car seats

Your tan car seat is the same as any other leather seat. The only difference is the stains may be more visible than on a black car seat. If your tan car seat is leather here is how to clean it. Damp a cleaning cloth with warm water then dab with dish soap.

Gently wipe the seats thoroughly. Lastly, use another damp cloth to wipe the seat this time without soap. Avoid using too much dish soap as could make it difficult to get rid of the suds. When you are done, dry well with a dry cloth.


The Proper Way To Clean Leather Car Seats With Holes

The proper way to clean perforated leather car seats
cleaning leather car seats with holes

If your leather car seat has holes it simply means these are air-conditioned seats. To clean your perforated car seats all you need is a small paintbrush, water, dish soap, and a spray bottle.


  • Mist the end of the bristles with the soapy liquid
  • Brush the area with the holes in a circular motion
  • Continue doing this to loosen the dirt
  • Use a dry cloth to wipe

If you think that too much of the liquid got inside the hole. Use this trick to remove the excess liquid. Grab hold of a vacuum cleaner and attach the handheld nozzle. Gently glide your hands over the perforated area of the seat and that should do the job.


How To Clean Dirty Leather Car Seats

Cleaning a leather car seat is easy. Most time it doesn’t require a professional or a commercial cleaner. Leather car seats can be clean using these simple ingredients…mild liquid soaps like Castile, dish soap, or Murphy’s oil soap, water, and a rag. Simply combine a tiny amount of liquid soap with warm water then wipe the seats. After wiping dry with another cloth and your seats are cleaned


The Best Way To Clean Leather Seats

If you are skeptical of using soapy products on your car’s leather seats then a more natural approach will suit you. The best way to clean leather car seats is just by using a warm damp microfiber cloth with a bit of rubbing alcohol to wipe down the seats. Another way is to clean with just a warm damp microfiber rag.


Cleaning Leather Interior

You’ll Need…

  • Mild liquid soap /no bleach___Removing specks of dirt
  • Microfiber cloth___Wiping the surface
  • Leather conditioner__Prevent cracking
  • Olive oil__ For adding sheen
  • Warm water



Now that your seats are cleaned your car’s interior is looking amazingly gorgeous. Knowing how to clean leather car seats is the best way to treat and care for your car’s interior.


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