The Best Way To Clean Hey Dude Shoes (No Shrinking)

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How To Clean Hey Dude Shoes

Are you the owner of a pair of Hey Dude shoes? Then you must know how comfortable the shoes are. How anxious are you to know how to clean your hey dude shoes? Look no further. Here we’ll explain all the do’s and don’ts of cleaning a hey dude shoes. Continue reading to find more.


What Are Hey Dude Shoes Made Of

Natural Wood:

A Hey Dude shoes are made from a material called Flexwood. This is made from natural wood. What the Hey Dude company did was to combine this material with a veneer. When it comes to durability this placed it among the best of the best.

Natural Waste:

Their Eco Nit brand is made from ecological waste which is easily called recycled fiber. With this type of material, these shoes are super durable. Isn’t that amazing? Why not wear our plastic waste. It simply makes perfect sense.

Coco Soul Insoles:

Made from cork, the insoles of Hey Dude shoes are packed with a natural coconut oil called Coco Soul. The Coco Soul insoles are commonly found in the Hey Dude shoes that are made from Flexwood. If you like softness this is the one. The fragrance of coconut oil makes these shoes keep their fresh scent for longer.


Other Recommended Insoles:


Can You Wash Hey Dude Shoes

Yes, you can, your hey dude can be washed. They can either be washed by hand or by a washing machine. The material that hey dude shoes are made from is recycled fiber. This made it waterproof and durable to withstand a good wash.


How To Clean Hey Dude Shoes

Step1. Before washing remove the insoles and the shoelaces. If the shoes are washed with the laces in place this could cause them to be tangled. The memory foam insoles could also get damaged if not removed.

Step 2. When washing a hey dude shoes stick with a mild liquid detergent. The powdered detergent may cause the material to get a stain.

Step 3. All Hey dude shoes can be washed in the washer, but only if on a delicate cycle. Avoid using hot water as it could cause the shoes to shrink or bend. Keep the washer on cool water for best results.

Step 4. After washing place the shoes outdoor to dry. Don’t place the shoes in direct sunlight as this could change the color of the shoes. Can Hey Dude Shoes be dried in the dryer? No, drying your hey dude shoes in the dryer is a remedy for disaster as this could twist or shrink the size of the shoes. For example, if you put a size 9 hey dude shoes in the dryer it may come out as a size 8.


How To Hand Wash A Hey Dude Shoes

A hey dude shoes can be washed by hand. How to do this? It’s easier than you think. Here is how to hand wash Hey Dude shoes.

Fill the sink with cool water. Pour in a bit of laundry liquid detergent then remove the insoles and shoelaces.

Next, shake the dirt off the shoes if there’s are any, then put the shoes in the water. Use a soft bristle brush to wash gently. Rinse under the tap then shake off the dripping water, and place to dry. A hand wash hey dude shoes may take a longer time to dry.

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Deodorizing Hey Dude Shoes

Dryer Sheets: Just like all shoes hey dude shoes will develop an odor whether from sweaty feet or from excess moisture. To keep your hey dude shoes smelling fresh place a few unused dryer sheets in shoes. Let the dryer sheet sit for the night. In the morning remove the sheets and your shoes should be smelling amazing.

Extra note: Place your hey dude shoe in an airy place every now and again. Doing this will remove moisture.


Baby Powder: A sprinkle of baby powder in the shoe will disguise any foul smell coming from the shoes. Simply sprinkle and distribute the powder in the shoes. After doing that the shoes are ready to wear right away.


Extra Tip: To keep a shoe from getting a bad odor practice wearing a sock. This will keep sweat away from the shoes.


Try The Freezer: Yep, the freezer is a good place to kill odors in a hey dude shoes. The cold temperature of the freezer will kill the bacteria that is causing the shoes to smell. Place the shoes into a plastic bag and seal tightly. Secondly, stick it in the freezer for 1 hour.


White Vinegar: Vinegar can be used to get rid of your stinky shoe problem. Pour one part water to equal part white vinegar into a spray bottle. Hold the shoe upright and mist the inside of the shoe.


The Best Way To Clean Canvas Hey Dude Shoes

First, remove the laces and the insoles. Secondly, place your Hey Dude shoes in a pillowcase or a laundry bag (mesh). Avoid washing Hey Dude show with other clothing.

Separating them works best. To keep your shoes from being tossed around in the washer place 2 towels in with them. This will keep the banging sound low. Before doing this follow these steps.

Next, set the washer on the light cycle and allow it to fill halfway up. The water should be cold, not hot. Pour in a mild liquid laundry detergent. You don’t want to pour the detergent directly onto the shoes as this could cause stains.

When the washer is full to its maximum level. Gently submerge the shoes into the water. When it’s through washing remove the shoes from the washer and place them in a ventilated area for drying. If you plan on drying the shoes outside. Keep it in an area where it’s not being directly penetrated by the sun.


Where To Buy Hey Dude Shoes

Thinking of buying Hey Dude Shoes? You can’t go wrong. Hey Dude shoes are sold in most clothing and shoe stores, but conveniently they can also be purchased