The Best Way to Store Tomatoes for (6 Months)


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Where you should store tomatoes depends on the stage that they are in. I have personally proven that storing ripe tomatoes in the fridge may not be a good idea. However, the question is how do you keep tomatoes from going bad for a longer time? Below you’ll find all you need to know about how to store tomatoes for 6 months and have them still remain tasty, juicy, and delicious.

ripe tomatoes
ripe tomatoes on a vine

Facts About Tomatoes

Tomatoes are not long-lasting vegetables just like lettuce. For culinary use, tomatoes are considered vegetables while botanically they are called fruits. The red stage of the tomatoes is when it is ending its process. The good thing is this is the time when it is most flavourful and would be the ideal time to eat it.


How to Store Unripe Tomatoes

Green tomatoes
Unripe tomatoes

Underripe tomatoes can be stored in more than one way. It depends on what you are trying to do with them. To make tomatoes last longer. Simply store them on the middle shelf of the fridge. Keeping them here will keep the temperature not too cold or too warm. Another point is the coolness of the fridge will slow the ripening process.

Next, lay them on a vegetable storage tray in rows to keep them from squeezing. If squeezed this will cause the tomatoes to degrade quickly when ripe. If you plan on using the tomatoes remove them from the fridge at least 4-5 days before using this will allow the tomatoes to get that beautiful red color.


The Best Way to Store Cut Tomatoes

Tomatoes in mason jar
Storing tomatoes in a jar

Sliced tomatoes will not last a long time. The longest time a cut tomato will give you while still juicy is a day. However, if stored correctly it may give you up to 3 days. To make tomato slices last longer place them in a dry air-tight tomato container and store them in the fridge. Slice tomatoes in the fridge won’t last for long so it’s best to make a sandwich or salad the next day and enjoy.


How to Store Tomatoes for Long Without Fridge (6 Months)

Dried tomates in a jar
Storing tomatoes

How to store tomatoes for 6 months? To go the extreme using a dehydrator machine to remove the juices will make tomatoes last longer even for months. Keep in mind that though this will keep the tomatoes for months it may not give you the best-tasting sandwich or salad. On the other hand, is a good idea for preserving tomatoes in mason jars. The dried tomato will go well in sauces and gravy. They can even be coated and fried.


How to Store Tomatoes

tomatoes in the fridge
ripe tomatoes on a tray

Wondering about storing ripe tomatoes in the fridge? There is a trick to storing ripe tomatoes in the fridge, As mentioned before, tomatoes are not long-livers, so to speak. On a personal note, refrigerating ripe tomatoes make them soft and watery. I also noticed that organic tomatoes tend to go bad faster than the ones with preservatives. This is something to consider when purchasing tomatoes whether from the farmers’ market or supermarket. To store tomatoes, avoid washing them. Next, place the tomatoes in a Ziploc bag and store them in the crisper of the fridge.


Other Ways to Store Tomatoes

  • Liquifying: tomatoes can be stored in many forms. For example, ketchup is made from tomatoes, and it can last for years. Tomatoes can be broken down into liquid forms and with just a drop of food preservatives can last for years in a sealed jar.
  • Dried Tomatoes: Dehydrate the tomatoes and turn them into tomato powder using tapioca maltodextrin. Simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Tomato Juice: Using tomatoes to make juices is a good way to store tomatoes as this can be frozen.



How to Store Tomatoes in the Freezer

If you are thinking of eating the tomatoes raw then the freezer may not be the best choice. Frozen tomatoes are not tasty. The ice basically removes its flavor. Well, let’s see, frozen tomatoes can still be used in gravy and sauces. To freeze the tomatoes slice them into medium slices and store them in an air-tight container in the freezer. Doing will make the tomato slices last for months in the freezer.


That’s It For How to Store Tomatoes

We hope we were able to answer your question about how to store tomatoes for 6 months. Have fun storing your tomatoes. See you soon.