The Proper Way to Wash Pillows In a Washing Machine

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Your pillows should always be included in your cleaning routine. The reason is that sweat, saliva from when you sleep, dust mites, pet dander oils, and dirt from your skin just love to live on your pillows. These things can cause your pillows to turn yellow and smell musky. To keep your pillows clean, here is how to wash them in a washing machine.

Stain on a pillow
Dirty Pillow

How  Do You Know Your Pillow Is Dirty?

  1. Has a bad odor
  2.  Turning Yellow
  3. Sticky Feeling


Is it Safe to Wash Pillows in the Washing Machine?

Yes, washing your bed linens is vital, including the pillows. However, washing pillows can be tricky, as that may be the last of your fluffy pillows. To wash pillows without getting them clumpy, you need a front-loader washing machine. Using the top loader washer may cause lumps and make the pillow look squishy.

I am sure you don’t want that to happen to your most loved pillow. If you don’t have a front-loader washer, then the laundromat would be your best choice. There, you’ll find large washers that will wash your pillows without damaging them.

Cushion Lab Deep Sleep Pillow…


Tip # 1 :

How to Wash Pillows in Wash Machine

How to wash a pillow
Washing pillow in a washing machine


Follow these steps:

  • If the pillow has a pillow cover this is the time to remove it. This can be washed separately
  • Next, ensure there is no tear on the pillow, as this can cause the filling to come out when washed.
  • Place the pillows in the washer, preferably two pillows at a time, to keep the washer balanced. If it’s only one pillow, tossing a few towels in the washer will work.
  • Add the laundry detergent. A liquid laundry detergent is more likely to give your pillows a better wash.
  • Fill the washer with cold water. The cold water will prevent it from shrinking
  • Turn on the washer on delicate wash. This way, the pillow won’t’ be tossed around in the washer aggressively.

I wish I had known these tips before. My pillows would be cleaner and more comfortable. However, now that we have washed the pillows, let’s move on to drying them.


Tip # 2:

How Do You Dry Pillows in the Dryer {Without Getting them, Humpy}

Can you put pillows in the dryer? Yes, you can by simply following the steps below…

  1. Place the washed pillows in the dryer.
  2. Take two pieces of aluminum foil and roll them into balls, then toss them in the dryer with the pillows.
  3. Run the dryer on delicate, which is the lowest cycle.
  4. Allow the pillows to completely dry.
  5. Repeat the cycle if the pillows are not fully dry.


Tip # 3:

How to Wash Memory Foam Pillows?

Washing Pillows in a bucket
The best way to wash memory foam pillows

Your memory foam pillows need special care when washing. These pillows are not machine washable because of the material it is made from. The good news is these pillows can still be hand-washed. Here are the instructions below.

  1. Fill a buck or sink with warm water
  2. Pour in a few drops of laundry detergent and bring it to a sud
  3. Gently submerge the pillow in the water
  4. Use your hand to massage the pillow pushing it downwards
  5. Squeeze the water out
  6. Fill the bucket with clean water and rinse the pillow
  7. Place the pillow outdoors to drip dry. If this is not possible place it indoors in a well-ventilated area
  8. Dry thoroughly

Tip: Allow all pillows to 100% dry before using them. This will prevent discoloration and bad smell.


Tip #4:

Can I Wash Down Pillows in the Washer?

Down pillows as you know are made of feathers. These can also be washed and dry in the dryer including poly-filled pillows. For the best result make sure to wash your pillows in a front loader machine and dry them in the dryer on delicate low heat. That should leave your pillows clean and fluffy.


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