The Safest Way To Clean Oily Keyboard

How To Clean Greasy Keyboard In 2-3 Min {Safely}

How to safely clean oily keyboard
How to clean a greasy keyboard

Are the keys on your keyboard becoming a little stiff? Have you noticed lately that the colors of the keys are changing slightly? Hmm, take a closer look. These observations could be grease and dirt mixed together to form that cloggy residue. Well do you toss out the keyboard or do you clean it? Have you decided as yet? No, please don’t do that keyboards can be cleaned but only with the correct instruction. Guess what. You are at the right place. Here is the safest way to clean an oily keyboard in 2-3 minutes.


How Did My Keyboard Get Greasy

Great question, Obviously from your fingers and, more than likely crumbs from the food you munch on while using the computer. Guilty as charge don’t we all. Often times while we use our computer be it desktop or laptop our fingers are engaged also in a meal. You may not realize it but this is transferring grease onto the keypad.

While we continue doing this the grease and dust start to form into a clammy sticky paste. This could cause the keys not to operate as they used to. The best way to prevent this oily substance from getting inside the computer is to clean it.

You maybe say well, I don’t eat at my computer, That’s a good point but the fact still remains that our fingers are always filthy or covered with some form of residue. This could be a moisturizer or just dirt that you cant see. The truth is all these put together leave stains on the keyboard.


Why Does My Keyboard Feel Greasy

Truth be told the greasiness of your keyboard keys could be stemming from the material. This material is called ABS or for short Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene and it is used to make the keycaps. This is the cheaper type and is more prone to grease. There is also POM and PBT. Whether it’s the material or the owner’s fault these materials will eventually show dirt over time.

A thing as a keypad was meant to get dirty no matter how hard you try to avoid it. However, if the dust and stains remain there it could end up damaging the sensors. Right there and then you’ll have a malfunctioning computer. If you feel to get a better brand with a more resilient keypad then go ahead. However, before you make a swift decision continue reading this article. So how to get oil off keyboard? With no further ado. Let’s dive into it!!


How To Clean Oily Keyboard

Before you clean a keyboard there are a few precautions to take to ensure no damage is done in the end. The thought of cleaning of cleaning any form of electronics can be scary. That is pretty normal as doing the wrong thing can total your gadget for good.

Even though it may seem difficult cleaning your laptop or desktop keyboard turns out to be easy. To make sure everything goes smoothly there are a few things to do before cleaning. Below is a list.

  • Ensure that all important data is backup
  • Don’t clean a keyboard in a hurry. Keep in mind that a desktop keyboard can be replaced but a damaged laptop keyboard may require a completely new laptop
  • Carry out the cleaning in a clear space
  • Remove all attachable from the computer such as cords, dongle flash drive, etc
  • Remove the battery from a laptop before cleaning if it’s removable
  • Turn off the computer


Step 1. Dust the entire computer to remove the loose residues

Step 2. Hold the keyboard firmly and flip it upside-down while giving it a slight shake. This should remove the larger particles.

Step 3. Damp a cotton pad with 30-50% diluted Isopropyl rubbing alcohol then clean between the keys {no dripping}

Step 4. Use another dampen cotton pad to clean the keys {no dripping}

Step 5. Use a tweezer to carefully remove stuck residues hidden between the keys

Step 6. Dry with a soft microfiber cloth

If the keyboard is greasy then more than likely the mouse is too. This can be cleaned easily. Simply continue by using another clean dampen (Isoprophly rubbing alcohol) microfiber cloth to clean the greasy mouse.


Cleaning A Desktop Keyboard/ External Keyboard

How to clean a keyboard
Cleaning greasy keyboard {desktop}

This type of keyboard is one that uses a wire like a USB to adjoin itself to a computer most commonly used with a desktop computer. Below is a list of cleaning supplies and cleaning instructions to clean a greasy external keyboard.

You’ll Need:

  • Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol {Diluted}
  • Lint-free cloth {small}


 Dab a soft lint-free cloth with a few drops of the diluted Isophly rubbing alcohol and wipe the keyboard to remove oils and grease. Isopropyl rubbing alcohol is available in stores in diluted form. However, another way is to dilute it at home with denormalized water. Keep it at 50% maximum. 30% Isophlyl rubbing alcohol or less should be used on the more delicate areas. Using undiluted rubbing alcohol can damage the material.  Avoid any of the alcohol getting inside the open areas of the computer.


What You Should Avoid Using

Concentrated Isophly rubbing alcohol, That’s right, concentrated rubbing alcohol can damage the plastic material used to make the keyboard.


How To Clean Oily Laptop Keyboard

  1. Unplug the laptop or remove the battery
  2. Use a compressed air blower to remove the dust and other stuck particles
  3. Combine a small amount of dawn dish soap in warm water using a bowl
  4. Damp an end of a soft cloth in the solution and squeeze out the excess water
  5. Gently wipe the keyboard. Dish soap is great at cutting grease in the kitchen it will do the same in removing the grease on a laptop keyboard.
  6. Wipe a second time using a dry cloth


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How To Clean Oily Keyboard Macbook

The best way to clean a Mackbook Pro keyboard or to get oil off keyboards is to use 30% diluted rubbing alcohol. Slightly damp microfiber cloth with rubbing alcohol. Avoid the entire rag just an end. Never get the cloth overly wet. Use it to clean the keyboard until the grease is gone.


How To Clean A Laptop With Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

To clean a greasy keyboard, Simply wet a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser with warm water. Ring out as much water as you can. Wipe the keyboard. This should remove the grease.


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Here we covered how to clean oil on keyboards safely. As you can see it wasn’t so difficult. The main thing you should focus on is the strength of rubbing alcohol. The next thing is to make sure no liquids get down into the keyboard. If this happens it could cause it to malfunction. To prevent grease on a keyboard can be done by keeping your hand clean. Before using use a wet wipe to clean and sanitize your hands. This should remove grease from your fingers. This is how to safely clean an oily keyboard in 2-3 minutes.